MIGA: Trump’s Peace Plan Will Recognize Israel’s Sovereignty Over The West Bank


“U.S. President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan is expected to include recognition of Israeli’s sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Chanel 12 News reported on Sunday without providing a source.

According to the report, the Trump administration is not expected to oppose the implementation of Israeli law over Jewish settlements tin the West Bank. The White House declined to comment on the matter. …”

Wow, can you imagine 4 more years of this? At this point, what is there even left to do on the MIGA agenda? Israel has declared itself a Jewish ethnostate and built concentration camps for illegal aliens from Africa. It has been given $38 billion dollars by Congress, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem has been recognized as its capital and soon Blompf will recognize its sovereignty over the West Bank. Congress also recently declared fighting anti-Semitism is a U.S. national security interest.

What else is there to do aside from overthrowing Assad and John Bolton starting a regional war with Iran for the sake of Israel? Can you imagine what this crowd can do with 5 more years in Washington? If they only have 1 year left in power, what will they do with it?

Note: The supreme irony is that the people who oppose this are the “evil racists” while those who support it are presented as humanitarians!

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  1. Have you read the comments on other platforms regarding Iran? Frankly it’s quite horrifying. These people go along with this disastrous plan for MIGA like Trump is some sort of God that can’t do no harm. Society has completely lost its mind who go along with this warmongering plan all for the sake of Israel.
    I’m almost 60 years old and never in my life have seen so much support for that rat nest Israel and its venomous parasitic people’s.
    My old Grandma from the old country always warned us of these people, jews. She ran from the jew Bolsheviks many years ago leaving behind everything. If only these people who knew real history and who praise Israel and its inhabitants, just maybe they’d have second thoughts.

  2. Mass protests against this MIGA agenda- much like the Gilets Jaunes in France- are what is needed, to show Blompf and his chattel slaves of the Zionists, that the REAL America STILL does not want war- for us, for Israel, or for anyone else!

    “No more wars for Isra-Hell” should be a bumper sticker on everyone’s car.

  3. The Christian Zionists must be confronted. They need serious re-education. My Boomer uncle chastized me recently that “they are God’s chosen people!”. Sigh

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