Lena Dunham Is The Most Unattractive Woman In Politics

Siri, what is the difference between Left-Authoritarianism and Left-Lolbertarianism?

I feel like she might want to try out for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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  1. Big ain’t so bad if it can be offset with large breasts, which have that ‘hourglassing’ effect. If they are lacking, the woman should then lose a few pounds, but not too many. It can be made to work.

    • Big tits on a fat woman are like six pack abs on a skinny guy. Who cares?
      You ever felt a fatty’s tits?
      Absolutely disgusting.
      Like gripping a handful of gelatine.
      It should be considered sexual assault by the fatty when a man has to come in physical contact with such a sickening texture.
      Apologize for making me puke!

  2. She’s cute in that “if she lost weight” and “if she stayed in her place and bore many children” kind of way. Honestly, she’s not bad looking, in the genetic sense. It’s the catlady shittlibism, fattiness, and tattoos that ruined her.

  3. I’m so sad now.
    Really, I’m upset.
    I grew up near Vienna, and we had this beautiful big garden that looked much like the one in that picture. But our grass was much greener, and we had tall pine trees as well.
    Austrians watered that ground with Ottoman blood to keep it clean and holy.
    And now I see this horrifically disgusting, branded terrestial whale molesting and defiling such a holy sanctuary with her dark and repulsive jewish spirit.
    It’s a metaphor for what they’ve done to us.
    It’s worse than the holocaust.
    It’s worse than six million jews.
    Hans! …get the Flammenwerfer.
    “Gyet awwff muh property (((biatch)))!”

  4. Doodling tattoos on a woman is similar to scrawling graffiti on a Church. There was a time when the only people who got tattoos were drunken sailors on leave and outlaw bikers. On the rare occasion when a woman got one, it was usually something small and discreetly placed. Usually, something like a butterfly or a flower in an intimate area that was normally covered. There is absolutely nothing tackier than a multi-pierced female, covered in tattoos, trying to look glamorous in an evening gown. That ink blemished flesh only goes with leather and fish net stockings, it garishly clashes with silk and lace. Ladies, you can either be a Princess or a Scooter Tramp, but you can’t be both.

    She would be a little more presentable if she didn’t look like “the Bitch that fell off the back of the bike.” But, men and women shouldn’t be encouraged to flaunt their unflattering physiques, either. Sadly, all men and women are not created with equally appealing physical attributes. Some, such as models, are naturally endowed with features that are pleasing to the eye. Contrary to modern thinking about notions of beauty being artificially imposed by Madison Avenue and Western Ideals, certain anatomical structures and facial characteristics have always been a source of attraction. It is true, to some extent, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It is also true that, in an earlier time, “pleasantly plump” was often considered desirable. But, fat was still fat, and morbid obesity was as rare as anything in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not columns. I would categorize Ms. Dunham as FAT.

    From the in-depth research I did on Wikipedia, Dunham’s mother is Jewish and she considers herself as “very culturally Jewish.” I remembered that she says a lot of silly things, and the Wikipedia article listed a few of them such as, “I wish that I had an abortion.” “So, that I can better sympathize with the women who have.” Her Jewish boyfriend is the lead singer of the band “Fun.” And, the biggest surprise of them all! She has been prescribed anti-depressants since being diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder as a child! Who would have guessed?

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