Federal Judge Blocks Spending on Trump’s Border Wall


“A federal judge issued a temporary injunction on Friday night immediately blocking the transfer of funding and halting the construction of parts of President Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, reports the Washington Post.

Why it matters: Federal Judge Haywood Gilliam issued the injunction saying it was “unconstitutional” for the Trump administration to transfer funds for the border wall that Congress allocated for other purposes. Construction — now postponed — was expected to begin as early as Saturday. …”

Look on the brightside:

In two and a half years, Blompf has only built 1.7 miles of new border fence after downgrading it from being a 30 foot wall, so it is not like this injunction will change anything.

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  1. Kind of hard to build a wall when they.

    A: Funneled all the wall money into overthrowing the Venezuelan government in what has to be the most visibly obvious case of imperialism on record.

    B: Redirected the entire WH staff into promoting homosexuality and silencing any and all critics of the Zionist Owned Government.

    C: Are dealing with a government that thinks “we the people” refers only to government employees and not the masses of white, yellow, black and brown folks living outside the inner section of the imperial city state of Washington DC.

  2. Prof. Revilo P Oliver once said that Federal Judges are not judges at all, just Commissars enforcing the commands of their Jewish masters.

  3. Since Trump can’t do anything inside the United States, but can do whatever he likes outside it, why not invade Mexico and build the wall on the Mexican side of the border?

  4. Yes, because Federal funds have never been transferred for other purposes ever in the history of the United States.

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