#PrideMonth Celebrations Continue

It has been a slow news day.

There isn’t much going on except this #PrideMonth stuff that is being pushed harder than ever down the throat of the public by the political, cultural and corporate establishment.




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  1. Heterosexual aryan news—-
    In North America the white supremacists that I’m aware of are Chechar, Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, and Christopher Cantwell.
    Chechar, by far the most purist, who funnily enough, is a cholo (mestizo), attacked Mr.Spencer for dating what his deranged mind defines as “non-Aryan,” “Oh Richie, Richie, why debasing your Aryan blood dating a Russian?”, and stated the following of Mr. Wallace, “Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent had serious problems with his parents, who committed him to a psychiatric ward for a reason.” insinuating that the intelligent H. Wallace is insane.

    And Anglin and Cantwell apparently have another bitter conflict.
    So what’s the future if there’s so much animosity among the white nationalists?

    • I don’t have a problem with my parents.

      My parents are just normies who thought I was losing my mind back in 2008 when I was celebrating the crash of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. I was thrilled by the Crash of 2008 because Jews were losing so much money.

      • you’re a good man, H Wallace
        The impression is that Anglos overreact for silly things, in such environment the extreme nocive political correctness thrive.
        I wonder what would be the reaction if an American woman could listen and understand what, for example, my mother talks. Fascist, racist, demon papist, incarnation of evil…

      • Are you on speaking terms with Commandant Linder, HW? If you two were to join forces we would have the jews and coloreds on the run.

          • Sadly. A more vulgar, vile, and antichristian being I have never encountered via their writings.

          • Andre Wanglin a white supremacist?! thats funny , the same guy who says we should rape beat and cage our women and who has screwed young asian girls an says asian women are superior to white women? And is a lenin Stalinist nazbol? That guy?! also weird how after charlottesvile he suddenly says irl activism should be avoided really makes you think

            On the anglin vs cantwell drama i’m not fully up to date but anglin use to heavily endorse cantwell but after charlottesvile he doesn’t even want him named on his site to wanglins credit cantwell became a fed informant after he says hed play ball with them as long as he gets dirt on antifa the federal agents will help him with

    • Nemo,

      Hard to call Chechar deranged when so many WNs continue clinging to the sanddemon yahweh and his fictitious son …

      • I dunno madjack book of revelations seems be pretty accurate in todays current hellish clownworld status Also if Jesus christ is so fictitious why do jews see him as a constant threat and continue to degrade and blaspheme him in their satanic hollywood enterprise on film and tv so much? I’m just saying

  2. Unfortunately Hunter they drove out the Borneo’s who were forced to liquidate, effectively buying them out on the cheap, and tripled their $$$ since. So frustrating

  3. Christianity = No Sodomy, No Fornication (Race-Mixing), Separatism, Family, Self-Defense, Private property, and Nationhood just to name a few but many White people worldwide have been brainwashed by the Talmud vision (TV) and threw their Bibles under the bus not knowing what destruction that would cause.

    If Christians had truly obeyed the biblical laws as Christ and the apostles had commanded then all these Wars, Usury, Sodomy, Perversion, and Fornication (Race-Mixing) would have been avoided.

    Christians are now practicing Communism whether they know it or not.

    Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all
    The Communist Manifesto page 32

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