Trump: Joe Biden Is The Real Law and Order Candidate

Blompf and his conservative allies unveiled a new line of attack on Joe Biden this afternoon. They accused him of being the true law-and-order candidate with a record of being tough on crime:

Blompf noted that while he ran in 2016 on being the “law and order” candidate and made a big deal about being “tough on crime” he was just lying to get elected and that actually he signed Jared Kushner’s criminal justice reform bill last December. He could have added that his Justice Department has turned a blind eye to Antifa violence while prosecuting White Nationalists.


Joe Biden called black thugs “superpredators.”

Joe Biden praised segregationist John Stennis.

Joe Biden supported the 1994 crime bill and mass incarceration.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are the real racists.

#Blompf2020 #MIGA2020

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  1. there was a video days ago in this site about Trump allegedly converting to Judaism, the story is fake.
    I watched part of video, it came from a Christian news website called trunews.
    So in YT recommendation list, I saw again this website trunews, they released hours ago a very well produced program about the sinking of a US ship called liberty. They are saying the Israelis sank it decades ago.Very interesting, probably not fake.
    Surprising that YT not banned those guys’ channel.

  2. We should be registering en masse to vote in the primaries against Biden. Any forcing of the issue of the Democrats’ racism against whites will help our cause.

    Make them confront Joe, make Joe suck up pathetically to the anti-white hordes.

    Make all these genocidalists show themselves to the center of this country.

    Make the right face the folly of backing Don the Con.

    Lock, load, local and loco.

  3. LOL! I am laughing so hard right now at how stupid conservatives and the Trump campaign are. They are making Biden look even better in working class areas that Trump needs to win 2020. This stupid shit really shows Charlie Kirk’s influence over this campaign.

    • Republirats have been angling for the black vote for years. They’re never going to get it. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  4. The truth behind this is that both the democrats and republicans don’t give one rats behind about being pro-white or protecting the country from non-white criminals. Jews put a liar like trump in office just so he can usher in a multiracial, politically correct, kosher version of conservatism that will put the angry white goyim to sleep. These shysters running for presidential office, be they leftist or conservative, spend most of their campaign time sucking up to jewish interests and to non-whites. Not one thing that’s original comes out of their lying mouths.

  5. Biden’s gonna get the nomination. You can forget all about the she-man womyn candidates, Bernie Sanders, and the Niggers, Mestizos and Yang.

    It’ll be a classic Cold War, Rust/Corn Belt campaign, complete with promises to defeat the new Soviet Union known as China. And deal with the Kaiser and Hitler, too.

  6. Trump virtue signals to Blacks for votes he’s never going to get as he betrays his White base that got him elected.

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