NY Times: The Making of a YouTube Radical

New York Times:

“MARTINSBURG, W.VA. — Caleb Cain pulled a Glock pistol from his waistband, took out the magazine and casually tossed both onto the kitchen counter.

“I bought it the day after I got death threats,” he said.

The threats, Mr. Cain explained, came from right-wing trolls in response to a video he had posted on YouTube a few days earlier. In the video, he told the story of how, as a liberal college dropout struggling to find his place in the world, he had gotten sucked into a vortex of far-right politics on YouTube.

“I fell down the alt-right rabbit hole,” he said in the video.

Mr. Cain, 26, recently swore off the alt-right nearly five years after discovering it, and has become a vocal critic of the movement. He is scarred by his experience of being radicalized by what he calls a “decentralized cult” of far-right YouTube personalities, who convinced him that Western civilization was under threat from Muslim immigrants and cultural Marxists, that innate I.Q. differences explained racial disparities, and that feminism was a dangerous ideology. …”

This is likely the big think piece by a mainstream “journalist” which was the Sword of Damocles hanging over Google that prompted the recent wave of YouTube censorship that has roiled the internet. What are these people reading in The New York Times though? Could the anti-White content of articles in The New York Times be more radicalizing than Stefan Molyneux videos?

The movement has not gone away since Charlottesville. It has been changing tactics and evolving into something new. Gone are the days of street clashes with Antifa in 2017. The social media censorship which has been rolled out as the solution to the 2.0 movement has been radicalizing the entire Populist Right against free-market capitalism which is at the core of the ongoing Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debate. The censorship has impacted not only the Alt-Right, but the much wider sphere of populist leaning rightwingers who were somewhat sympathetic to the 2.0 movement.

“A few progressive YouTube channels flourished from 2012 to 2016. But they were dwarfed by creators on the right, who had developed an intuitive feel for the way YouTube’s platform worked and were better able to tap into an emerging wave of right-wing populism.

“I’m not sure the left understands the monumental ass-whupping being dished out to them on YouTube,” Mr. Watson, the conspiracy theorist, tweeted in 2017. …”

Obviously, if progressives were losing out to populists and nationalists on YouTube when both sides operated under the same rules with the same incentives, then something had to be done about that. So, the solution that progressives came up with was simply to declare their opposition “hate” and “exrremism” and have them all banned from YouTube by rigging the Terms of Service.

The goal of the 2.0 movement was to connect with that wider audience of lukewarm sympathizers, but it was unable to do so on its own merits because all it talked about was race, Jews and White identity which had limited appeal. Strangely enough, every populist leaning rightwinger from Tucker Carlson down to the bowels of 8chan has now been convinced by the censorship that Silicon Valley is engaged in a massive conspiracy with the mainstream media to rig the internet on behalf of progressives in order to tilt elections to the Democratic Party through corrupting public discourse by silencing one set of voices on the Right while privileging others on the Left. Now, everyone who was previously divided by a host of wedge issues can unite on the basis of self interest and around this new common ground.

What is the long term impact of the censorship going to be? It has already destabilized the Right by calling into question its traditional commitment to free-market capitalism and its agenda of tax cuts and deregulation. It is accelerating the demise of mainstream conservatism. There are too many populists in the Republican coalition and now every single one of them believes that social media has been rigged against them by the Left and wants the state to regulate Silicon Valley.

Who is behind this conspiracy to censor the internet? Virtually every populist influencer on the internet now believes in this conspiracy and eventually many of them will figure it out.

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  1. “The movement has not gone away since Charlottesville. It has been changing tactics and evolving into something new. Gone are the days of street clashes with Antifa in 2017. ”

    In Europe, almost as soon as the Nazis began to take on the Reds in the streets, Communists started losing. In fact, the elapse between the right beginning to show some testosterone and their taking power was, in historical terms, very very short.

    “What is the long term impact of the censorship going to be?”

    The other side has given up all pretense that they are for free speech or that they’re not anti-white.

    Speech, diplomacy and war are different ways of handling disagreement. So what happens when anti-whites shut down speech?

  2. What is the long game going to be?


    The long game is that there is no way we can safely live with these people and must separate. Digital separation is an excellent prelude to political and physical separation.

    Without getting too long winded, there is simply no other option and no more time. It is sad to see so many otherwise intelligent and courageous people in denial because they are emotionally overwhelmed.

    • Digital separation is a good idea. I was just looking at a video sharing site called PeerTube and it says we can do it:


      Vox Day said something else I found interesting in that video I mentioned a few days ago. He said, “Do not work with people who do not want to work with you.” So if a company is not thrilled to work with you, then find one that is. You will be happier and stronger in the long run if you do.

      Youtube, Twitter, and Google are anti-White scum and are in legal trouble. They could be broken up. So lets start building own TV networks and share them aggressively. With open source software like Peertube, we can finally build our own media that cannot be deplatformed or defunded. The only reason we should be on Twitter or Youtube is to get people off those sites and onto ours.

      • Another alternative is DTube.

        These guys are talking about the massive deplatforming and defunding in backing Oct 18, 2017, yet it sounds exactly like today.

        They mention a site called DTube. The amusing part about this site is you can see how much creators are making on each video. That’s a good way to draw quality creators away from youtube.

        • BitChute is also profiting from SJW/Jewish destruction of Youtube’s and Twitter’s formerly respected brands.

          “You can see here the last 90 days of traffic growth. We’ve just made it into the top 5,XXX worldwide sites for the first time. Thank you all, onwards and upwards ”

          And look at the normie comments under this Twitter announcement about rules. They are pointing out the double standards and are mocking them. Twitter’s brand is dying.

          A sure way to destroy an online community is heavy handed moderation, because the people can just go somewhere that is more fun. Everyone who knows the business knows this, except the SWJs and Jewish Supremacists of the ADL.

    • Mental secession must always precede actually political secession and as many have pointed out digital secession empowers mental secession which in turn empowers the movement towards a free white republic.

      • “that Western civilization was under threat from Muslim immigrants and cultural Marxists:
        that innate I.Q. differences explained racial disparities:
        and that feminism was a dangerous ideology. …”

        Correct, Correct, and Correct. So, where’s the problem, except in the COWARDICE OF THIS SON OF CAIN!?

  3. Remember the USS Liberty. Attacked by the jews 52 years ago today, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 174. No good goyim fellow murican military came to the crew’s aid or their defense.

  4. “Now, everyone who was previously divided by a host of wedge issues can unite on the basis of self interest and around this new common ground.”

    I would disagree. I advise ruthless cynicism in regards to the sort of “rightwingers,” “post-liberals” and so-called nationalists who won’t meet pro-Whites halfway on the race question. For the real tendency of those political actors is cuckservative in nature. And I would hasten to point out that the purging tactics of this new cucked breed, as applied against race-dissident voices, have become more, not less intense over time. So their behavior doesn’t fit well, Hunter, with your narrative of rapprochement in the face of a joint threat.

  5. Most of the people listed are “far” right when they debunked and logically argued viewpoints the left could not rebut. Franco stood in the middle of the road and STILL got placed as “FAR” right. Well everything is far right when you move radically to the left. The article headline looks like it made the killer a radical right but he actually was a radical leftists. The NYT actually debunked its own headline.

    We’ve always had hate speech but its when the government and organizations decide they are the gatekeepers of speech does it lead to genocide.

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