Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Ban


“JACKSON, Miss. — A federal judge is temporarily blocking a Mississippi law that would ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves on Friday issued an order to stop the law from taking effect July 1.

He heard arguments Tuesday from attorneys for the state’s only abortion clinic, who said the law would effectively eliminate all abortions in the state because cardiac activity is often first detectable around six weeks, when many women may not know they are pregnant. …”

I’m bored to tears by the abortion debate.

Everyone knows that federal judges are going to block the abortion bans in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Missouri. It is also virtually certain that the “conservative majority” on the Supreme Court we have heard so much about is going to concoct some bullshit reason to sustain Roe v. Wade. I’m convinced it is nothing but one big exercise in the usual political theater by conservatives to milk the evangelicals by pretending they are fighting for the “social issues.”

If we must have the federal government, I would rather just collect the $1,000 a month because when the dust settles in this fight I don’t expect anything to change. I feel the same way about immigration which is hitting new record highs after Blompf’s “strong on the border” 2016 campaign. Conservatives have never won on a single social issue and it won’t start happening anytime soon.

Note: In reality, the only way these states will ever ban abortion is after dissolving the Union. I honestly don’t see it happening any other way.

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  1. I have no idea why the alt-right has become obsessed with abortion lately. The alt-right is becoming boomerized. By all means, keep pushing legislation that will make whites a minority faster.

    • Couldn’t agree more, @ ATBOTL…It’s a total distraction. And anyway, in a few short years you’ll be considered a heretical White Supreeemacist if you even hint at a right- to-life position.

      Shouldn’t the question on abortion be ”is it necessary” instead of is it “right” or “wrong” ?

    • Most of the fresh blood coming into the dissident right that I know were raised Christian and are disgusted by the degeneracy they see taking over their society. The natural move is to push deeper into their roots and divine morality (I fall into this category, most of us are millenials btw). As much as I see the problems with the demographics I’m not on board with genociding negroes, no point in ‘gaining the whole world if you lose your soul’. Western Man is better than that. Beyond that the amount of negro baby murders isn’t going to change the demographic situation, separation and freedom of dissosciation are the only thing that will do that.

  2. That did not take long. Federal judges can sure move fast when they want. If federal judges are appointed by head of state then the solution would be easy.

    Wave the magic wand and I am Queen Christina of the USA. I appoint federal judges who rule in my favor or they are fired and replaced. If Trump is really against abortion he could do so. But either he does not care or else federal judges are appointed in a manner that I am not familiar with.

  3. I think we have much, much bigger and more immediate problems than abortion. I can get on board with the “dissolving the Union” part.

  4. No one in power is really serious about changing the abortion laws. Republicans have been scamming pro-lifers with the “vote GOP and get conservative judges” BS since 1973. They still fall for it like the MAGAtards fall for Trump’s wall.

  5. “In reality, the only way these states will ever ban abortion is after dissolving the Union.”

    Breaking the rusting chains with Yankeedom is the only way the South, and the interior West, can salvage what’s left of the original, pre-1830’s America.

    It’ll also get rid of 90% of the Jews in America®.

    But we haf to get rid of our own worthless cuck and scalawag politicians and internal enemies, first.

  6. I was listening to a Christian radio station recently. They were talking about Abbie Johnson and her conversion to Christianity after two abortion and how she is now a fierce a critic of Planned Parenthood. Then it was mentioned the founder of Planner Parenthood, Margret Sanger, was an avowed racist who supporting Eugenics. Then the rest of the show was about the evils of white racism and the anti-abortion topic was left in re dust.

  7. Judges are the true rulers. They don’t care what the voters or the president want. Laws can be interpreted any way a jurist wants, for any rationale they choose. Judicial supremacy is a stupid idea, and most judges are arrogant and ideological. Time to follow the hallowed American tradition of ignoring robed lawyers with ruling pretensions and delusions of grandeur. They’re advisors, not dictators. Let them try to enforce their decisions, as Old Hickory said. They won’t get far with that nonsense.

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