Politico Mag: Is Andrew Yang For Real?

Politico Mag:

“DES MOINES, Iowa — Andrew Yang bounces from leg to leg on the stage at Franklin Junior High School, cloaked in his campaign-trail uniform of blue jacket and navy “MATH” cap, warning the crowd about the threat that robots pose to the American heartland.

If you have some vague sense that you’ve heard of Yang but that’s about it, you’re not alone. While the entrepreneur turned novice politician’s name recognition hovers around 50 percent, he hasn’t broken 1 percent in most polls after a year and a half of running for president in a crowded pack of Democrats.But on a cold Sunday night in April, there are 300 or so Iowans her feeling Andrew Yang and his message of what’s gone wrong.

“How many of you notice stores closing around where you live?” he asks, raising his own hand. Scores of others shoot up in the crowd. “And why are those stores closing?”

“Amazon!” shouts someone.

“Amazon, that’s right,” Yang says.

Minutes later he calls out, “How much did Amazon pay in taxes last year?”

“Zero!” the crowd shoots back, as if it had practiced the response.

“Zero,” Yang echoes.

He curls his fingers into a circle and then points into the seats. “You’re looking around and seeing stores closed, and you’re going to get back zero,” he says. “When they automated your call center jobs, zero. When they automate the truck driving jobs, zero.” …

And in a Democratic Party reveling in its diversity, the Taiwanese-American candidate says he worries most about how displaced white men will react to their declining fortunes—a stance that has,strangely, won him some fans from the “alt-right.” …”

The Left is dumbfounded that many of us are strongly disillusioned with Blompf, heard about Andrew Yang’s campaign after he went on the Joe Rogan Experience and Tucker Carlson Tonight, listened to what he had to say about automation and AI, thought about the issue and are now supporting him. The idea of persuading people on the other side of aisle has never occurred to them.

Let me put it this way: Andrew Yang essentially tapped us on the shoulder, got our attention, told us there is a Category 5 economic hurricane approaching and that no one in the political establishment is talking about it because they have no idea of what to do about it. Yang has argued the results will be devastating and that we are going to have to create a new economy to address the challenge.

After Hurricane Michael hit Panama City last October, several of us went down there to help out in the relief effort. Allow me to show you why Yang is worried that the rollout of these new technologies is going to be more devastating than Hurricane Michael:

“The bottom line: The line between financial success and stagnation can often be drawn on a map.

Economic opportunity is tied to location, more than ever before, according to a county-by-county report in 2017 from the nonprofit Economic Innovation Group.

New jobs are clustered in the economy’s best-off places, leaving one of every four new jobs for the bottom 60% of zip codes.

Most of today’s distressed communities saw zero net gains in employment and business establishment since 2000. In fact, more than half have seen net losses on both fronts.

Half of adults living in distressed zip codes are attempting to find gainful employment in the modern economy armed with only a high school education at best. …”

Blompf’s Golidlocks economy isn’t doing shit for vast swathes of the South and most of the jobs he is boasting about are nowhere near here and what’s more Amazon is destroying jobs and sucking wealth out of these places to the coasts which are already the most economically distressed places in America.

South Alabama already has it bad:

How much worse can it get?

How can you look at numbers like that and be like … Blompf 2020?

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  1. I love that map showing the economic distress not because I am happy about this situation but that it counters all the propaganda and BS about our economy. A vast majority of Americans are not benefiting from this economy especially in the South.

    My county is one of those in the dark brown and people like us who live in these areas know exactly what is going on and the lies being told by our leadership and the “economists.” It’s why someone like Yang is so refreshing. He is not regurgitating the same nonsense about GDP and fake unemployment numbers and credit card spending at Christmas as a gauge of our economy.

    • Silence troll ! Gotta get up a little earlier to hoodwink us that easy. If darkies were removed from south … and 1/2 were replaced by whites from the rest of America and Europe / S. Africa … that alone would wipe out 70 % of that – ironically colored – BROWN.

      On another note, Spencer wiped out any chance at becoming POTUS in the future with his pro choice stance stated on his show last night. That leaves Wallace, Duke, and Hill. Any other suggestions for The Confederate Party ?

  2. Map isn’t meaningful. Most of the job stagnation is also where population is stagnating. A much better map would show color codes of where jobs growth exceeds population growth. You’d see those brown areas lighten up across the board

  3. I’m afraid Yang’s appeal is going to remain limited to a small number of intellectual and white collar Millennials, HW. He is a cerebral visionary, not the charismatic showman and bullshit artist that the rabble demand in a candidate.

  4. nothing about ZOG politics is real…better yet, nothing about it will be what our people want or need.
    Its been made clear that we don’t matter and that whites are to lay down and die…and be happy to do so.

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