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  1. I too feel like I should drink a fifth and end it all. Its all that makes sense anymore.

    But, I’m white, and whites are the only ones that appreciate nihilism and defeatism so, it would only be at best a pyrrhic victory.

    • Nah, look at the world as an opportunity.

      Future generations will look back and laugh at our society. We’re in the here and now. It is an opportunity to study it and think about it objectively so that we can explain what happened.

      • Future generations will condemn those of us in the present age who insisted we must not engage in any kind of physical action to defeat our enemies. And unless he changes his ways HW will be singled out as the most shameful example of that cowardice. “He had the charisma and the vision to save his people but decided to let his children’s children fight instead”, they will say.

    • @Ironic Sock Account
      Since you are white, you have a duty and obligation to have AT LEAST 2 white children, preferably 3 or more if you are financially inclined. Never take the ‘easy’ way out, it is a slap in the face to countless generations of our European ancestors.

      • @30 Y.O. Boomer Faggot

        Yeah, that’s an easy mission to accomplish considering the current state of our “liberated wahmen.” You realize you’re urging him to do something that only a minority of White males can now achieve, right?

  2. Buda gave the advice about 2800? years ago. “Be the center.” “Be the unmoved axle in the middle, watching the wheel go around you.”
    It’s funny when you observe the game instead of playing in it, you see how silly the game is.

    But it’s much better to live in 2019 than in 519, 1019 or 1519 though. But good life ruins the body and soul, there’s no escape from it. Be it with humans, chinese or dogs

    • David Lammy is a hostile enemy of the very country that gives him everything he has, and that richly rewards hin for being exactly what he is: a Black c#nt.

      One can’t even call him a traitor because he doesn’t even pretend to serve anyone but his fellow darkies.

  3. I guess prior generations did their best trying to fight unseen forces. Just like us. I guess they, too, were frustrated that their opinion, belief, and vote were irrelevant. Just like us. It wasn’t quite Clown World from our viewpoint but I bet it was to them.

    Anyone who believes in true freedom and puts on a uniform to SERVE in our Jesuit-controlled military is a LARGE part of the problem. Has anyone ever wondered why all our military bases – I assume everyone’s – are on ley lines (the Earth’s energy grid)? Fake News and Fake Authority will tell you it’s all pseudoscience. Can’t have the slaves knowing the truth.

    Everything is a frequency including us. But, we’ve never been taught that.

    All roads lead to Rome. The pope is not the top. But, we’ve never been told that.

    Perhaps it’s the crazy people that are the only ones speaking the truth.

      • All secret societies are involved. What’s at the top? Do you know? I don’t but I don’t think it’s one of us.

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