First Things: Against David French-ism

Sohrab Ahmari:

“In March, First Things published a manifesto of sorts signed by several mostly youngish, mostly Roman Catholic writers, who argued that “there is no returning to the pre-Trump conservative consensus that collapsed in 2016,” that “any attempt to revive the failed conservative consensus that preceded Trump would be misguided and harmful to the right.”

Against whom, concretely speaking, was this declaration directed?

I don’t claim to speak for the other signatories. But as one of the principal drafters, I have given the question a great deal of thought, both before and since the document’s publication. And I can now say that for me, “Against the Dead Consensus” drew a line of demarcation with what I call David French-ism, after the National Review writer and Never-Trump stalwart.   

What is David French-ism? As Irving Kristol said of neoconservatism, French-ism is more a persuasion or a sensibility than a movement with clear tenets. …”

What is David French-ism?

In our view, David French is the personification of the class of pundits who we labeled cuckservatives: a weak, pretentious, hypocritical, grinning, housebroken, sanctimonious loser. He is always searching for that pat on the head from the mainstream media. He is the modern American conservative who is bossed around by his wife. He is the conservative who lacks testicles.

I mean … I don’t hate the guy for being low-T and politically correct. I find him more amusing than anything else. There is a type of trendy evangelical conservative in American politics who has lost the culture war and David French is their leader. They lack confidence in themselves and are content to go on losing indefinitely too. We can’t afford another 20 years of David French-ism.

David French is nicer than we are, but we are tougher. He is so nice and deferential to his wife that he is raising some black guy’s kid for she can go around preening at CPAC.

Note: Imagine for a moment what it must be like to be David French. His wife publishes Op-Eds in The Washington Post about carrying on a sexual relationship with her family pastor as a teenager.

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  1. “He is so nice and deferential to his wife that he is raising some black guy’s kid for[so] she can go around preening at CPAC” -Hunter Wallace

    Wow. Holy $h*t. He is a LITERAL CUCK. He literally puts the Cuck in Cuckservative.

  2. Gleaner Combines.

    “Better by Design.”

    Meanwhile, in Flyover Country, nobody cares because they’re too busy trying to earn a living, or just live their lives as best they can. Most of us aren’t spoiled, rich brats, or Jews, who can afford to be contrary to reality, because we don’t haf to worry about money or groceries.

    Fighting reality, which is what Leftism is, just gets you bit in the ass if your a Normie. These “Conservatives” are mostly spoiled, rich brats who are trying, badly, to contradict their Leftist counterparts. They don’t haf to worry about money or groceries, either.

    Conservatism isn’t an ideology, it’s just how Life naturally unfolds for us normal people.

  3. “there is no returning to the pre-Trump conservative consensus that collapsed in 2016,”

    We already did! Trump feels like dubya’s third term.

  4. He’s not a loser, he doesn’t want conservatives or white people to win. Like Buckley before him and the leaders of the Republican Party, he loathes rank-and-file conservatives. Embarrassed by them, and not by the things conservatives SHOULD be embarrassed by, like acquiescing to vicious racism against white people. He’s just there to service his donors.

    • Conservatives are liberals who don’t wanna pay taxes.

      The only reason they suck up to Israel, is because that’s where the big donor gibs are.

  5. He really is sick. Didn’t know his own wife used to bang her pastor. These people have severe mental illneses

  6. That laughably pathetic, emasculated cuckold David French is yet more proof that the biggest problem the white race has is the shitty quality of its own people.

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