Trump: Twitter Should Stop Censoring People

I’ve been hoping that Jack Dorsey will deplatform Blompf:

If Blompf was suspended from Twitter, it would force the issue, but Dorsey is obviously smarter than that and is content to purge and shadowban all the people who amplify his message before the 2020 election. Twitter also isn’t nearly as bad about censorship as Facebook and Google.

Seriously though, if all the people who were banned over the past two years were let back on to Twitter, it would probably have the effect of undermining Trump 2020 because those people are now his biggest critics. There is no way all the Alt-Right accounts who went so hard to bat for him on social media platforms in 2016 are going to do that again in the 2020 election.

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  1. When does free speech become hate speech?

    From the word “Go.” All MEANINGFUL free speech is somebody’s Hate Speech.

  2. Though he’s been a disappointment, Trump is unquestionably worth a second term. The polarization alone is worth it, regardless of what he does or doesn’t do. No other Republican would be any better, and could very well be a whole lot worse. I don’t understand how the hell this isn’t obvious to you.

    The changes we want are more sweeping than the 60s cultural revolution. Consider the long years of patient groundwork that required and then ask yourself why you ever thought things would change overnight with Trump, who never even presented himself as explicitly pro-white?

    • Why are you making excuses for that orange nigger? Is “owning the libturds” really that important to you? Get his ass out of there and replace him with racial accelerants like Komrade Kamala and Corey the C* cks*cker. Let’s burn this bish down.

      • Spahn, it never ceases to stop amazing me that the intelligent readers/viewers of this site are so convinced that there are ways to vote our way out of this mess!!!
        I am with ya..burn dis mofo down!
        What is left to save…our traitorous ,spineless cucked out race of degenerate homos and dopers?
        Anything that promotes acceleration and the destruction of this (((system))) is all that we can ever hope to achieve with what we are working with in the current system

      • You’re not going to be burning anything down until a sufficient number of whites (20%, 50%, 70% – I dunno) are on board with pro-white politics. I think Trump is better for growing the number of pro-whites than Kamala would be. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.

  3. The President of the most powerful country in the world, is threatening the most powerful social media company in the world, because they are being mean to his former supporters.


    • Surely you jest? Trump is good at occasionally whining on our behalf but that’s as far as it goes. I strongly suspect this much touted “Mexican Deal” will turn out to be bogus BS too.

  4. If the usual suspects are successful in banning ALL “hate speech” do they really think everyone is going to start believing the fake news media again?

    The alternative to free speech is violence.

  5. Trumpo should remind the Roman Catholic Dorsey that Catholic’s banned, censored and killed people who wanted to translate the Bible into English and the other common languages of Europe.

    Fuck Dago Dan Scavino in his fat Italian ass.

    Scavino is the descendant of Italian immigrants who came to the United States in the early 20th century. He is Trump’s social media director.

    • Trump should perhaps appoint Farage as a Britbong of Communications. Grant the old con man of Brexit, US citizenship and have him attack Dorsey and his Pajeets 24/7.

      • Scavino is a regular Nero, plays with his dago dik, while legitimate “conservatives get de-platformed.

        Trumpo has more Catholics on the payroll, then Catholics in the Republican Party.

  6. Who gets the privilege of deciding what constitutes “hate speech”? Why, the jews at the ADL, of course!


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