Vox: An Open Letter To YouTube’s CEO


“Dear Susan Wojcicki,

YouTube’s social media profiles have been updated with a rainbow-themed version of your logo to celebrate Pride Month. But to truly celebrate your LGBTQ creators and users, there’s another more meaningful update you need to make this month.

Your platform has made it easier than ever for people making abusive content to reach a massive scale. As Vox video producer Carlos Maza documented in a Twitter thread, he’s been the subject of repeated personal attacks by the popular YouTube commentator Steven Crowder. During a series of videos attempting to rebut Carlos’s arguments, he calls Carlos “the lispy queer from Vox,” along with many other homophobic and racist slurs. These repeated attacks on Carlos’s sexual orientation and ethnicity have led to vicious onslaughts, including doxxing and dogpiling, from many of Crowder’s millions of fans. …

We are strong supporters of lively political debate and free speech and believe that turning a blind eye to abuse does nothing to advance either. Our efforts to protect Carlos and others from historically marginalized groups from being silenced or driven from the platform by incessant harassment are in line with these values. We appreciate YouTube’s efforts to work to improve your hate speech policy and your recent commitment to seriously review your harassment policy, and understand that making the internet a safer place while protecting political speech is a complicated, difficult task.

But right now those policies make everyone less safe. The dangerous backlash against creators who dare to speak out against abuse is all the more explosive when your rules are confusing and applied inconsistently and without transparency.

This Pride Month, change more than your logo. Clarify and enforce your harassment policy.


Lauren Williams, Editor-in-Chief
Joe Posner, Head of Video

Why should we even bother to have politics?

It is so much easier to appeal to the Big Tech CEOs who run unaccountable corporate monopolies and have them unilaterally impose progressive values on the public square, label all opposition to those values “hate” and “extremism” and ban everyone who disagrees with this policy. David French will defend these policy changes too in the name of the “eternal principles” of classical liberalism.

Naturally, the new moral standard of social justice ONLY APPLIES to people on the Right who are critical of homosexuality. The Left should have a free hand to use social media to promote censorship of competing ideas and to engage in violence and to humiliate their perceived enemies by doxxing them and forming gangs to pressure companies to fire them from their jobs. This will all work out in the end too because no unforeseen consequences will result from the use of these tactics.

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  1. There is no greater hatred in this world than the Jew hatred of innocent Christ. And the Jews can not even tell us why they hate Christ. Why why a thousand times why?

    The answer to the question is the key that opens the door to spiritual enlightenment.

  2. Two Lesbians were assaulted by Dindus on a London bus recently. Globohomogayplex is going into overdrive.

    • Lmfao, lesians deserve it 1000 times over.
      Lesbianism is giving the finger to posterity.
      Posterity gets revenge by substituting itself with dindus who BTFO lesbians on buses.

      • RamZPaul has been tweeting about them recently. He says the research shows lesbians are not born they are created. When they were raped or sexually molested in childhood, they become lesbian. It is the same for gays. Elllen Degenerous is one such example. She admits to having had a big crush on a male movie star, then she was molested by her mother’s boyfriend aftr which she was lesbian. They are mentally ill.

        • Didn’t you read the latest DS column? Can’t find it. but the opening sentences read:

          “Scholars at Johns Hopkins University released a new report on Monday which argues that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that lesbian, gay, or transgender people are born with this sexual orientation or gender identity….”

          • And another quote from that same article:

            “Second, they looked at the causes of the poor mental health associated with gay and transgender people, concluding that social stress does not explain all of it.

            [Crazy people have problems because they’re crazy.]- AA’s comment

            Finally, they studied transgenderism, concluding that it is not innate and that transgender “treatments” are associated with negative outcomes.

            [Do you really need a degree to know that cutting your dick off is bad for you?]- AA’s comment

    • Cap’n John – I saw that an I laughed. The lezzbos and KweerBois have driven normal White men away from all power. They castigate sexually normal men of all Races. The Orcs are going after White women now. The White sexual deviates will not do one thing to help members of their own Race, and do everything to aid and abet the Dark Hordes. Well now the Whirlwind is beginning to gather strength and momentum……this is what I mean; we just need to stay out of the way.

      Let them destroy themselves. Don’t lift a finger to help any of them.

  3. They are pushing and finding no resistance.

    Until we give up “Union” we cannot resist.

    Once we see ourselves as separate peoples, then we can divide, hopefully in an orderly manner.

    • Division is already happening, and happened in the past. When blacks came into European ethnic neighborhoods, Whitey moved out. Urban and suburban were the de facto separate categories, but now the urbanites are hypocritically bringing their destructive ideology with them into the burbs. They can’t or won’t see that they’re leaving because the city is becoming a diverse hellhole, due to policies and politicos they supported. That’s what’s happening in the Mpls.-St. Paul area. So suburbia keeps pushing outward.

      The pushing outward by mostly European-descended people means that most are passively taking being overrun by the left, the people who must control everything. I predict that there soon will be enclaves, whether in the form of neighborhoods or rural/small towns, where people won’t be pushed around anymore. We’re too mixed, ethnically speaking, and too steeped in the CivNat nonsense to make actual ethnostates. Most of the separation probably will be non-violent, because we’re connected by modern conveniences and government goodies we don’t want to give up. Just like the people of preferred pigmentation, we will quietly start gathering and living amongst our own. Like nature intended.

      • Aftertohught and Rich – separation won’t be peaceful. It isn’t already. TCM broadcast a documentary last night, “Harlan County, USA”.


        The documentary concerns the attempts of coal miners – poor Whites all – attempting to strike, in 1973, to get better working conditions and health benefits from the company. Writing as a White Nationalist – I viewed the events detailed with a very different eye than viewers of other spheres.

        The very poor miners, and their wives and family members, were the “poor White trash” that EVERY-ONE insults, mocks, and HATES. Especially the Jew media. This demo gets screwed again and again and again. The poor Whites live in conditions that were worse than any Negro ghetto in America, At the end of the film, an aging White was bitterly complaining that they had several strikes, and NOTHING changes. He wasn’t even getting $50.00 a day to do THE hardest work on Earth. Zilch health benefits, nada. Nothing changes…

        I got very angry. VERY angry .Because White people, overall, DON’T VALUE EDUCATION OR POWER. ALL WHITES CARE ABOUT IS GOD DAMNED SPORTS. I’ve seen this in my own family, and community, and all throughout the White world. ALL WHITES CARE ABOUT IT SPORTS. Whites do not, overall, value education.

        Jews do. They value education, and power. They do not have higher IQ’s than Whites. The IQ spectrum is all over the place, with the various strata of Jewry. Just like Whites. However – Jews value education and power. AND their religion implements racial solidarity Uber Alles.

        The film-maker Barbara Kopple, is a Jew. I’d say approx. 75% of the credits showed Jew names. Jews don’t work in coal mines. I give Kopple and her crew credit; they definitely took the side of the miners. Of course – the miners were poor White slaves. Jews have Negroes and Mestizos to champion now.

        I also saw White men screwing over their own kind, all throughout the movie. White men still had power then. The coal company owners, the Union bosses, etc. The owners – who were making HUGE profits, hired White men to attack and shoot at their own kinds- and they did it. A young coal miner was murdered. By other White men. Their was a glimpse of a drive by shooting, at the striking miners. Women were actively involved in the strikes, by the way. Some old, some fat, some with very bad teeth, were helping their men so they and their kids could have things like RUNNING WATER IN THEIR SHACKS. The shooters were White men.

        Until we correct the very tragic flaws within us – we will be exterminated. Period. The end.

  4. Man where is Denis Kearney when you need him? Marxists speak of the Society of Spectacle whereby the system uses diversion and entertainment to erode revolutionary discontent. It is nothing new. That is what the World Controllers did in the novel Brave New World which I find more prophetic than 1984 as the powers that be exploited sex, drugs, and entertainment as a way to hold on to power. The sounds a lot like how the JLC operates….Judeo-Liberal Coalition. Let us call a spade a spade. The obsession many whites have with collegiate and professional sports is a form of Virtual Negro Worship whether they realize it or not!

  5. I guess we can expect to here more violence about and rebound rhetoric to these despised minority, homosexual’s. More laws will likely be put into place to protect these sexual deviants.
    What is crazy everyone on social media is blaming these flaming faggots for the shuttering of YT and the internet. How people can be so ignorant to this is beyond belief. I try as hard as I can to point to the reason of this, the ADL and their mafia cohort AIPAC. Automatically I’m labeled antisemitic. Can people really be that stupidly brainwashed? I fear for my grandchildren’s children, they’re the ones that will be hunted down as the last White people. They’re the ones that will look at our generation and say, “they let this happen”.

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