D-Day 75th Anniversary

There is nothing to add to the classic Murdoch Murdoch take on D-Day:

The World Wars were a great catastrophe for Western civilization. The lesson we should learn from them is that something like that can never be allowed to happen again.

Note: In The Atlantic, David Frum calls for a renewed defense of the liberal ideals that made Jewish hegemony possible in mid-20th century America and which in turn led to the contents of the video above which have been even more devastating than the Second World War..

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  1. They were in the military during a state of war, they were ordered to storm the beaches. That’s why they fought.

  2. The English Civil War, American Civil War and the two World Wars were all catastrophic for Western civilisation. Not only they were unnecessary, but every time they were won by the wrong side.

  3. @DD

    “They were in the military during a state of war, they were ordered to storm the beaches. That’s why they fought.”

    They certainly didn’t fight for the Niggers’ rights to their great granddaughter’s body. Or for their descendants to fork over huge amounts of money to the Jews because they “didn’t do enough to stop the Holohoax sooner.”

    • They fought for the parasitic pushy parvenu Jews who created a society in which people sleep in elevators.

  4. Spare a word for Fritz, Ivan (Volunteer-conscripted etc) and even Pierre on this day.

    20,000 Normandy residents died in the campaign.

  5. The overwhelming majority of the Greatest Generation had to be drafted because they wouldn’t voluntarily sign up to kill other young men. And ZOG had to resort to using the most childish racial and ethnic stereotypes of the enemy in order to whip up hatred of them in the minds of trusting and naive recruits.

    No sooner did that war end then the jews and communists began to establish their sinister agenda – forced busing and desegregation, civil rights, establishing a Zionist state in Palestine, massive nonwhite immigration, women’s lib, LSD, etc. So the WWII generation don’t have to be resurrected from the grave to see the results of what they were really fighting for, it was already happening during their own lifetimes. And most of them did little if anything to stop it.

  6. All these commemorations of the greatest generation’s war make me sick. Especially today, in the aftermath of the great youtube purge. The only victor in that stupid war was/is the international jew.

  7. The America they fought for in 1944 is not the America of 2019. It is true the toxins were already there but operating covertly and in weakened form. It was only after WW II that organized Jewry-wounded unto death but miraculously restored-would arise more powerful than ever and what was once covertly hidden has now became overtly malevolent and undeniable. The America they fought and died for is no more.The Judeo-Liberal Coalition is ascendant!

  8. The Russians won that war and we were so grateful to them we gave them half of Europe to subjugate.Maybe had we done more talking and less fighting we could have prevented the holocaust and the death of 60millions people. But the Merikans are nostalgic for that “good war”, as we’ve lost every war since. Now we fight the people of the countries not merely the armies of the countries where when the general or emperor surrenders the troops surrender with him and that’s the end of that. Now we are fighting the people of these countries; Viet Nam, Afghanistan Iraq, and unless we genocide em all, there is no” winning”. Hence todays vets all get ptsd; anger that their fantasies of some glorious world war two victory has not happened and wont happen. Hence this sickening nostalgia and glorification of a war that killed over 60 million men women and children!

    • The Russians wouldn’t have won without massive Western aid in materiel and the German necessity to keep large amounts of troops present on other fronts. They foolishly had 350-400,000 men just sitting there in Norway.

  9. As I may have stated on OD in the past, if I could be transported to June 6, 1944, all my outgoing shells and rounds would be heading in a western direction.

    World War Two did produce the “Greatest Generation” in Germany.

  10. WWII was a disaster for America, Europe, and Western civilization. Many of my relatives served in the U.S. armed forces during that war, one maimed horrifically. But I have one sort-of happy tale from that war, of my long dead grandfather.
    My (married and 30 something) paternal grandfather was finally drafted in 1944, and of partial (I think less than 1/4) German descent, and had a German last name. He was stationed at Camp Fannin in Texas, guarding German prisoners of war. He got along with them well, telling my dad that during transport he would sometimes hand the German POWS in the back of a truck his rifle (a BAR) as he climbed up, and they would then just hand it back to him.
    *My grandfather had no hate for the German people, and these German POWs apparently felt the same about a White American*.

  11. The wars weren’t really that great of a “catastrophe” in historical context. They really did damage to Britain and the British empire, which was a good thing. Now just need to do the same to the American empire.

  12. Most of you folks need some perspective. Those men charging the beaches we’re strongly brainwashed by ungodly amounts of propaganda. Even freaking Looney Toons we’re investing scripts toward this end. Every movie had Anti-Hitler join the army commercials, bond drives on every corner, papers showing Hitler as a psychopath, and don’t forget the President on the radio with such a nice voice telling you the “whole truth” like a friendly neighbor, your friends are manly-men because they all joined, your dad served in the “GREAT” war and was honorable….afterall….you love your family don’t you? Women wanted to date a soldier.

    In fact not a lot has changed when you compare our culture to their culture (excepting the foreign cultures brought here).

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