MIGA: White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran




NY Times:

“WASHINGTON — At a meeting of President Trump’s top national security aides last Thursday, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented an updated military plan that envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons, administration officials said.

The revisions were ordered by hard-liners led by John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser. They do not call for a land invasion of Iran, which would require vastly more troops, officials said.

The development reflects the influence of Mr. Bolton, one of the administration’s most virulent Iran hawks, whose push for confrontation with Tehran was ignored more than a decade ago by President George W. Bush. …”

How bad is this?

It is so bad that Blompf’s Iran policy is being negatively compared to George W. Bush. Barack Obama also hated Bibi Netanyahu and negotiated the Iran Deal. We’ve also been watching the GOP Congress allocate tens of billions of dollars for years for overseas contingency operations.

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  1. Trump won’t defend our OWN borders against alien invaders as he prepares to march us off to WWIII.
    Cui bono?

    • Exactly ! He should fire war happy Bolton and put those 120,000 troops on OUR border while wall’s being built. But that might offend dainty feminine boy Kushner !? I think Trump needs to fire all those around him ( starting with homo Kushner, ) then replace them with white southern patriots.

      Let’s hold our breath.

      • @Gray Ghost, What color is the sky in the world you live in?

        None of your suggestions will see the light of day.

        The one southern Christian patriot (Jeff Sessions) in Blompf’s administration was irrelevant and a flop. If memory serves, Sessions was the White House’s hammer against us after Charlottesville.

        • Re Jeff Sessions:

          There was a Sessions family picture going around, that included his daughter with her Asian husband. That was enough for me to write Sessions off, but it was not enough for WN to stop supporting Sessions. Trump surrounding himself with Jews and marrying his daughter off to a Jew closely associated with Netanyahu was not enough for WN to stop supporting Trump either.

          If WN help people like Sessions and Trump win office instead of supporting their own cadidates, then they deserve whatever punishments these people give them.

        • Stop looking for excuses to sit on butt and eat chips. No one’s going to fix this. WE have to do it. If you allow your lazy inner voice to say, “it won’t see the light of day,” that gives you license to do zero. The consequences of us all doing zero are unbearable. Potentially 700 million 3rd world darkies are set to swarm us !!!! Get off your ass and tell lazy voice to STFU.

    • @Brian Douglas Frakes

      “Where will the 120k troops go?”

      West Pakistan, close to the Iranian border. But that’s not enough for an invasion.

      A real invasion would be a significant investment of the combat power and forces of the ZOG army. At least three times that of the Iraqi Campaign. It’d put a big dent in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq. And a major strain right across the board, for the globally deployed army.

      Look for a buildup of forces in West Pakistan, and activity in Germany and Iraq, related to logistics and medical support.

  2. We knew this was coming. We Americans have just got to make the necessary sacrifices for The Greater Israel Plan. It why we live! Rabbi Schneerson told the world of our mission.

  3. If he lets Bolton and the Neo-Cohens lead us into a war with Iran he will not win his re-election! Have you accepted the fact yet that America is terminal?

  4. Most of the people on our “side” could care less if trump wages war against iran. All these pseudo-nationalists care about these days is fighting with leftists and engaging in dirty partisan politics, cucking for non-white votes, etc. Getting rid of jewish domination is no longer top priority. Trump will still get reelected by these fools and there will most likely be no border wall post 2020 much to their chagrin. Donald Trump=the Hussein Obama of the right wing.

  5. “or accelerate work on nuclear weapons.”

    The Islamic Bomb, by the Jew, Steve Weissman, was published in 1981. I saw it in my high school library, four years later. I paid it scant attention, and never bothered to read it. The idea never took hold in my mind. Alvin Toffler’s books, however, did.

    Apparently, the Iranians have been at it for 38 years and still haven’t got their yet. In spite of accelerating all the time.

  6. Well, yes, Trump is a lying POS, but I am still unironically wondering (seriously) why non-elite white Americans should give a flying fuck about the Iranians? They have never once criticized Jewish rule in the United States or in the West, never once complained about the decline and displacement of our people. The Iranians from the top down to the man and woman in the street have not even offered words of moral support.

    People stop giving a shit about people who don’t care about us.

    (Sorry for the vulgarity. Just making a point)

      • @ Lew :

        Non-elite white Americans want the U.S. military on the border with Mexico, NOT in the Middle East. Look at it that way and then you might better understand why non-elite white Americans are opposed to war with Iran. The United States is being invaded and non-elite white Americans want the U.S.military on our border in order to protect the United States.

        If we go to war with Iran and even if us Americans win the war, what’s the point of winning a war with Iran while the United States continues to get invaded by never ending hordes of illegal aliens from all over the third world? So if we go to war with Iran and even if we win the war, us non-elite white Americans will still wind-up losing our country. Even if we win a war against Iran us non-elite white Americans gain NOTHING — we will gain NOTHING while we lose our own country, the United States.

      • Why do you say this? How is it my responsibility?

        US elites do what they want. The last group that will consider listening to on any issue is non-elite white Americans which includes most of us.

    • “Well, yes, Trump is a lying POS, but I am still unironically wondering (seriously) why non-elite white Americans should give a flying fuck about the Iranians? ”

      Exactly. Why should the blood of our young be spilled in a desert far away, trillions of our tax dollars wasted and risk WW3!, just to change Iran to Israel’s liking?

    • As long as the reason not to go to war with Iran is framed solely in terms of there is no benefit to non-elite white Americans, then that approach I would say makes sense.

      Otherwise, giving a shit about the fate of the Iranians, who, again, do not care about us and who have never once expresses sympathy with us, is just pathological altruism that amounts to same pathology that underlies the principle of “refugees welcome.” This unhealthy sentiment does exist in some sectors of the dissident right. It needs to be guarded against.

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