Dylann Roof’s Letter To Tucker Carlson

This seems newsworthy.

I will share it and let you read it yourself.

The Outline:

“Mr. Carlson,

I’m aware that I am probably the last person you would like to get a letter from. To be clear, I’m not looking for an interview or attention or anything like that. I’m writing this as a personal letter to you in the hope that whoever reads your mail will actually give it to you.

I’ve been meaning to write to you for about a year now, but I’ve been putting it off. But I knew that I needed to write you sooner rather than later if I wanted to have any hope of it making a difference. I watch your show almost every night, and most of the time I enjoy it. You come across as a genuine person who believes everything he is saying, whether you’ve written it or not. You seem to know which stories to avoid – the ones that would force you to compromise your integrity and beliefs – or the ones that, because of your platform, would force you to carry water for mainstream conservatism. For example, Steve King and Ilhan Omar or other stories related to Israel.

The real purpose of this letter is to try to convince you that you are uniquely positioned to do something great …”

I’m sure Tucker will be thrilled about this latter.

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  1. I don’t care what anybody thinks, I say the Dylan Roof “massacre” was a false flag.

    Since the control system says Dylann Roof is an extreme white supremacist who slaughtered a church full of innocent, elderly blacks, why the heck would he send a letter to the softee Tucker Carlson? Is there no madman out there who would welcome his letter?

    I bet it’s not from Roof which tells me someone is looking to get Carlson off the air.

    • @Snowhitey
      “why the heck would he send a letter to the softee Tucker Carlson?”

      Why is a prisoner found guilty of mass murder, allowed to send letters to anyone he likes? Prisons are supposed to be about loss of liberty and punishment aren’t they?

      • Most of them get conjugal visits even sometimes with the guards. They can get a law degree and then sue the people who put them there. They can lift weights to the point that they can overpower the guards. Writing a letter is the lowest form of their privileges and the least of my concerns.

        I believe in hard labor and bread & water diets. Make life unbearable behind bars. No one would want to ever return.

        It’s a business and that is why it is the mess that it is. Many people earn their livelihoods off incarceration.

        However, I do believe the penal system needs to be overhauled of corruption with a special focus on corrupt judges and corrupt politicians. I know….. that would mean most of them.

      • One thing the public will get out of a Dylann Roof incarceration is that he’ll have a better haircut.

        Who the f*ck in their right mind allows themselves to be ostracized with a bowl cut? The Feds?

    • You are no alone. This was the psyop where the relatives of the nigger “victims” were all about forgiveness towards the “shooter” which is so out of touch with the nigger psychology. And the acting was so bad it was cringey to the max.

      Hunter Wallace must be trolling us when he takes this “Dyllann Roof” persona as a genuine WN shooter.

      And I am sick of this Tucker Carson. He is the typical phony security valve installed in the mainstream media always dog whistling, never going the whole distance, like a teasing whore who will never commit. There have been many “Tucker Carlsons” in the past that I can’t believe that anybody takes this guy seriously.

      • I might add that the “photo” is a ridiculous paste up job. “Dyllann Roof before Yggdrasil” was probably the thinking of that sloppy “artist”. “You don’t have to be careful to deceive the goyim swine” which is sadly true.

  2. This is almost like the Unabomber sending a letter (plus a handmade exploding gift) to Bill Gates.

  3. Kiss of death for Tucker via guilt by association which is ONLY used against White people.

  4. I wonder when Breivik and Tarrant write their own paeans to immortality?

    What I thought interesting about Roof’s letter is that he’s saying that the most extraordinary white nationalist is little different in racial attitude to the average black, brown or yellow.

    Conservative Whites lose sight of this factor. There’s something extraordinarily strange about white liberal openness to those who would massacre us. Stranger still the self denying white conservative or center right moderate. You don’t find anything like that nice attitude among the merciless blood enemies that are arrayed against us.

    • Like Juri always says…”genetic white liberals”. There seems to be a severe genetic flaw in many of our people which is detrimental to survival. I can’t explain it.

  5. This ‘letter of ‘Dylann Roof’ seems as fake to me as the Dylann Roof story itself … all sorts of things wrong with it

    Heartland American boomer Russ Winter – now living in Czechia in Europe – has devoted a number of articles to everything screwy and improbable about these ‘killings’

    Aside from the more concrete pieces of evidence that this is a fake false flaggot affair, in general if there would be someone who wanted to do some random racist killings of black people … he woulda shot up some drug dealers in the street, not a bunch of elderly folks in church

    There are a number of alleged ‘massacres’ like this … Tho it is maybe not so important to obsess about what is true etc … but we have to accept, that they can very easily stage these things … and some of the people ‘imprisoned’ may not actually be there

    Russ Winter’s Dylann Roof articles here:


    • @brabantian

      Russ Winter might be a boomer and might have lived in heartland America but I am pretty sure he is a jew too who went from financial blogger to half truther. His site is quite interesting but nothing special, mostly copying stuff of other researchers without giving credit.

  6. Some these comments about Dylann Roof’s slaughter of those negroes being a false flag is making me wonder what the lead ppm in their water supply is.

    Yes, there are both ‘crisis actors’ and legitimate false flags.

    Sandy Hook was real. Christchurch was real. Orlando was real. Charlestown was real. Las Vegas was real.

    Not every shooting is a zog psyop. I’m sure some of the readers and commentators on OD have had fantasies about carrying out a similar assault. Some made their fantasy reality. How difficult is that for you to comprehend?

    Referring to actual occurances as false flags only make us look ridiculous and retarded.

    • “Sandy Hook was real. Christchurch was real. Orlando was real. Charlestown was real. Las Vegas was real.”

      The november fog seems to have clouded your mind. You seem unable to detect obvious psyops.

      “only make us look ridiculous and retarded”

      Well, perhaps it is just you who looks so.

  7. People in the so called “Racialist Right” are racially conscious but far too many are politically insane. If you believe Columbine or the Dylan Roof massacres are “false flag” operations with “crisis actors” in which nobody actually died (likewise with those who think nobody was in the planes that cashed into the WTC) Then you are politically insane! The Racialist Right needs to weed out people who are politically insane and concentrate only on those who are BOTH racially conscious AND Politically SANE

  8. So no argument delivered, just name calling, great example for the self declared “politically sane”!

  9. We need to compile the sacred writings of Saints Dylann, Brenton, Kazinsky and Brevik into a new White Man’s Testament.

  10. I see my self moderated comment didn’t make it past the gate.
    Oh well, I realize that most aren’t ready for truth and real world solutions.
    I won’t hold it against you.

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