VICE News: Twitter Is Researching Whether White Supremacists Belong On Twitter

VICE News:

“Twitter is conducting in-house research to better understand how white nationalists and supremacists use the platform. The company is trying to decide, in part, whether white supremacists should be banned from the site or should be allowed to stay on the platform so their views can be debated by others, a Twitter executive told Motherboard.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, legal and public policy, said Twitter believes “counter-speech and conversation are a force for good, and they can act as a basis for de-radicalization, and we’ve seen that happen on other platforms, anecdotally.”

“So one of the things we’re working with academics on is some research here to confirm that this is the case,” she added. …”

I’m hoping that Jack Dorsey is listening to some free advice:

  • The solution is to set aside the political correctness and engage with these people who want to be heard. Talk to them and listen
  • The censorship has only reinforced their belief that their arguments are so persuasive that our tradition of free speech has to be dismantled in order to stop them from winning the battle of public opinion in the online space
  • If you are serious about stopping violence, the last thing you want is to do is send them packing off to places like 8chan and Gab
  • Virtually none of these people even support #Blompf2020 anyway after everything that has happened since 2016
  • Allowing the ADL and SPLC to censor Twitter is inevitably going to change the attitude of the entire Right toward Silicon Valley and not in a way that is in Twitter’s interest
  • Giving the SJWs and Antifa a free hand to engage in violence and abuse the rules to purge their political enemies is going to end badly for Silicon Valley because sooner or later these people will get smart and come back to Twitter and argue only for things like trust busting, tax increases, government regulation and Universal Maximum Income
  • Jack Dorsey cares about “the health of the public conversation” and anyone with that point of view ought to support Andrew Yang for president because all the Boomers are yelling at each other 24/7 on Twitter and everyone will calm down when Yang is president. We need a non-Boomer president who isn’t extremely polarizing. Who gets mad over $1,000 a month?

“Heidi Beirich, director of the intelligence project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said, “Twitter has David Duke on there; Twitter has Richard Spencer. They have some of the biggest idealogues of white supremacy and people whose ideas have inspired terrorist attacks on their site, and it’s outrageous.” She added that “there’s no question we already have that evidence” to suggest that white supremacy is a problem on Twitter.”

Heidi Beirich works for the hate industry.

The business model of the hate industry requires that ever larger swathes of the public conversation be declared “hate” and therefore toxic. When it becomes taboo to debate these issues in good faith in the so-called “mainstream,” the conversation is simply driven underground. The Poverty Palace has made hundreds of millions of dollars off “fighting hate” in much the same way that Prohibition worked in the 1920s.

Note: Prohibition didn’t work.

Political correctness and censorship are vastly more stupid than Prohibition ever was because only persuasion actually works. There is no technocratic substitute for a compelling argument.

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  1. Only nationalists with white skin are being banned. This would be a huge civil rights issue, if Whites had any rights all.

    The country is dividing up along racial lines just like Bob Whitaker said it would. Right now we have the beginnings of ideologically opposed social media, ideologically opposed corporations, and soon, ideoligically opposed systems of finance. That’s two governments inside of one country. There can be only one!

  2. “We need a non-Boomer president who isn’t extremely polarizing.”

    We won’t until the Boomers are gone.

    However, they’ve been training and raising protégés to replace them. Which means we could get a Generation X or younger president, who thinks like it’s still 1980.

    It’ll be a long time before we can finally get rid of the ideological and political 20th Century.

  3. “Allowing the ADL and SPLC to censor Twitter is inevitably going to change the attitude of the entire Right toward Silicon Valley and not in a way that is in Twitter’s interest.”

    It also tends to confirm the Rightist belief that the Jews control all aspects of society. From the political and social, to the economic. Which really isn’t a belief, but a fact.

    • Jack Dorsey is an Irish Roman Catholic and his attitudes toward censorship are Roman Catholic. Remember, it was the Roman Catholic Church that opposed translation of the Bible in to English.

  4. They’re already banning “white supremacists”, like Hunter Wallace and Laura Fitzgerald. I guess it’s just a question of who, if anyone, they’ll leave standing.

    The alternative to free speech is violence.

  5. “Allowing the ADL and SPLC to censor Twitter is inevitably going to change the attitude of the entire Right toward Silicon Valley and not in a way that is in Twitter’s interest.”

    Somewhat related. It’s interesting how Jews and Leftists defer to the ADL and other NGO and extra national authorities, denounce the the Constitution, U.S. Law and the government. And act like they have the rightful authority to do anything they want to, to the country or it’s citizens, including murder them, or overthrow their government, or murder their President, and do so with impunity.

    Yet when it’s suggested that people in Mississippi or Texas might have the same rights as people in New Jersey, these Jews and SJWs suddenly become “patriotic Americans®” and denounce the claimants as being “unAmerican Traitors®”

  6. A Twitter Jewess tweeted;

    What troubles me A LOT is the refusal—CONSCIOUS, PURPOSEFUL refusal—to place their actions within the scope of history. Not seeing a regression of civil rights; thinking it’s okay to “question” the Holocaust, spouting hate because they think whites are being “persecuted.”

    Take from it what you will.

  7. How much longer are centralized, monopolistic platforms like Twitter and YouTube going to remain relevant?

  8. Why is the question of whether or not “White Supremacists” should belong on Twitter coming up … especially when the triggered Twitterati successfully got them banned right after Charlottesville?


    Follow the money. The money that Twitter is hemorrhaging by banning half of its clientele for engaging in Wrong Think on their platform.

    I imagine that most Wrong Think people were pretty aware of outright banning, became aware of shadow-banning and got their backs up at the idea that, as customers, they were subject to censorship and silencing by the platform they were patronizing, so they stopped going there.

    What did all this banning and censorship accomplish? They didn’t change a single mind. I imagine they pissed off the Wrong Thinkers who may soon engage in Wrong Acting by voting in Trump in larger numbers just to flip them off.

    None of the Wrong Thinkers stayed on Twitter, tweeting Leftist Social Justice Wanker Platitudes, they simply went back to communicating the way they did before Twitter and stopped tweeting altogether.

    A lot of potential Tweeters were scared away from Twitter, worrying that they’d end up banned or shadow-banned by Twitter censors if they accidentally engaged in Wrong Think.

    And the problem got greater. Once the Wrong Thinkers had been banished, the Social Justice Wankers got bored tweeting in an echo chamber and greatly reduced their tweeting if not stopped tweeting altogether themselves.

    Yup, the Twitter stockholders are losing beaucoup buckitos … hand over fist.

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