Axios: The American Baby Bust


“The U.S. fertility rate has reached a record low, and the total number of births in 2018 was the lowest it has been in more than 30 years, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control.”

More Americans are also overdosing on drugs and putting a gun in the mouths and blowing their brains out, but who cares about that? The GDP and The DOW are soaring under the Blompf economy.

I think the pro-life movement is too narrowly focused on abortion which has been trending downward for decades. The greater problem now is this malaise that is reflected in suicides, drug overdoses and the economic stress and cultural decadence that is destroying the family in general.

Note: Scroll through these color photos of White America in the 1950s. Meanwhile in Clown World, Alabama is said to have become The Handmaid’s Tale on Twitter for banning abortion and Alyssa Milano recently called for a nationwide Sex Strike in protest of anti-abortion laws.

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  1. Stone the Whore in the streets, HW. DO SOMETHING CONCURRENT WITH BIBLICAL LAW!

    Milano is a witch (She was on ‘Charmed,’ wasn’t she?) What does Scripture say? ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Let her have a dose of her own abortive addict medicine.

    • Freak John – how JEW of you! That repulsive, woman FEARING BS is pure JEW. We White Loving Heathens aren’t afraid of women, or SEX, and we do NOT call for stoning our own kind at all You are demonstrating pure JEW lunacy, blood lust, and HATRED, The Milano thing is hilarious. I am all for her type to refrain for reproduction in any way – but you are getting all weird creepy pervo turned on, over murdering a woman in the street, aren’t joo?

  2. This would not be a big deal if the US had a homogenous White population but the swarms of brown locusts that Trump is allowing in changes the dynamics of everything.

  3. If our anti-White overlords were really concerned about below replacement level White birth rates they would be instituting measures, like tax incentives, UBI, government payments per birth, etc., to reverse it. Instead, their “solution”: Endless 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation to “replace” us, which is what they wanted all along.

    In the Sixties anti-Whites told us that we were having too many babies which were destroying the earth. Too many of us took them seriously. Now they’re telling us we aren’t having enough babies. We’re “dying out” and need to be “replaced.” A people that is constantly told how evil they are and that they’re dying out becomes a demoralized and self hating people little interested in continuing their own kind, exactly the response anti-Whites engineered.

  4. I must point out that Putin has taken it upon himself to raise the birthrate of ethnic Russians via concerted government action. There are a few videos of him awarding citizens who achieve the goal he has set in several you tube videos. Check it out! The United States, or course, does the opposite by taxing the productive to award the parasitic by giving financial incentives to welfare moms who have more children by increasing their contribution to their EBT card.

  5. 1. Chem trails
    2. GMO
    3. Fluoride
    4. Whites being pushed away further out rural to get away from darkie. $ cost of fuel, time,etc.
    5. Soy
    6. Women being brainwashed they’re equal and don’t need a man, just a career.
    7. Housing costs in white neighborhoods began to soar after desegregation / civil rights 1964 … to keep darkie out. Women had to get jobs. Prices of everything went up.

    SOLUTION : A VERY …. well, you know.

  6. Christian Zionism has become as much about supply-side economics as it is about Israel. Unless the US reverts back to localism, we will continue to need society-wide safety nets to ensure families don’t end up on the streets or starving. Charity is good, but it really only augments gov’t programs, or acts as a short-term stopgap measure. Christians should be more concerned about caring for their fellow man, and not praising material gain.

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