Washington Free Beacon: GOP Congress: No U.S. Military Base In Poland Until It Pays Holocaust Victims

Washington Free Beacon:

“A coalition of lawmakers in Congress are considering a range of initiatives that would force the Trump administration to demand Poland resolve Holocaust-era claims before the United States agrees to host a permanent military base in the country that has come to be known as Fort Trump, according to multiple U.S. officials and other sources working on the matter.

The Trump administration and Polish officials have been in talks for some time to establish a new permanent U.S. military base in the country to counter threats posed by Russia and Iranian regime assets known to have plotted terror attacks in the region.

However, many members of Congress and top Jewish communal officials behind the scenes have been lobbying the Trump administration and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to amplify the matter. …”

How fitting.

In order to have Fort Blompf, Poland will have to agree to shoulder a mountain of Holocaust guilt like Germany. Apparently, the guiding principle of American foreign policy under the Trump administration is consulting with Bibi Netanyahu to put the interests of Israel First.

It is things like this which make me miss the dignity we had under Barack Obama. We’re supposed to be the world’s most powerful country and yet this shitty little country in the Middle East is literally dictating our foreign policy to us. We’re on the verge of a devastating war with Iran because it is taboo to talk about the subject. Why on earth do we still have this dumb taboo in the 21st century?

Note: We didn’t realize how good we had it under Obama until Blompf became president and let John Bolton take the wheel. It’s a small miracle he hasn’t crashed the car yet.

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  1. What a bunch of arrogance. The total wealth of the entire world Jewish population is probably grater than all of Poland. I hope they tell the US where to put it….

  2. It gets worse and worse. These bastards demand money for jews who lost property during the war and as a result of communism afterwards. If they can’t find these people or their descendants any jews will do. No apparent concern for the TENS OF MILLIONS of non-jews who lost property during those years.

    Did you like the threats outlined in that article? The GOP/US Congress is now a vicious collection agency for jews. Does Poland realize that they swapped Russian dominance for jew dominance by joining “the west?”

    I have had it with the Stupid Party. Nothing they say next year can scare me into voting for them again. F*** them.

    • They are entitled to the Vistula catchment area and a port at the estuary there. But I wouldn’t throw away an Empire over that that question and it’s not worth the bones of a single Lancashire Fusilier.

      The question was always about Jewish property claims in the Vistula catchment. And always will be so, it appears.

  3. Is that supposed to be some kind of punishment? Oh those poor Poles! They’ll be denied the diversity and vibrancy of an American military base!

    The U.S. has been reduced to a Golem for the jews.

    • Diverse American servicemen from bases in Japan, have been raping and killing the local girls for decades. The Japanese want them out, but the US won’t go. Why would the Polish government want that too?

  4. This may be the start of Final Denial. The long awaited doom of the Holy Hoax.

    In Poland, there were protests with thousands of nationalists, Prime Minister greeted them and promised that Poland will not capitulate. And I am sure that he did not took this position before consulting Trump.

    Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Iran and now this. Jewry going over the edge. They are blinded by their greed. Jews are not smart, that is why they get kicked out from everywhere last 2000 years. Hopefully, now from the Planet Earth at all.

    Eastern Europe is very antisemitic and here will be no capitulation. Military base is absolutely irrelevant. Poland just tried repeat their last time trick, when Communist Empire retreated and left all good stuff there.

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