The Great Awokening (Part II)

Progressives are increasingly living in their own mental universe:

Note: David French believes that we can live with these people under “classical liberalism” without a shared moral consensus. See Part I here.

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  1. If homosexuals and others don’t respect the free speech rights of straight white males, why should I respect their right to free speech?

  2. “Progressives are increasingly living in their own mental universe:”

    They live in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Especially in the French Revolution, Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War, and the mid 1960’s.

    For them, it’s Larping 1792, 1917, 1936 and 1968, all at the same time.

    But like the Boomers and Oligarchs, they’re an impediment to us moving into the 21st Century. Which we should already be in, like the rest of the world, instead of stuck in 1980 and in 1945.

  3. When the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be the eternal fire of damnation…

  4. It is statistical proof that they have been deliberately using meme warfare against Whites for a long time. Look at how the word racist didn’t exist in the English language until the 1930s. Then suddenly they make it up out of thin air, and go nuts repeating it over the decades:

    Think about he changes that happened in that time. WW2 against nationalism in Europe begins and nationalism was defeated. Segregation was forcibly ended in the United States, to be replaced with forced assimilation. Then the borders to all and only White countries were opened to non-Whites starting in the mid 1960s and foreigners were flooded into the USA at the rate of 90% non-White to 10% White, to change the racial makeup of a 90% White country. Now its 2019 and we are seeing the last Republican President. Free speech for Whites is ending, and Whites nearing hated minority status in the USA.

    Anti-whites never get tired of repeating racist Nazi. The reason we got in this mess is we didn’t deal with these people on their own level.

  5. YOU are main stream media not (((them))). But what’s your point ? Premise ? Desired goal ? Sheeple need to be led. You need a new news model.

  6. “””…..Progressives are increasingly living in their own mental universe:…..”””

    People with different brain structure see things differently. This is inborn defect not some teaching or brain washing or whatever popular myth people use to describe genetic white liberal behavior.

    All diseases go worse under pressure. When you have weak back, then maybe in everyday life you don`t feel it but under pressure, construction work or military training, shit hit the fan.

    Everyday mass hysteria is psychological pressure and it will affect mentally ill people.

    For liberal behavior analyze, best event is medieval witch hunt. There is enough material for first well documented white liberal madness and no popular scapegoat`s like Jews or TV or standard mass education system or whatever .

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