NY Times: The Intersection of Race and Blood

New York Times:

“We need black blood.”

I didn’t know what to say to this, not least because it had been said by the head of donor services at England’s National Health Service Blood and Transplant. The interview was for a book I was writing on blood, a topic I knew a little about by then, but the baldness of his statement still shocked me. Surely we’re all the same under the skin?

I knew the history of race and blood was an ugly one. America’s earliest blood bank, founded in 1937 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, noted race on donor forms and other blood banks followed suit. During World War II, African-American blood was labeled N for Negro (and some centers refused African-American donors outright) and given only to African-American soldiers. Writing to Eleanor Roosevelt, the chairman of the American Red Cross, Norman H. Davis, admitted that segregating blood was “a matter of tradition and sentiment rather than of science,” but didn’t stop doing it until 1950. Louisiana banned the segregation of blood only in 1972.

But the Red Cross was wrong: While no one is suggesting forced segregation of blood bags, it’s now scientifically established that blood can be racially or ethnically specific.

Most people know about the eight major blood groups: A, B, AB and O, each of which can be positive or negative (the Rh factor). These are determined by genes, and what group you are depends on what combination of proteins and sugars — antigens — are on the outside of your red blood cells.  …

Of course disquiet was inevitable, given sensitivity about whether race is skin-deep and whether differences should be highlighted at all, if equality is ever to be reached. But the startling truth about blood is that acknowledging, seeking and celebrating its differences can tip the balance between life and death for people who need it. … “

Oh …

I thought we all bleed red. I thought there was only one race the human race. I was told we are all created equal. I was told that race is actually a social construct. I thought evolution in the human species mysteriously ground to a halt around 150,000 years ago for some inexplicable reason thereby making every human population equal even though our species is now uniquely distributed across nearly every habitat on earth and is subject to radically different selection pressures.

I’ve been told that I am a “racist” and a “white supremacist” and an “immoral” person for my failure to believe in this transparent nonsense that is the mainstream orthodoxy on race. And yet, I read in The New York Times that no one really truly believes in the orthodoxy either. We just punish people for having integrity and being intellectually honest about the existence of race.

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  1. In New York, Caucasians are 35 percent of the population but 58 percent of donors. Twenty-eight percent of New Yorkers are African-American but only 8 percent of the donors in New York are African-American” NYT

    DUH, who would have thought!

  2. “Blue blood! blue blood!
    When virtuous love is sought
    Thy power is naught,
    Though dating from the Flood,
    Blue blood! Ah, blue blood!”

    Gilbert and Sullivan.

  3. Nobody outside of the West, or non-White, believes in any of this racial equality/tolerance nonsense.

    Political Correctness= Invented by Jews, Believed by Whites, Ignored by muds.

    According to the Bhagavad Gita, there are 800k Humanoid races scattered throughout the realms or dimensions of existence/space/time.

    Earth has at least three or four of them.

    • It’s like, let’s go ahead and give little White Timmy the liver of baby BooQwan. He’d be dead within a few days from shock and organ rejection sepsis.

      But yet despite knowing things like this, we’re still supposed to believe Schlomo and his equality hoax.

  4. On another note…..

    Brad why is there no memorial to Gloria Vanderbilt? Her family has done so much for the white race. Not serious!

    Pay close attention to this artwork of Vanderbilt’s:

    It’s a category known by the “aware” as Tanit art.

    Now understand its TRUE meaning – child sacrifice. There’s lots of explanations on the web but search it through the Goddess Tanit. It’s out there in the deep, dark web.

    Folks, it’s in front of our eyes if we care to notice….. analyze, analyze, analyze…..

    Does anyone wonder why Vanderbilt’s husband (Cooper’s sperm donor) “committed suicide”? Follow Gloria’s breadcrumbs….. at that level, their games are dark and their revenge is darker.

    • Stupid me, it was her older son, Carter, who committed suicide.

      I really have to revisit the details of these things and no longer count on my memory.

      • I’ve been looking into this stuff for close to 15 years. Within “certain” segments of the control mechanism, the highest offer to whatever entity they worship is to offer your firstborn to it/them. I am not sure if it is the Satanic elements or the black magick elements which are connected but are at different levels.

        I post this stuff just in case you come across something that jiggles your mind. And, no, I don’t believe everything I read however I do remember everything I read.

        They’re in the know while we’re in the dark.

  5. Real Whites have Duffy’s antigen, true blacks never have Duffy’s antigen.
    If a black has a large transfusion of White blood it will kill him.

    There are dozens of racial characteristics in biology that are kept quiet to fit the social delusions. Like the effects of psychotropic s on Asians.

    Racial Science has been buried and suppressed since the ’60’s.

    • When dealing with medical records, any simpleton can see — race matters. The bizarre notion that “equality” can be “achieved” is the truly dangerous pathogen.

    • “If a black has a large transfusion of White blood it will kill him.”

      Do you have a source for this? I’d be interested in seeing that written out somewhere.

  6. The different races have far less in common than what the “authorities” tell us. The biggest con job of all.

    Compare undiluted Caucasians to undiluted Negroes to undiluted Mongoloids. We are all very, very different. The visuals are obvious but what do the scientists know? That’s the quadrillion dollar question!

    I was listening to a podcast several months ago and the host and guest were discussing globalism and people (specifically DNA) among other things. Both stated that some companies were most likely falsifying DNA results to make people more mixed and appear that the entire human race was one big family. They believed it was to help usher in globalism and make people more accepting of it. We don’t need borders since we are related. Who knows but it certainly is plausible.

  7. Philippians 2:14-22 Do all things apart from murmuring and disputing, that you would be perfect and with unmixed blood, blameless sons of God, in the midst of a race crooked and perverted, among whom you appear as luminaries in the Society, upholding the Word of Life for a boast with me in the day of Christ, that not in vain have I run nor in vain have I labored.

    The Spanish coined the term “sangre azul,” or blue blood, to mark those old families which refused to be contaminated with Moorish or
    other Canaanite admixtures. Those with very fair skin could be seen
    to have veins which showed blue against this background, while those of swarthier appearance showed no “blue blood.”

    We can have peace and security only so long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood.

    Charles A. Lindbergh, “Aviation, Race, and Geography”, Reader’s Digest, November 1939, Vol. 35, No. 211, p. 66.

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