MIGA: Lindsey Graham Wars Iran of Massive Military Retaliation

As I was saying in the previous article, a vote for the GOP is nothing but a vote to affirm the unpopular conservative foreign policy and economic policies:

Frankly, I don’t support either of those two legs of the “conservative stool.”

While I agree with the GOP in theory on social issues, I strongly get the impression that I am just being conned every four years. Unless I am convinced the social issues are real, I have no interest in continuing to reelect people like Lindsey Graham to the US Senate.

Note: Is it a paradox to vote for Lindsey Graham on the basis of his social conservative values?

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  1. If you surround a country with air bases, naval task forces, and (potentially) ground-forces it stands to reason that they’ll be in “harm’s way”. As for Miz’ Lindsay…he rates at about 9 on the GAFI scale.

  2. A great column to read and pass on- Here’s just one excerpt.

    “Compare welfare to what Jews got after the Holocaust. We got stuff that no group that has suffered a similar catastrophe has ever received. The leaders who tormented us were put to death. Thousands of accomplices were beaten and killed, and those who got away were hunted for decades. The nation that authored our woes was subjected to several years of terror under a revenge plan hatched by FDR’s Jewish treasury secretary. Millions of women were raped by occupying forces, and thousands of civilians were tortured by Jews in “vengeance camps.” The offending nation was split in two. Half of it was tormented for over forty years by communist oppression, and in the other half, we got to rewrite their schoolbooks and dictate their politics. And today, that nation imprisons anyone who insults us or our Holocaust. We got perpetual reparations up the wazoo, we got Israel, and we have museums and commissions that commemorate our suffering in every major city in the U.S., a country that had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

    But still that’s not enough. We’re pissed that some Nazis got away. “Yes, Nazis were executed and tortured, but some came here and worked for NASA. OY!”

    The hubris. Most persecuted peoples get zero justice. We got, let’s say, 85% justice, and it’s still not enough. Rather than being satisfied, we bitch about the few instances in which we feel robbed.”


  3. The big play is China’s New Silk Road, uniting Asia economically, and be extension, militarily: Trains and roads that would allow 10 million Chinese troops to get to Beirut in less than 1 week.

    ZOG has to start gambling because they are losing this game.

  4. Murican idiots don’t know that Iran is controlled by religious freaks because of American and British chicanery in the first place. Now the kikes want us to poke the hornet’s nest again.

  5. Cotton is Congress’s worst Cuck-For-Israel – and that is really saying something.

  6. If Trump starts a war with Iran he will quickly find he has bitten off more than he can chew. Iran has no real air force or navy but does have Hezbollah a few miles north of the Israeli/Lebanese border with tens of thousands of missiles ready to rain down on all of Israel. Iran also has its own missiles to launch against Saudi Arabia’s vulnerable oil facilities less than 200 miles away. Not all of the missiles launched by Hezbollah or Iran can be intercepted especially when it’s thousands of missiles launched in a short time overwhelming ABM systems.

    Iran knows it cannot compete on a high tech basis against Israel or its puppet, the U.S. so the Iranians have pursued an ‘asymmetric’ strategy of relying on cheap, plentiful missiles and proxies such as Hezbollah. Hezbollah has so far refrained from launching attacks against U.S. interests but that policy will end if Iran is attacked. Hezbollah most likely has terrorists ready to go in the U.S. who will wreak havoc in this country if a war starts as well as attacking overseas targets.

    Trump will learn two things very quickly: Iran and its proxies make a formidable enemy which will deplete already overstretched U.S. forces rapidly and that diversity/multiculturalism have drastically weakened U.S. military forces. In private counsels Trump will be advised that he must call for conscription (of white men) to rebuild the depleted military. Conscription/national service will be political poison in spite of an intense national propaganda campaign hearkening back to (white) WWII service.

    Israel will probably use tactical nukes against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in a desperate attempt to stop massive rocket attacks against population centers such as Tel Aviv and Haifa. This would cause world wide panic wrecking financial markets and Trump’s presidency. At that point Miss Lindsey, Psycho Bolton and bloated, pompous Pompeo will be hiding, it will all be on Trump’s head.

    Of course this will encourage Chinese adventurism but that is another story.

    • The eastern flatlands of Iran, and Teheran, will fall quickly. But the Iranians will withdraw into the Central and Western mountains and fight a long, drawn out and protracted campaign.

      “Of course this will encourage Chinese adventurism but that is another story.”

      The Chinese will simply destroy USZOG, without firing a shot, by means of Third Wave warfare. In Third Wave warfare, it’s not whose army that wins. It’s whose narrative and whose money and influence that wins, that matters.

      USZOG has already been under attack by Iran and the other BRICS nations for years. They just don’t know it because they’re too busy looking out for missiles and bombs in a war that’s being fought in virtual reality with money, information and the manipulation of abstract symbols. Not on a physical battlefield.

      But we’ll know it when the Dollar collapses, along with our economy, and USZOG’s credibility and legitimacy go too. The laughter of the rest of the World will be a big tip off, also.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if Graham has a poster of Bibi Netanyahu on the ceiling above his bed.

  8. I don’t know the guy but he looks totally gay. The humiliation for an ancient nation like Iran to be insulted by such fools.

  9. Trump won’t use the military to stop the alien invasion at our OWN border as he prepares to march us off to WWIII. Truly Clown World.

  10. US Senator Tom Cotton wants Iran to “rejoin the civilized world” and stop “trying to overthrow governments.”

    He’s completely unaware of irony, apparently.

  11. IMO a direct, all-out war against Iran isn’t likely, because it would require a formal declaration of war from Congress and the implementation of a draft. Some kind of manufactured 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania or Pearl Harbor incident would be required to dramatically shift public opinion. But the problem with that is now da goyim know.

  12. That letter signed by 400 members of Congress demanding that Israel’s interests in Syria be protected plus the new talk of Assad getting ready to again “gas his own people” suggest to me that a new offensive in Syria might be more likely than a difficult war in Iran. Maybe Israel will be satisfied with that?

    We didn’t vote for any of this crap when we voted for Trump. A vote for ANY (few exceptions) Republican in the Congress is, however, a vote for any war Israel desires.

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