Axios: Google CEO defends YouTube practices

Watch the video.

It is a Rorschach test of the post-liberalism debate.

Is the future of American conservatism going to be synonymous with the defense and preservation of classical liberalism and free-market capitalism as it has been since the Reagan era?

After watching this video, David French would unsheath his sword made out of Valyrian steel to defend pluralism buttered by classical liberalism against the forces of the gutter right who advocate Christian statism. Rich Lowry would argue that post-liberalism is a distraction. The mission of the American Right is to reward Google with tax cuts, deregulation and guest workers.

In the other corner, you have people like us who watch this video and notice that a transsexual is being treated as normal and mainstream while Soph is being treated as fringe. Sundar Pichai is eager to point out that Google has removed 9 million videos last quarter and is now ranking videos based on “quality” and is downranking “borderline content” adjacent to “hate speech.” It is also labeling videos “controversial” and debunking them with “fact checking” and “authoritative sources.” In other words, it is simply editing the platform now from a progressive perspective. The New York Times is simultaneously condemning YouTube radicalization while defending Draq Queen Story Time.

Should the goal of American conservatism be to ensure that Google pays less in federal taxes, that federal regulators go easier on the company and that it has access to a greater supply of cheap temporary workers many of whom are from foreign countries? This is David Frenchism.

Alternatively, Hunter Wallaceism is the position that Google should be trust busted by federal regulators, broken up into tiny pieces and forced to maintain free speech as a common carrier like AT&T, that it should have to pay a VAT tax and that its supply of cheap labor from abroad should be cut off to benefit American workers who should have greater job security and be rewarded for investing in their education.

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  1. Christianity is not about seeing people as economic units. I’m for more of a balance between the secular state and religious morality. Banish usury, limit abortion, keep deviant sexual programming out of schools, etc.

  2. Nobody – certainly no conservative – needs an “emergency” to abandon classical liberalism. Its culturally corrosive effects have been apparent for decades, and a growing number of rightwingers are realizing it is economic baloney to boot.

    Free-market fundamentalism has had its day. Classical liberals should have no place in anything calling itself conservatism, neither for cultural nor for economic reasons. Out, out, out.

    I’m much more of a ‘national statist’ than a Christian statist, but if conservatism were to go full Christian statist it would be an extremely encouraging development. And if that’s the only effective way out of hounding out classical liberals, then so be it.

  3. The Church and State MUST be a dynamic, ‘symphonic’ unit, just like body and soul- each with their own spheres of influence, but not shackled from aiding one another.

    Notice- the talking head is a NON-WHITE. NOT AN AMERICAN.
    And NOT (as God is my witness) a member of the Adamic race.

  4. Conservatives are nothing but back stabbing traitors. They are far worse than our open enemies. Cons con normies into a cul de sac where they are rendered useless as they openly attack real pro-Whites.

  5. American Conservatives need a lesson in reality. Most of those idiots only care about Money and Material Interests. The Americons Cuckservatives do nothing but Cuck on Nationalism, Southern Heritage & Culture, and White Racial Survival. However anything against the Conservatives is a step in the right direction. A few of them will realize that Conservative Inc will never do anything for us. Those few will become figures in the White Nationalist Movement. Deo Vindice !

  6. I love the Hunter Wallaceism approach, except you forgot jailing (((them))).

    This ALL will keep going on though … until Confederacy 2.0 is complete. And just think, we haven’t even started the conversation yet. We’re a decade late and a billion $ short, but … better late than never.

  7. This is a turd-world nigger who has no business being here in the first place it’s time to clean the house from top to bottom — killing is the name of the game

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