MIGA: Israel Is Wary Of Getting Dragged Into U.S.-Iran War


“At a special meeting on U.S.-Iran tensions with Israel’s intelligence chiefs and top military brass, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would make every effort not to get dragged into the escalation in the Gulf and would not interfere directly in the situation, Israeli officials tell me.

The backdrop: Israel was one of the main sources of intelligence on alleged Iranian plots against the U.S. and its allies in the region. The U.S. has spread the alarm about such threats and deployed additional military assets. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke on the phone earlier this week with Netanyahu to coordinate their responses to rising U.S.-Iran tensions, the officials say.”


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  1. Naturally. The Self Chosen won’t soil their fingernails by fighting Iranians, vs gunning down unarmed, legless Palestinians in wheelchairs! Clutch the pearls! Nah. Let the Murkin goyim fight, be mutilated, kill, and die, while the Self Chosen sit back and eat like Effendi.

    • Well of course! Every Judeo-Christian knows that one of our fingernails is worth more than the lives of 1000 goym. God made animals in the shape of men, so you could serve us better.

  2. Israeli gins up “intelligence” showing the Iranian threat to the US, Netanyahu prays for an end to Iran, orders for Trumpleman to attack come down from Adelson and Israel says they’ll keep out of the way?! Truly the worst people on the planet. Tacitus had them pegged 2000 years ago.

    I feel sorry for the American soldiers who will kill and die and be maimed for Israel.

  3. Onward Christian soldiers. Fight, suffer, and die for Israhell because you don’t the GOP will label you an anti-semite.

  4. “End Times author Tom Horn claims that Trump was chosen by God to play a key role in the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, which is a key development in Christianity’s Last Days timeline. ”

    The “Last Days” occurred in AD 70, when YHWH God DESTROYED the Jews’ own Temple, with their blood- over a million Jews were ‘holocausted by God’ on the altar of the Temple, with the Roman legions as the ‘chastening rod.’

    Judaism is DEAD, over and done with, NEVER TO RISE AGAIN!

    ANYONE- ANYONE who DARES to lift ONE FINGER, or donate ONE DOLLAR to help raise this ‘Abomination of Desolation’ (i.e. a ‘Third’ Temple) IS A TOOL OF ANTICHRIST.

    Tom Horn, be accursed. ANATHEMA ANATHEMA ANATHEMA. You and John Hagee are sons of Satan, who do the work of the damned Jews. Go to HELL.

  5. I suspect the idea that Iran plans to attack our troops is by the same people that told the U.S. there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let us give credit where credit is due. Mossad is the greatest and most effective intelligence agency in the world and they play their America fiddle like a violin!

    Check out a former Judeo-Christian pastor who now goes full bore against Christian Zionism as a damnable heresy doing the work of Satan and the Anti-Christ. It Tru news.dot com (No E in true)

  6. Tom Horn and Steve Quayle are shabos goyim retards shilling for the jews and selling fear with transhumanism theories…as if the effendi will allow the goyim to have this technology..lmao

  7. Many of the boomers on FreeRepublic think that Israel and/or Saudi Arabia will attack Iran for us. That’s a widespread opinion over there. No one posted this article. I notice information that goes against the boomer world view is never seen on their sites, even when it’s a major story in the rest of the media.

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