Tomi Lahren: Alabama’s New Abortion Ban Is Too Restrictive

Editor’s Note: Do you notice the thousand cock stare?

After recently chortling about how Uber drivers ought to drop dead, conservative bimbo Tomi Lahren is back to share some more profound thoughts on Alabama’s new abortion law:

My Fellow Conservatives … as someone who is for limited gubmint, I think it would be hypocritical for the gubmint to be able to tell me what objects can and cannot be inserted into my vagina!

My wife tells me this is what she really looked like before the plastic surgery:

As I have said, I can sleep soundly at night because I know that Conservatism, Inc. is incapable of conserving anything that matters in life. Thus, it won’t be any loss at all when I vote for $1,000 a month in 2020. I don’t need the likes of Tomi Lahren to “conserve my culture” whatever that means anyway. I mean this is someone who couldn’t even conserve her own face!

Note: Glenn Beck fired Tomi Lahren from The Blaze in 2017. We’ve mocked Beck for years on this website, but it was the right call. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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    • Matt Bevin, Governor of KENTUCKY, was on Tucka tonight, whing and mewling about all the darling negro babies we’ve lost due to abortion. It’s a DISAAAAAASTER…’s horrible!!!! It’s RAAAAACISSSSS!


      • Denise, “F” him. He’s not worthy to be a Governor. He’s an idolator of nigger flesh, like all of them. Apostate idol-worshipers, and nothing more.

  1. The will of the majority in Alabama has been carried out, in accordance with the principles of traditional American democracy. If a woman in that state wants to have an abortion she can always travel to some other state where the majority of its citizens have decided to keep the procedure legal.

  2. Ms. Lahren is an attractive white girl who should be used as Aryan breeding stock at one of our SS Lebensborn facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. So someone named Tami believes murder should be legal because a woman risks her life to murder her baby? Maybe murder of adults should be legal as well. After all people risk their lives to murder adults.

    Her brain is mush and her morality is non existent. When government legalizes murder it is an accomplice to the crime.

  4. I would say this is more proof conservatism is bunk, but who is kidding who, this ho bag doesnt have a clue what shes talking about, and isnt even a reagan-level Republican. Its like George W Bush with tits.

    (Sorry for the vulgarity to any female readers)

    • It reminds me of that bimbo SE Cupp. She started wearing glasses as if yeah now what you say is intelligent. It’s pathetic.

      Give me Tulsi Gabbard over these cuckservative women any day. I may not agree with her on some things, but she is smart, actually served this country and isn’t afraid to criticize War Inc.

      • Believe me, anticonservative, that graduating college has little to do with aptitude. I know this critical difference because I have been both self-educated and college educated. And let me tell you that college is a place carefully designed to teach you as little as possible. Aptitude is not a critical requirement, unless you’re studying something like to be a surgeon or a physics lecturer. The primary purpose of college is to inculcate you with the correct attitudes. It is the spiritual equivalent of a circumcision, and some of the most disgusting personalities I have ever met were conditioned at fancy colleges. These places bloat your pride and ego at the expense of diminishing your soul and humility. So it is not in the least shocking to me that colleges would breed an obnoxious caste of self-advancing, avaricious careerists, extracting all they can for number one, without the slightest shred of communal instinct or foresight. Essentially college turns a goy into a jew, but without the aggressive ethnocentrism. That is; college turns you into a cuck. I find the worst part about many of these lobotomized graduates is that they have the nerve to look down on someone like a tradesman or a cleaner, when it is so clear that the tradesman and cleaner are far more useful to the community than these intellectually defective parasites. Now I’m not against hierachy or social stratification, but if you pressume authority over others, then you had better deliver on your responsibilities, because authority is not a mere social advantage; it’s a responsibility first and foremost. And college graducates are in serious dereliction of duty. A Stalinist purge would be the appropriate solution to these useless dead beats. When the time comes…

  5. That was sick what she said about Uber drivers. Do conservatives even care how difficult it is for working class whites in our era of mass immigration, globalization, and automation? Most people don’t have the inclination or aptitude to graduate college, and many don’t even have the opportunity. These people deserve some kind of decent life, don’t they? But if you are a young white kid just starting out in a major city that has been overrun by immigrants you are competing with masses of foreigners for fewer jobs because of outsourcing and technology. And who wants to be the last white Taxi driver in New York City or flip burgers with a bunch of Hispanics who hardly speak English? Also, who wants to raise children in neighborhoods that have been overrun by immigrants and send their daughters to school with a bunch of non-white thugs who covet white girls? That’s why there is white flight and so many white families invest so much to home school their kids or send them to private school. Many whites who can’t afford that simply don’t have kids. The tremendously negative effect mass non-white immigration has had on white birth rates and white families is something white advocates have apparently missed. You rarely hear them talk about that.

    Tomi herself doesn’t have any children, but she mocks Uber drivers for not being able to support their families. It’s rich and decadent white men and women like her who don’t have kids. They want to have fun and make money and don’t want the burden or responsibility of raising children. The average American moves about 11.7 times during their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar. The American rat race is terrible for white birth rates and white families.

  6. Most of those getting abortions now are black females. Since the Alabama law made no exceptions for rape, inbreeding, or physical or mental deformities I can only conclude they did it to force a showdown with the Supreme Court in their belief they could overturn Roe V Wade.

  7. Why can’t women learn about their bodies and take some responsibility for not getting pregnant to begin with?

  8. The republican strategy to win the 2020 elections is to use abortion to turn out working class voters. Courts are likely to strike down the Alabama abortion ban as too restrictive. The republican has cynically used social issues like abortion, homosexual marriage to win elections only to support open borders which depresses wages for Americans and wars for Israel which deplete the US treasury after they have secured power.

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