MIGA: Trump To Send 1,000 More Troops To Middle East

Blompf is launching his #MIGA2020 campaign tomorrow in Orlando.


“The U.S. is deploying an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East in response to “hostile behavior by Iranian forces and their proxy groups” that threaten U.S. “personnel and interests,” acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan announced Monday. …”

Iran is defying the “rules-based international order” by refraining from attacking other countries unlike the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is also against homosexuality which cannot be allowed to stand. Lately, the maniacs blew up a Japanese tanker for no reason at all.

Daniel Larison is pointing out that there is a report in the Jerusalem Post that Blompf might actually be dumb enough to launch an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility:

“Diplomatic sources at the UN headquarters in New York revealed to Maariv that they are assessing the United States’ plans to carry out a tactical assault on Iran in response to the tanker attack in the Persian Gulf on Thursday.

According to the officials, since Friday, the White House has been holding incessant discussions involving senior military commanders, Pentagon representatives and advisers to President Donald Trump.

The military action under consideration would be an aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program, the officials further claimed. …”

I’m sure this will go over well.

The Democrats have already condemned his Iran policy. They are poised to capitalize on the issue if he goes ahead with it.

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  1. War with Iran – and its allies like Russia, Syria and Hezbollah, not to mention China – could do for the US what Afghanistan did for the USSR.

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