Live Thread: Andrew Yang Arrives In New York City

UPDATE: Livestream feed

Depending on the weather, this Yang rally in New York City is expected to be the biggest one yet. Over 5,000 people are expected to attend to hear Andrew’s revolutionary centrist message of $1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism or mainstream progressivism.

$1,000 a month, student loan debt forgiveness, affordable health care, weed, massive infrastructure spending, no more neocon wars, relaxing the identity politics and political correctness and a time out from decades of polarizing Boomer culture war politics and Washington dysfunction in which nothing is ever accomplished is selling big time with Millennials and The Exhausted Majority

Let’s solve these problems and deal with the impending automation crisis and after everything has been depolarized and people are less stressed out and in a better mood … THEN we can tackle these other issues. It’s not like anything big in Washington is going to happen with the polarization anyway.

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  1. That meme of the boomer having a heart attack at the thought of a Yang presidency cracks me up every time.

  2. @Hunter
    I would think you would endorse Patrick Little, seeing as both are Longshot candidates.

  3. To fix what’s wrong … to “save the south,” we need a state. We need a new party, a new country, a new government a new home. THE CONFEDERATE PARTY to usher in Confederacy 2.0

    Here are the top threats to us now that can’t be fixed by some chink, or a dem or repub.

    1. Our country and our military have been hijacked by Satanists and their puppets.
    2. We “have been” invaded by 3rd world darkies and are being invaded to the point of infestation.
    3. We are being chem trailed, 5 g’d, gmo’d and fluoridated.
    4. Tech tyranny is killing us, and they are not being broken up and arrested.
    5. False flags and unnecessary wars.
    6. Half the population is dumber than a box of rocks and vote in those who will destroy THEM !
    7. No one understands the spiritual warfare waged against us and those in power.
    8. No one presents or even thinks of, any solutions.

    Yang is even more worthless than Trump. Or should I say Kushner ?

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