Steve King Introduces The Diamond and Silk Act

This will show them.

Look at me! I’m not a “racist”! I’m introducing the Diamond and Silk Act! Steve King is also the best of these MIGA Boomers. The GOP cannot be taken seriously.

Note: This isn’t going to go anywhere in the Democratic House. Even it passed the House, it would die in Mitch McConnell’s Senate.

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    • Thank you president donald kushner very cool an very legal At this point i’m just hoping someone jfk’s potatus trumpenstein

    • Yes, it’s annoying getting a link to a video with no written summary after it.

      I could spend all day if I had the time watching YouTube videos, too. I don’t need an “article” to just say “here’s a video.”

      Hunter, can you either start including a summary of what’s in the video, or stop posting stuff like this? It’s pointless because only people with leisure are going to waste their time clicking on your links with no idea if it’s worth spending the time. Or at all.

      • That is a valid criticism. Why does HW want us to watch these videos? What are they about? He doesn’t bother telling us.

      • Don’t count on Iran not having a few nukes. We educated Iranian engineers starting back in the 1960’s, and they have the technology. Also, it’s very possible that Iran picked up a nuke or two from its neighbors in Russia when communism collapsed.

  1. It feels pretty weird to admit to myself that I have more respect for Lavrov and Zarif than I do for Pompeo.

  2. This whole thing is like a nightmare lsd fueled scenario turned on its head, it funny but at the same time its so unbelievably sad Just think Mr King used to be ourgoy at pol/ now hes conservative inc’s goy and is now sniveling like a sick an injured dog before two based an woke black women to prove hes not racist to other rinos and traitor conservatives just Wow is all i have to say at the moment

  3. How the [supposed] mighty, have fallen. This representative from Iowa, is a looooong way from the speech Charles Lindbergh once gave in Des Moines, that’s for sure.

  4. Steve Cuck trying to get back into the good graces of the anti-White, High Church of Political Correctness, our state sanctioned religion.

  5. Stupid King just destroyed the unwavering support he had. Nothing worse than a white man groveling to the demons destroying his civilization.

    The fact is a lot of whites simply don’t know how to intelligently respond to these attacks as evidenced by Stupid King.

    I guess Diamond & Silk have more courage than Stupid King.

  6. I want to defend Steve King – I do. But I just can’t anymore. Like you said – and he is the best of the GOP. That is how bad it is.

  7. How these old White boomers don’t feel a twinge of humiliation hiding behind these two negresses is beyond comprehension.

    Can you imagine the Dixie men that HW writes about behaving like these sniveling pipsqeeks?

    No wonder our foes have zero respect for White men in power anymore.

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