Andrew Yang on Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum

Great questions from Rev. William Barber III.

The answer is that the fact that Yang attending this event is being followed and talked about on this website proves that he is uniquely intriguing to disaffected White populist voters in the South. He resonates across party lines mainly because he has an interesting worldview and good takes and doesn’t alienate and scare people like Grand Inquisitor Elizabeth Warren.

I didn’t expect to end up in this place in 2020, but nevertheless here we are. If we are not going to get a border wall or end these stupid endless wars in the Middle East or do anything really besides move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and build the Trump Heights, we are going to need new leadership. The choice we are facing is a $1,000 a month or Charlie Kirkism.

If I were you, I would grab that MF’ing bag and vote for Yang in the Democratic primaries because this is a once in a generation opportunity for you people.

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  1. Yang’s UBI will never pass the (((oligarchs))) that fund and control the congress. Eventually, UBI will have to be offered, but it will probably get rolled out just prior to a citizens uprising.

    Watch the candidates of both bought and sold parties hammer (legitimately) Amazon for paying zero in taxes, but both will accept Jeff Bezos shekels at their respective conventions.

    Yang also needs another plank, otherwise, he’ll end up up like an Asian Herman Cain with his “9.9.9.”

    There is still a lot time between now and the primaries. It will be informative to see who the (((elites ))) rally behind.

  2. The point to hand out at your local train embarkation point on a typed sheet of paper, “if the robots will be doing all the work and the niggers will be getting everything they want for free WTF are reparations for”. When a virtue signaling prick tries to shame you tell it to fuck off

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