MIGA: Trump Threatens To Officially End Iran

In case you missed it:

He’s suffering.

It’s clear that Blompf lacks the capacity to be president of the United States. We have shabbos in the White House and the situation is increasingly getting out of hand.

Note: Seriously, Blompf is going to save us from Iran’s WMD? The déjà vu nearly knocked me out of my chair this morning.

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  1. I participated in the “God Emperor” fun and games. The campaign was fun! I knew he was an egocentric blow hard – but I genuinely thought he’d be better than Clinton. Now I know they are AS BAD AS EACH OTHER.

    FYI O/T but not really. The Kushner Admin is flying invaders to everyplace in the country.

    • The boomers who continue to support the Orange Kike need to be ruthlessly dealt with, madam. They are more vile and loathsome than the Clintonistas and Soetero-slurpers COMBINED.

  2. Whenever Trump tweets about anything that will benefit us we know it will never happen. But a war with Iran doesn’t benefit us in the slightest. The jury is still out but I hope and pray someone backs down.

    • Its NOT ABOUT what benefits US.
      Hasn’t been since before 1944…
      Its about what benefits ISRAEL…get it?

  3. Trump sounds like some guys at school. Not the secure tough guys only some of the insecure ones. The really tough ones do not have to say much. All the other guys leave them alone.

    The USA is ruled by a teenage boy with nuclear weapons.

  4. Its Saturday Morning Wrestling with nukes….
    Trump is like Jerry Lawler…(..sometimes good guy, sometimes bad guy, ALWAYS FAKE..)
    Then there’s the usual BAD GUY…(Ayatollah Rockarola or whoever..)
    ..then LOOK OUT!!!
    Then in comes the tag-team of CIA SAM and MOSSAD KABBALA to REALLY get the fight going!!!
    Can you see it?
    Sadly, I can…

  5. Speaking of Trump the old Vegas saying comes to mind “Money talks and bulls*it walks”. Trump talks a big game and so far has been able to bamboozle the Retarded Right with his fiery rhetoric but never does what he promises! Has the wall been built? Has the U.S. pulled out of NATO? Has birthright citizenship been eliminated? Has the Clinton Foundation been investigated? How the DC swamp been drained? The answer is no to all these talking points which he used to get elected He just retreated again when he announced Mexican immigrants will not be deported to sanctuary cities like he promised.Now he says they will be sent to Florida and I am sure that thrills the anti-Castro Cubans who voted for him to no ends! Anne Counter was right to turn on him!

  6. If Trump does this, make sure everyone you know understands why. Kushner is the jews’ inside man, and all of this is for Israel’s benefit.

  7. Hopefully Trump will not only be ZOG’s last boomer president but its last president – period. This form of government has become intolerable. I don’t think Generation Zyklon is going to be as enamored of the jews, their bandit state in Palestine or their Holohoax fable as the boomers were.

  8. Having read a recent book on the Byzantine Empire, I recalled the times Rome went to war with Persia and came to grief. It sounds very familiar, all this middle east wrangling. In one book, Justinian’s Flea, the author noted how the Romans trained Arabs to fight in cavalry tactics so they could be sicced on the Persians, only to have them come back with a vengeance when they converted to Islam. Recalls all our supporting the Taliban and Isis ‘freedom fighters.’

    I think Trump is actually reluctant to fight a war with Iran. There is the possibility Israel is trying to sucker us into doing their dirty work yet again, but we know Iran wouldn’t be a pushover like Iraq.

    Remember, in 1979 there was the hostage crisis and our screwed up rescue, and in both cases the Iranians got the better of us, then a couple of years ago, they seized US sailors in their borders. They just won’t roll over.

    Also,a part of America is still angry over 1979, and wants to get even. Not a large part of America, but the one that counts. But Iran also has long memories, especially of us helping to overthrow their government in 1953. It will be a war of memories. Someone suggested that Iran just cut the crap and announce they have a nuke, and that would buy them immunity from attack, as once you have nukes, people leave you the hell alone. For all the crisis mode, does anyone really want to fight North Korea?

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