Comedy Break: Did President Trump Secretly Convert to Judaism in 2017?

Editor’s Note: I’m not familiar with this duo, but this was interesting.

This was great.

I’m totally not sharing this … yes, I am sharing this, but be advised to take this with a grain of salt and enjoy the lulz. It would make sense though, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t Blompf supposed to be like a modern day King Cyrus? The Times of Israel article is also real. If this rumor is true, the memes are going to be epic.

LMAO … this is all based on this:

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  1. That video really triggered the Boomer mods at Stormfront. topkek

    Trump would be more likely to follow Maddona into the Kabbalah cult.

  2. I lean toward it not being true. Probably fake news. But, if so, he defrauded the American people. Impeach him now so the next Jew president can be sworn in… Mike Pence. Oh, he also hasn’t disclosed his conversion either?

    Wow, a little part of me is hoping it’s true so I can laugh my ass off for the next 6 months. Meme-mania is just around the corner folks…..

  3. You can take this with a grain of salt as well but Clif High’s data also revealed that something big happens within Judaism that causes a massive amount of its adherents to leave the cult. Folks, it’s not a religion.

    Oh joy!

      • It was a Clif High YouTube video with Bix Weir and Joe something (aka Jsnip4) under the 3 Amigos titling – probably during mid 2017 to mid 2018. I’ll see if I can zero in on the actual one but they used to have several group videos each year although they stopped them for now. Clif does many interviews but I heard him state this during 3 Amigos broadcast. Keep checking back.

  4. I do like seeing all the photos of American politicians at the Wailing Wall. It reveals so much. But, I want to see the R-rated ones where they are davening (humping) the Wailing Wall like we see the orthodox Jews do.

    Come on, boys, thrust those pelvises forward!

  5. As Fr. John+ once said, no White, European man has any business wearing a yarmulke. Or genuflecting before the wall of an old Roman fort.

    However, Trump knows that if he wants to keep his job, and stay alive, he has to bow to the Jews.

    The last President who defied the Jews got Jack Rubensteined.

    • J.Owen: No sir, the last president who ran afoul of jewry was forced to resign from office after a team of CIA “plumbers” broke into the Watergate complex and forced him to try and cover the whole thing up.

      • @spahnranch1969

        I forgot about Nixon. He was lucky to get off with his life. Kennedy wasn’t.

  6. Trumpenberstein is already a Jew. There are anecdotal rumours that he’s a genetic jew on his father’s side. Considering the way he and his paternal ancestors lived their lives – I think the rumours are true. Regarding a “conversion” – oh – this makes perfect sense. It’s the only thing that does make sense. And he’s do WHATEVER Ivanka tells him to do.

    I wonder how the MAGAtards will take this. His hordes of worshippers. The tragic fools that will willingly throw themselves into the fiery mouth of Moloch, for Trump, and Israel.

  7. Keep in mind that the Thalassic Empire of Oligarchical Usury Socialism need’s control of Venezuela oil before the start their proxy war against the World-Island via Iran (straights of Hormuz blocked when war starts):

    Everything is lining up:

    We will rapidly see the completion of “Airstrip One” of the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists Thalassic Empire (“Oceania”) for their final war on the World-Island …

    The “How and Why” of a thalassic empire by the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists of debt usury:

    INGSOC Oligarchical Socialism (debt usury):

    The World-Island:

    “Russia”, “Russia”, “Russia” …


  8. Re: the Thalassic Messianic Empire of Oligarchical Socialism and war’s on the World-Island: (clearly it is the enclave of the “City” of Usury within London, along with help from another enclave city of Usury within America during the second war, that started these wars along with another enclave city that is against any ethno-conscious state:

  9. That Goldberg video is outrageous. It’s all about the Jew Goldberg. Not about America. Not about the West. And if Kushner is the “Messiah” – then he is the Anti Christ. And Dagda help us all.

  10. David and “Isabel” sound like such parodies of Jews that I think that someone is pulling our collective leg. BUT, if Trump did secretly convert to Judaism two years ago, it would certainly explain a LOT almost perfectly.

    Almost perfectly if we had never ever had a conservative president who caved in to the Zionist agenda in the Middle East and the Jewish agenda domestically and implemented it every single time after promising to run as an anti-war candidate with a “humble foreign policy” and who would restore law and order and put AMERICA first.

    Looking at this objectively, Trump is just the latest iteration of George Dubya Bush, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Milhouse Nixon (however grudgingly).

    Hunter is absolutely right about “True Conservativism” being a big, fat fraud. We should never forget that it was a conservative by the name of F.W. de Klerk who sold out all the Whites in South Africa before high-tailing it to Europe where he remains, fat and happy, to this day

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