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Matt and Tony celebrate Will Planer’s successful fundraiser, then spend over an hour kvetching about current events. In the second hour, we explain how the Charlottesville lawsuits are a milestone opportunity for our movement to reframe the event in the popular imagination and perhaps even achieve compensation for our violated rights.

Revisiting Charlottesville

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Charlottesville was a historic victory that will continue bending national discourse toward our frames and themes for decades to come. Let me explain.

Better yet, I’m going to let an insightful left-wing journalist, Michael Tracey, explain.

Earlier this week, he tweeted…

Maybe eventually the “left” media will realize that their hyper-focus on a nonexistent “Nazi” threat actually encouraged a conservative tendency in the electorate, because Dems now want the “safest” candidate who can defeat Nazi-enabling Trump, and into that void steps Joe Biden

That’s why Biden keeps talking about Charlottesville, both in his launch video and subsequently. It creates a convenient dichotomy: Nazis vs. everyone else. If there are Nazis to defeat, intra-party disputes don’t matter — all good and moral people must unite against the Nazis.

So, good job everyone who radically inflated the significance of that one-off event in August 2017, because it’s influencing the conditions by which Biden can feasibly present himself as a desirable alternative, and cast internal Democratic Party debates as counter-productive

Here we are, years after Charlottesville, and the Democratic presidential frontrunner is centering his political campaign on Charlottesville. In the months leading up to the election, the Republican president will whistle in the direction of the issues we championed, knowing that our issues are the defining, polarizing issues of our time.

Ceiling cat stated it well in a reply on Twitter…

And they’ve hilariously miscalculated by combining this with an agenda totally abhorrent to the average Joe, and calling anyone right of Stalin a Nazi. They’re presenting a binary choice:

* Watch everything you care about be destroyed, or
* Be a Nazi.

This doesn’t mean we ought to be Hollywood Nazis, transgressive stereotypes aping Allied propaganda from another place and time. But the social and national interests are one. Finance and the corporations must be wrestled by the state to the will and welfare of the nation. We can call ourselves “social nationalists” or “populists” or whatever, but the truth can’t be escaped; I am a “national socialist.” I’m your huckleberry.

Two mentalities were present in Charlottesville that day, with many believing that the event would serve as a coming out party. For them, our movement is kind of like nineties homosexuals, ready to come out of the closet and be accepted and supported by the American mainstream. We were going to convince them that we’re “normal,” “unthreatening,” and merely another ray of color in the diverse rainbow of GOP constituents.

Another mentality was also present, one which saw Charlottesville as a show of strength, a defiant flex on the extremely anti-white coastal college town that sought to tear down the monuments of our ancestors, who openly despise our heritage. For that faction, they knew the media, the system, and the mainstream voters would respond negatively. Many of us, self-inclusive, didn’t quite anticipate how badly we would frighten the powers that be.

This difference, one which seemed minor and unworthy of debating before August 12th, was the wedge which began ripping the movement apart into two hostile factions in the months following the event. For the former, Charlottesville was an irrecoverable defeat, a fatal “black pill.” Many promptly denounced and quit the movement because they were presented with personal risks and social pressures that they weren’t prepared for.

They thought there was a clean way to defy the globalist oligarchs.

So you had the AmNat/WigNat schism, with the Trump-supporting “American Nationalist” mainstream entryists calling for a purge of the people in the movement who they blamed for ruining their big coming out party. The slur, “WigNat” was devised and then leveraged against anybody who didn’t go along with their attempt to run from Charlottesville, to pretend it didn’t happen, to pretend they weren’t there, to sweep James Fields and the other victims of state oppression under the rug.

But political events aren’t democrat babies. You can’t simply kill them, forget about them, and focus on your career if you regret conceiving them. Charlottesville and its men behind the wire can’t be tossed into the medical waste bin. It’s the defining event of the White Identity movement in America, and even those who weren’t there and never supported it are defined by it in the popular imagination and elite political framing.

We do not have the choice the retreat from Charlottesville. Like the conquistadors looking back on the ships that Cortez set on fire, we have no way out but through the jungle. We won the street battle that they set up, despite boggling odds. As a great man once said, “They staged a bum fight, and lost.” Never forget that it was always the system’s Plan A to have superior numbers of Antifa beat us to death in the streets while the cops obeyed a stand-down order.

Our enemies are on Plan B, which is to pour millions and millions into litigating a technical victory after having lost the fight they tried to rig. They’re banking on the proposition that we’re big, dumb goyim who are easily confused, disheartened, and distracted by any struggle which isn’t a direct, visceral, physical struggle. They desperately need this to be the case, because our legal footing is incredibly solid.

We had the permits. We dutifully followed every officer’s directions on where to park and what to do. We came armed with nothing but speeches to advance our ideas and shields to defend our right to do so. The independent investigation funded by Charlottesville itself corroborates our side. Centuries of first amendment jurisprudence and precedent protects us from this litigation, …if only we bother to show up for it. Furthermore, airing out all of the institutional bias and betrayal is imperative in setting the broader framing for the final stage of the Charlottesville saga, which is actively supporting the appeals process for each and every unjustly imprisoned Cville Veteran.

All of this is “settled law,” with the Supreme Court’s Skokie ruling already pointedly and specifically enshrining our right to be protected and even supported by the local, state, and federal government while doing so. The civil lawsuit we’re fighting is the opportunity we have, the opportunity we need, to reverse the media’s fraudulent framing of Charlottesville.

Everything that they pulled was overtly unconstitutional; and they know it; which is why they’re terrified that we’ve managed to assemble a lawsuit of our own against actors and institutions who conspired to deprive us of our civil liberties.

That’s right. Tony and I, along with Jason Kessler and others, have actually been pouring tens of thousands of our own money into both the defensive lawsuits and an offensive lawsuit because we have every reason to believe we can and will win them. But we need your help. We’re coming up on the home stretch late this summer, but we need $7,500 more than what we’ve been able to come up with by July 1st or we may not make it to trial.

What many fail to grasp about the Charlottesville lawsuits is that while everybody in the system hates us, they also hate how the City of Charlottesville handled the event. They know that if Charlottesville isn’t held accountable for its immature, amateurish, and lethally poor handling of the political protest, other cities will be encouraged to follow suit. The Heaphy Report confirms that most of the government, and most of Virginia, wanted the police to maintain order, not be conscripted as left wing activists in an ill-fated political stunt.

In other words, between our tupperware tight handling of the event, the complete lack of a conspiracy by the organizers to initiate violence, and the “innovative” tactics of Charlottesville, we could indeed be looking at a substantial lawsuit payout. I, for one, pledge that every dime of that payout that my organization and I receive, after covering the immediate legal expenses, will go toward prisoner support and legal infrastructure to protect our movement and our men.

I can’t guarantee victory. But I do have hope, very real hope. It’s time for our movement to mature to the next level, which is one which competently and effectively follows through on the legal fights which are every bit as important as the street fights. Even if we lose in court, the platform will prove an excellent opportunity to challenge the false propaganda, with a national spotlight.

Whether you like it or not, Charlottesville was the landmark event in the birth of America’s White Right, and it’s absolutely imperative that we follow it through to the end. We owe it to our political prisoners, to our cause, and to ourselves to not yield one inch of the truth to these lying bastards. We can and will, with your generous support, reframe that historic event for what it was; a brave stand for our heritage against a corrupt and hostile system that would rather unleash anarchy and death than allow free and proud white men to stand their ground.

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  1. The Beer Hall Putsch was premature, a total failure. Ten years later…

    All the hysteria about white nationalism, anti-Semitism, shutting down all speech to the right of Lenin, criminalizing “hate speech” are symptoms of an enemy not so strong and invincible as you might think. Keep them on the run.

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