Sen. Josh Hawley: We Are In a Technological Arms Race With China


1.) Sen. Josh Hawley is opposed to endless wars in the Middle East.

2.) Hawley supports a national security strategy which prioritizes great power conflict with China especially in terms of the ongoing technological arms race to develop artificial intelligence.

3.) Hawley would subordinate global free-market capitalism to America’s national interest in winning that technological arms race with China.

4.) Hawley supports withdrawing from the Iran deal and the Trump administration’s policy of applying maximum economic pressure on Iran.

5.) Hawley supports American leadership of the free world and maintaining our traditional network of alliances with foreign countries.

6.) My overall impression from listening closely to Hawley is that I have my doubts that he represents a departure from the Republican foreign policy consensus. The subject of Israel also didn’t come up, but I have been told he voted in favor of the anti-BDS legislation.

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  1. Of course we are thanks to Bush I and Clinton and then some. China would have been way more behind without Western help.

  2. We are in genocide perpetuated by the jews. Everything else is just secondary (the Chinese are not creative enough to a credible contender in a technological race if the jews would hand them over our inventions btw.). If we cannot escape this genocide the future is of no concern for us.

    This Josh Hawley is as phony as Tucker Carlson and should be treated with contempt.

  3. I no longer believe politicians when they say they’re “opposed to endless wars in the Middle East.” Trump said he was opposed to them. Obama said the same in ’07. They’re all lying weasels – but then, I already said they’re politicians, so I’m being redundant.

  4. 5.) Hawley supports American leadership of the free world and maintaining our traditional network of alliances with foreign countries.

    “Free World” is an obsolete and irrelevant 20th Century term.

    “Traditional network of alliances with foreign countries” is another 20th Century Cold War relic.

    Hawley is another museum piece.

  5. “Free World” where we’re not free to have dissenting opinions on social media. Where if you have an opinion SJW mobsters don’t like you livlihood is ruined, and conservative fakes like Hawley don’t do anything about it. This guy is a moron.

  6. Christ got the chop for staying things that threatened to eliminate Jewish practices and replace them.

    Whites had a good run between 33-1942 AD. We are being replaced fast. Hawley is the guy who pointed out that Pelagius was a liberal sort of heretic in that Christianity Today article. I doubt he’s got the spine to stop it even if he has recognized it.

  7. He is trying to tiptoe with populism while keeping his feet firmly planted in the GOP and their consensus on Iran and Israel among other things. If he wants to be taken seriously he needs to drop all this lame 1980’s conservatism.

    As far as China is concerned we are simply reaping the rewards of 40 years of free trade policy and hyper capitalism in general. The ruling class and financial establishment wanted to get insanely rich so they did at the expense of the middle class and the health of their country. There is no easy way to reverse the shit they have done. Automation and AI is just another layer of shit they have no solutions for. It’s kinda hard to crack down on China now after we have exported our entire manufacturing and technological base to them that was done out of pure greed.

    There are no easy solutions at this point that will not be painful and the era of the “free world” is coming to an end. Any talk of America maintaining some 1990’s “end of history” global hegemony in the 21st century is just pure fantasy and is not serious.

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