Review: Game of Thrones Finale (WARNING: Spoilers Ahead)

Editor’s Note: The series finale of Game of Thrones was shot through with red pills which revealed the show itself was a reactionary mirror of our world.

I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the ending of Game of Thrones because Bran Stark emerged victorious in the end after eight seasons as the new king of the Six Kingdoms.

Bran has always been my favorite character in Game of Thrones because after becoming the Three-Eyed Raven he was endowed with godlike omniscience to see the past, the present and the future. This quality strongly resonated with me as a historicist. He became the wisest man in Westeros and the only character in the show who was truly “above the fray” and thus qualified and capable of ruling in the end after all the bloodshed as a benevolent monarch and philosopher-king:

“Tyrion and Bran met again in the final season of the series, the two of them joining forces beside a fire before the great war against the Night King (Vladimir Furdik). The scene cuts short, but it’s heavily implied Bran gives Tyrion a full accounting of his journey from Winterfell to the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven — an accounting that largely fuels Tyrion’s overture of support for Bran as king.

“I’ve had nothing to do but think these past few weeks, about our bloody history, about the mistakes we’ve made,” Tyrion tells the gathered lords and ladies of Westeros. “What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories. There’s nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story than Bran the Broken? The boy who fell from a high tower and lived. He knew he’d never walk again, so he learned to fly. He crossed beyond the Wall, a crippled boy, and became the Three-Eyed Raven. He is our memory, the keeper of all our stories. The wars, weddings, births, massacres, famines. Our triumphs, our defeats, our past. Who better to lead us into the future?” …”

Sam briefly suggested that Westeros adopt a democratic form of government before he was laughed at and dismissed by everyone else who chose Bran:

The single best moment of the finale was when Jon Snow put down the Mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen after her genocide in King’s Landing (London):

“Indeed, many of those who believed in Daenerys throughout the series were deeply unsatisfied with the way she waged war over King’s Landing. The opening acts of the series finale involve Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) literally sorting through the rubble of the disaster, discovering the dead bodies of his siblings. He eventually reaches the Red Keep and watches as Daenerys speaks before her gathered forces, ash falling down on the ruins of King’s Landing as she sketches out her vision of the future.

“Blood of my blood. You kept all your promises to me. You killed my enemies in their iron suits. You tore down their stone houses. You gave me the Seven Kingdoms,” she tells them, speaking in High Valyrian. “Unsillied, all of you were torn from your mother’s arms and raised as slaves. Now, you are liberators. You have freed the people of King’s Landing from the grip of a tyrant. But the war is not over. We will not lay down our spears until we have liberated all the people of the world! From Winterfell to Dorne, from Lannisport to Qarth, from the Summer Isles to the Jade sea. Women, men and children have suffered too long beneath the wheel. Will you break the wheel with me?”

It’s the same speech that, in the past, would have caused the audience to stand up and salute the Khaleesi. But given the context of “The Bells,” not to mention the haunting score from Ramin Djawadi, Dany’s words take on darker meaning. The meaning is punctuated when Tyrion approaches and resigns as Hand of the Queen. He’s immediately placed under arrest. Moments later, he and Jon Snow meet in his makeshift prison cell; Tyrion tries to convince Jon that the only thing to do now is take down Daenerys in order to save the rest of the world.

“When she murdered the slavers of Astapor, I’m sure no one but the slavers complained,” says Tyrion. “After all, they were evil men. When she crucified hundreds of Meereenese nobles, who could argue? They were evil men. The Dothraki khals she burned alive? They would have done worse to her. Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it, and she grows more powerful and more sure she is good and right. She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone. If you believed that, if you truly believed it, wouldn’t you kill whoever stood between you and paradise?” …

When Jon Snow enters the throne room, Dany does not flinch from her actions. She doubles down on their necessity in the following exchange with Jon:

Daenerys: “We can’t hide behind small mercies. The world we need won’t be built by men loyal to the world we have.”

Jon Snow: “The world we need is a world of mercy. It has to be.”

Daenerys: “And it will be. It’s not easy to see something that’s never been before: a good world.”

Jon Snow: “How do you know? How do you know it will be good?”

Daenerys: “Because I know what is good — and so do you.”

Jon Snow: “I don’t.”

Daenerys: “You do. You’ve always known.”

Jon Snow: “What about everyone else?” All the other people who think they know what’s good?”

Daenerys: “They don’t get to choose.”

Tyrion, Tywin Lannister’s Prodigal Son, turns on Daenerys after watching her murder his family and lay waste to his country which awakens his true loyalities as a Lannister and completes his story arc.

After vowing to carry on to “liberate the world” from Winterfell to the Summer Isles by destroying it and murdering anyone who resists like she had done in King’s Landing, Jon Snow felt a sense of duty and stabbed Daenerys and killed her. Thus, the show concluded by showing that SJWs like Daenerys are motivated by evil and lust for power, not by good and humanitarianism. The honorable traditionalist protagonist Jon Snow killed the mad progressive tyrant antagonist Daenerys.

Who should rule Westeros? The wise Bran the Builder, the Three-Eyed Raven and keeper of memories and traditionalist, not the wrathful Daenerys Targaryen and her foreign hordes.

UPDATE: The Daily Stormer is celebrating Bran’s triumph as a victory for incels. The whole story began when Jamie Lannister pushed him out of the window after he was caught romping with his sister. Liberal White women haven’t been this mad since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Zack Beauchamp of is calling it “a personal slap in the face.”

Note: Grey Worm and the brown foreign hordes of Unsullied and Dothraki just kind of sulk and depart Westeros (Europe) and sail for the Summer Isles. The North (Scotland) also secedes and becomes an independent kingdom. The story couldn’t have ended any better.

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  1. So, after two full seasons of total stupidity and flat-out spitting in the audience’s face, the final episode…

    The first half was a Bergman movie (not such a bad idea) and the second half was a bunch of reasonable compromises a la 1970s Masterpiece Theater or something.

    Coulda been worse. Coulda been a Fellini movie.

    At least I thought the new Small Council was a pip.

  2. I hope the dragons get sick of EVERYONE, and eat them all. Especially the fat mystery meat actress, who is aging BADLY, in the ill made blonde wig.

  3. Why do people care about this nonsense?
    I have never seen a full episode.
    But when I caught a glimpse of it I saw some anarchronistically smug bitch ordering her tough guy cuck to kill some other guy who challenged her. Lol, I get it. I didn’t need to watch anymore.
    Why do white cucks enjoy such idiocy?

    • Matt- I concur. A good classic book is escapism enough. Or an old movie, made before 1960 is the only valid escapism, because at least back then, Hollyweird didn’t have complete control over White Culture and mores.

    • @Matt – because we need our Foundational Myths. We ALWAYS have. Humans needs myths/religion/Foundational Stories to make sense of existence. Our brains, even our deepest, most primitive “snake brain” part of our brain craves MEANING. The “snake brain” primitive brain seems to crave meaning more than the more modern parts of our brain.

      I posted a link to the explanation of a Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage (so perfectly named!), on another of Hunter’s posts, detailing how thoroughly and completely Jess have dominated EVERY aspect our lives, via their enslavement scam “Christianity”. This is funny, in a nasty, bitter way – but it’s also TRAGICALLY true. They excised our Foundational Myths, our Gods and Goddesses, aka our Truth and Identity, our very SELVES, and replaced all of it with their Crucified Desert God, whose story is stolen from our Ways. Balder is the original “Christ” after all.

      The Jewish destruction of European Civilization is so thorough that the foundational glue of “Christianity” is dying, Many will deny this. The Judea Christianity scam, which revolves around acclimating singularly stupid, greedy Goyim to worship Jews, instead of “God”, is such a weird, destructive substitute to the original poison pill that people are leaving in droves. Many White men, in the White Nationalist Movement, are paradoxically exhorting us to return to Christianity – although this enslavement ideology is the source of our spiritual and mental and emotional destruction. It’s tragic, and pathetic, and thankfully, not working. I mean, what a cowardly and weak central Avatar; a crucified Lamb, who will, one day, uh uh uh return to us to “save us”. We just need to meekly keep our heads down, and wait…

      Dagda spare me. Realy, Dagda – I mean it.

      Anyway back to the point I am going to make. I have not seen one episode of this “show” I’ve seen a few scenes – but I’ve always found this saga to be crass and disgusting. Soft core porn. Because it’s a very popular “show” though – I am more interested in the reactions of the followers. Anything that attracts so many people is a phenomenon that must be noted. Hunter – I am very happy that you are happy about the finale outcome. I see your “take” on it, and understand. The amusing thing is that the show is the work of Jewish writers (Martin’s a Jew) and the Jews have jewed so thoroughly – they’ve come out on the other side. The show is much more historically Pagan than anything Jooish. And that is a Good Thing.

  4. Relatively satisfying.

    Jon Snow rides off up north, the evil multicult bitch gets knifed by him and the seer-like character gets the nod to rebuild the civilization that almost fell to the undead and the brown tide.

  5. That was epic.

    Brown horde ruled by white liberal .

    White innocent girl only want to make world better, place but those evil Nazis were everywhere and because of that, certain Nazi control measures were taken.

    Best part, this will be seen by millions, so lot of people will think, if we only get rid from the white liberal good people, then maybe heaven will not fall to Earth but instead madness will stop.

  6. Good mythopoetic end.

    Bran’s head is legendarily buried on the hill where the Tower of London sits. Martin knows his Celtic story cycles.

    Thumbs up.

    • Cap’n – indeed. This is what I meant in my comment. Martin is a Jew. A Mischling. Yes – the show runner jews wrote the last 2 seasons – but no matter. Martin is raiding Celtic/Nordic Old Faiths for material. I’m stating this based on the extremely limited info I have on the show. I have been watching clips for the past few weeks, since Hunter started writing about this. But I’ve absorbed much more into from what people have anecdotally told me. Almost every-one I know watched this show.

      I have made references to Emilia Clarke, and my disdain of her. She’s presented as “English” – but there something very funny in her genetic woodpile. She creeps me out. She’s worn that uber blonde wig for the duration – but it doesn’t work. It’s looked like a wig all along. I loathed absolutely LOATHED 1950’s period piece films, Westerns, especially – because the hair and make up of the actresses always looked like 1950’s hair and make up. It throws the entire thing off, for me, when the make-up/costumes, and in this case, wigs, are so obviously phony and incorrect. The actor that played the brother, in the first season – he wore a ridiculously fluffy White/blonde wig, too, that is totally wrong for his complexion. (That fellow, Harry Lloyd, looks like a Norman. Not a Jew. A Norman. He’s devilishly handsome! My favorite coloring; white skin, light eyes, and dark hair that frames the light eyes). Every time I saw/see a pic or video clip of those 2, Clarke and Lloyd, in those wigs, it looks like a get Halloween get up. Or it reminds of Negroes or Asians with “blonde” weaves. They are trying to pass as Nords – and they are NOT. It’s genetic appropriation!

      Clarke and Lloyd are not the only Nordic “phonies”. Lena Headley, who played the other “mad queen” Cersie [sic] is a natural brunette, who wore a wig of a truly skeery red-gold tone. Headley is a natural brunette. She’s gorgeous with dark hair, but the color of her wig made her look sallow and weird. If you’ve ever studied Nordic Viking culture – there were 3 basic social stratums. The Cersie character reminded me of the Norse Nobility class. The ideal physical archetype of that class IS the tall, light eyed BLONDE. The thing about the show is that Celtic/Nordic/Teutonic mythos was run through the Jew Degraderator (my term) wherein White Things are made degenerate and crude. Not that Whites are Flawless Angels – but the concept of HONOR was very very valued and spelled OUT in our ancient societies.

      The incompatible skin tones/artificial hair colors of many of the actors, portraying archetypal characters always put…me…off. The Jews are using our Mythos – but getting it wrong…..

      • @Denise

        From Wikipedia:

        Clarke is of partial Indian descent, having revealed in a 2018 interview that her maternal grandmother was born as the result of a secret affair between her great-grandmother and a man from the Indian subcontinent. Her grandmother wore light makeup to hide the dark complexion she had inherited from her father. She credits this background for her family having a “history of fighters”, saying: “The fact that [my grandmother] had to hide her skin colour, essentially, and try desperately to fit in with everyone else must’ve been incredibly difficult.”[43]

        • It fits. I thought maybe an Asian ancestor. Subcontinental sounds about right.

        • @James – I haven’t had a chance to reply til now. THANK YOU! I KNEW it. I don’t have any proof that I knew it – but I knew she was not wholly White. Clarke is chi chi. I saw pics of her, a few years ago. She was sooo dark. I think she can be very pretty, depending on the angle, etc. I didn’t think she was a Jew, because she seems cheery and sunny, in interviews and candid pics. She doesn’t have the expression of smirking malevolence in her eyes and mouth, that is one of the telling marks of the Jew. But her nose and eyes….the Indian DNA is not a surprise. There’s a still from one of the last episodes of This season’s GOT. The Dany character was given bad news, and she has an expression of grief and shock. The scene was lit with a sort of blue light; I think it’s supposed to be night time. The pic is a closeup. Clarke is tearful, in character – but the picture is NOT flattering. She looks OLD and haggard – and Clarke is young. The ??? Indian DNA leaps out. Yike.

          Thanks, again.

    • It’s one of the shows that I watch with my wife.

      She had started watching it before we got married. I started watching it around the time my son was born in 2014. I’ve since seen all the episodes. I think it helps to keep tabs on popular culture especially the most popular show in the history of television.

      • Hunter,

        You don’t have to justify watching Game of Thrones, or anything else for that matter. Good entertainment and storytelling are good things in themselves. To say otherwise is the kind of stupidity that denounced the enjoyment of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft because they wrote cheap, crass pulp fiction. Authors who are today revered by Rightists from Jonathan Bowden to Gregory Hood.

  7. “The story couldn’t have ended any better.”

    The best ending would be Bran warging into Drogon and using him to destroy all of the ships carrying the Unsullied and Dothraki, and then taking Drogon himself far out to sea to drown, thus avenging all of the people of Westeros who suffered and died at the hands of Dany and her minions.

    Followed by treason trials for Yara Greyjoy and Tyrion Lannister for having invited Dany to invade Westeros.

    And then renounce magic and convert to the faith of the Seven.

    • NO! NO NO NO!!! DON’T BE HATIN’ ON DEM DERE DRAGONS! DRAGONS DINT DO NUFFIN! The chunky Mudshark is the problem. And WHY would you want to renounce magic? Stupid….

  8. The level of GoT’s watching is inversely proportional to the Testosterone level of the Dissident Right.

    I never watched one episode of GoT’s just like I never listened to one episode of FtN.

    I don’t get it at all.

    GoWingiNats win this round……

    • I watched the first season a few near the middle and have watched clips from the season.

      Season one is actually pretty good as a complete story. Could have ended with Ned Stark execution.

  9. Hollywood crackpot films is escape from reality of multi national turds invading the West.Its a stimuli for white people fear of third world planet.

  10. At the risk of repeating myself, since I posted my views of GOT on an earlier post, I’ll say that I read the first novel, found it ponderous except for Tyrion and Danerys, where the prose was quicker and more readable. I didn’t read anymore novels, because the series seems very close to the book.
    My problem is the show’s nihilism. I couldn’t find anyone to root for. Everyone’s creepy, violent, and dark, although the Stark sisters seemed kind of okay, and i thought Jon Snow was a wiseass.
    And I kept saying, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE KILL JOFFERY?? But I dropped out then, so all of the above posts don’t matter to me.
    What bothers me are some academics who teach GOT as adjuncts to Medieval history instead of teaching the real thing, like they’re supposed to do. It recalls the end of Rome, when spiritual beliefs took over from realistic views.
    About the wigs: Yeah, Melissa Clarke was obviously mixed, and I thought they could have gotten a real blonde…it’s not like the casting lists are devoid of them. I always thought she was a Jew, but the Indian mixes are seeping into British casting now. Wigs. Okay, a lot of fifties westerns did look that way, but in all fairness, the hairstyles of the 1880’s kind of matched the fifties. What bothered me was all the men in their fifties haircuts, no mustaches or beards, and the same freaking 50’s cowboy hats over and over. And what about the seventies, when everyone had all that blowdried hair? In the West, men did not look like hippies.Each generation forces their fashions on period films. I remember the WWII movies in the 70’s with all the seventies hair. Since the 80’s, there is more attempt at realistic costuming, but not much. There was a pirate series out a few years ago, and everyone had shaven heads, a week’s growth of beard, and soldiers in 18th century uniforms didn’t wear stockings, but went bare legged. They would have been flogged for that.
    When I was in Germany in the 70’s, a lot of WWII movies used GIs as German soldiers because German actors wouldn’t get haircuts.
    But back to TV. Hunter made the point that this is entertainment, and I see that, although I want to be entertained by characters I like. An HBO series, Boardwalk, was ‘dramatic’ and they got the period well, but everyone was a louse, pervert, or crook. Bleah. I did watch HBO’s Rome, which was equally nasty, but the two main characters, Pullo and Verenus, were normal soldiers trying to make sense of it all.
    It was a good series, although I hated their Cleopatra. No one ever likes to show her as she was.
    I think TV is good if watched in moderation. If you watch it all the time, you get wrapped up in fantasy. Plato’s cave, anyone? Besides, I find reality more fun. I folk dance, write, go to concerts, take walks…I don’t watch much TV, and a lot of people I know seem to have dropped out of it. I did, however, dig into my old Cds and have been watching Xena, an old favorite of mine, and it’s still a lot of fun. It does have a covert message of lesbianism, but also Xena and Gabrielle and strong, likable characters who try to do good.
    Back to the search for a good book to read. Any suggestions?

    • I agree with just about everything you’ve written, with one exception, Dargason. The 1950’s vs 1880’s female hairstyle. Nope. 1880’s women did NOT wear their hair in tight little “caps” with a ring of tight little curls surrounding all or 3/4’s of their heads. They did wear their hair (real hair or artificial) in tight little curls, in bangs, or the 1880’s equivalent of curled pompadours. They always has long hair, arranged in a variety of configurations, depending on the occasion.

      I adore 1940’s and 1950’s Hollywood musicals, and technicolor “womens’ pics” because they were so lavish and fun. Especially the super-saturated technicolor ones. My hubby may be next to me, reading, while I wallow in those spectacles – but he will usually look up, for a moment, gaze at the movie, and utter, “Those hairstyles were so ugly!” in utter disgust, and then go back to reading.

      One of my absolute faves is a film from 1955 called “All That Heaven Allows” starring Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. The production values, cinematography, editing and pacing are superb! Really spectacular. The story revolves around a middle aged widow, Wyman, with adult children, who falls in love with landscaper Hudson, who is much younger than she is, and the resulting shock and horror of every-one around her.. It’s AWESOME! Completely mental – but it actually works. Anyway – Wyman was 37 when the film was made., a Hudson 29 – but that tight curl cap she wore, which was a very fashionable style, made her look much older. And 1880’s style, although wildly anachronistic, would have been infinitely more flattering.

      And yes. GoT I’m certain would have had a choice of naturally blond lovely actresses to choose from, in any role. One of the things that is surprising about the nudity of the actresses is that…..they often don’t look that great. Many of them looked kinda…..shapeless. I’ve seen scenes and pics. The men usually have more impressive physiques….but I found the nude scenes I’ve seen to be a turn off. The stuff I have seen – and it’s very limited – seemed to be gratuitous. It’s like they just wanted to put naked people on TV. I saw a clip of naked negroes dancing and fornicating, and fighting, when the Dany character married tge Somoan wrestler – and it was… Quick! Where’s the eye bleach? THAT’s one of the things I love about the older Hollywood flicks – they generally tried to make every-one look their very best. Audrey Hepburn, in “Sabrina” is IMMORTAL. So is Marilyn Monroe, in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. The costuming, in both pics, is brilliant. There is a scene in “Gentlemen” when Lorelei Lee – Monroe – and her cohort Dorothy Shaw, played by Jane Russell, are swanking across a crowded dining room on a cruise ship. They make, shall we say, an ENTRANCE. Monroe is wearing the legendary Pumpkin gown, and as she languorously swings her hips as she crosses the room she’s sexier than ANYTHING I’ve seen in just about anything else. Including whatever clips from GoT. Monroe was a true Sex Goddess, embodied! Plus – the movie is total fun from start to finish. As well. This is all just my opinion.

  11. These last few seasons were a s***show after running out of source material, the formally clever dialogue and intrigue were the pivotal points of attraction for the whole thing. Also, the pacing of this last season was truly terrible, it was one crazy, barely explained plot blunder after another, no breathing room, and several sappy, nonsensical resolutions. We didn’t need happy endings, the show has defecated all over that pattern from the beginning, but we did need satisfying ones.

    Dany going genocidally crazy without any explanation to speak of was cheap and ludicrous. I don’t mind an arc of self-destruction but at least give us some character development to work with. Hell, you know what would have been a nutty but satisfactorily devastating explanation? One of Varys’ little birds getting lucky in finally slipping her something (maybe hidden in one of those little rings he took off right before he was flamebroiled) but it was inappropriately administered and had disassociative effects instead of killing her outright. Something, anything, a little window into her mental disintegration. After the tawdry finale with the Night King, that deserved more.

    King Bran was unbelievable. What’s his agenda, does he even have enough humanity left to recognise their needs? Is the Three Eyed Raven even good? Who knows, eff it, seems legit, a mystery robot on the throne seems fine. Could have done without the king-maker cool down scene altogether, it took a blowtorch to all the tension and plot escalation to leave us with King Blah and his boring compatriots. I almost forgot that terrible chair-moving bit with Tyrion. Don’t get me started on the Cersei-Jaime ending, what a pitiful last act there.

    I didn’t mind Sansa as Queen of the North, that was clearly deserved, but captured in a quick quip to her possessed brother? Not gratifying.

    One of the few scenes that felt earned was Jon stabbing Dany and Drogon melting the Iron Throne, glad we got that much.

    • Oakley – I watched a clip of the Chi chi mongrel in the ludicrous lemon colored wig (every-one involved in that wig needs to suffer the fate of the character! AAARGH) get stabbed, because of what people were saying about the dragon. I love dragons. I root for Smaug, in “The Hobbit” . Nothing against the Hobbits or the Dwarves – I just love dragons. I wish they were real. I know almost nothing about the Bran character. What I do know about the story arc, etc – I found that scene tragic and satisfying. I Stand for Drogon!

      • Her family are not native to Westeros and are basically like Syrians in our context. So her dash of Subcontinental blood and brunette dyed blonde makes a great deal of sense. The Targarians are asiatic interlopers. Jon Snow’s dark complexion works well in that context as he’s also not a Westerosan on his father’s side but a Varerian/Targerian. There’s no escaping race in the fantasy genre.

      • I was rooting for Smaug and all Dany’s dragons too, they were all awfully majestic. You might want to read the Song of Ice and Fire books if you haven’t, the mythos is more developed and includes sea and ice dragons (there’s an ice one in the show though) as well.

        I’ve never appreciated the good tarring folk Christianity gave them and wish they were real too, I was particularly obsessed as a teenager with the two that are supposedly buried in NW Wales under a hill called Dinas Emrys. Maybe they were real once, they appear enough times in myth across the globe to suggest so.

  12. Denise: I’ll still hold to my similarities in fashion, as styles go in and out. In effect, the Dior dresses of the era were partly inspired by the 18th century. But in 50’s movies, I noticed a lot of scenes where women in period films cut off their hair to make them look fifties. There seemed to be a hair fetish of this sort in movies. But like I said, really period styling for hair is very recent. In, say, Downton Abbey, they try to authenticate the actual perms, where thirty years ago, they tried a pageboy and let it go at that. Also, the men get HAIRCUTS. Got so tired of seeing a 1914 era film with men in 70’s shags.
    Also recalled True Grit. The John Wayne film had Kim Darby in a 70’s cut. Ugh. The remake was much more authentic. Much like the Alamo. The Wayne movie is okay, but I think the remake, with Billy Bob Thronton as Davy Crockett, is much closer to history.

    If you like costumes, why not check out Colette, a recent Keira Knightley film about the French writer. Pretty heavy on lesbianism, but costumed beautifully, and captures the style of Parisian ‘decadent’ culture. I also liked Peterloo, about the 1816 worker’s tragedy in England, showing us regency England from a working class viewpoint.
    I can take or leave fifties movies. A film I did like was Hail Caesar!, which captures the flavor of studios, and has some ‘movies’ that are very good at imitating that period.
    A TV series I enjoyed was Turn, an AMC series (three seasons), about Washington’s spies in the Revolution, and was very good in creating the period. They had a black as a sergeant in the British army, which was very unhistorical, and Simcoe, the British officer, was more psycho then he was in history, but on the whole it’s quite watchable.

    To please Hunter, there was The Gray Ghost, a 50’s syndicated series about Mosby, the Confederate raider, and I remember watching it on TV. Always fun to see the Confederates outwit the Yankees.
    Ride With the Devil, a movie with Tobey McGuire about Bushwhackers in Missouri, was also very good, and since I’m from Missouri, enjoyed it’s depiction of our war.

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