Trump Attacks FOX News Poll Showing Him Losing In a Landslide

I believe the polls.

I know exactly who has abandoned him since 2016.

It is not just suburban women who think he is a jerk and educated people who think he is a moron. It is mostly White working class populist and nationalist voters who have swung hard against him because he is a fraud who sold out to the donors and duped them with a bait and switch campaign.

Note: This is why Biden and Bernie poll so much better against Blompf than the SJW candidates like Warren, Harris and Buttigieg.

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  1. I don’t see Trump winning next year. He’d need what he got in 2016, plus some. Not happening.

  2. Totally agree. I am aware of a certain conservatard contingent, mostly Boomers, who will still vote for him no matter what, but all that youthful (i.e. alt right) enthusiasm he had in 2015 is gone, gone, gone. And any semi-intelligent white working class voter who thought or hoped he’d come through on some of that tough talk knows now what he’s really all about.

    If there were any old school Democrats of the sort that actually care about working people, they could really rake him over the coals for how full of shit of he is. But two things stand in their way: One, Trump really is quite a skilled rhetorician. Two, I don’t believe there are any such Democrats. They’ve been pulling exactly the same bait and switch on the working class for decades. Bill Clinton was an expert at it.

  3. On November 4, 2020, there’s a good chance Trump will officially be known as a BIG TIME LOSER! He and Bannon can ride off, together again, into the sunset on Jeffrey Epstein’s own personal island.

  4. If any non-cucked Republican ran in the primaries, Blumpf would have his hat handed to him.

    Alas, losers like Steve King vote to censure themselves rather than primary orange cheeto man.

  5. I didn’t believe the polls in 2016 but they are spot on now. Trump could not be modeled in 2016 because no one like him had ever run a populist campaign as a Republican and Trump had no record then as a leader – he was a complete unknown.

    2020 will be easy for pollsters because Trump is a mainstream conservative this time around. He has a real policy that he advanced and a real agenda he pushed and none of it is populist.

    Sure he will step up the fake populism again especially now that he knows due to his own polling his Turning points USA campaign of running on what he actually accomplished is failing everywhere but it won’t help him. Trump is finished in the areas that matter. He simply cannot run on social issues in those working class areas in the rust belt and he cannot fool them again with his fake economic populism – those men are extremely educated about economic issues/trade. They know exactly who he made rich and who he gave the policy to.

    Your 100% correct in your analysis that it is Biden and Bernie who show the biggest gain over Trump and that is because they are both favored by the unions and the White working class who voted for Trump in 2016. Trump’s main constituency now is the boomers in the top 10% who live off incredible pensions and dividends from Wall st. – they’re thrilled with him but they alone cannot win elections.

  6. I’m hoping that Nov 2020 is the hair-on-the-back-of -the-neck moment that wakes people up that IT’S OVER. AMERICA IS DEAD. And that the next logical step is splitting up and forming our own nation.

    We should be doing that already, but too many are in the Denial phase.

  7. Trump will start a war with Iran for Israel. That will keep his idiot Ziotard base with him. Some of Conservatism Inc will remain. But since Trump is now just Bush with a mouth and an attitude he’s probably one and done. The demographic changes working against any Republican continue. The only thing in his favor is a perceived good economy.

  8. That’s really interesting. I heard that Trump is a big liar and Propagandist. He always says he wins even when he loses. That’s also his business practice. Him talking about firing his pollsters is obvious he’s not doing good in the polls. He’s nothing but a liar and a jerk. For sure. He’s been nothing but an average Republican. He’s pushed forward on social liberalism by supporting Gays which means he’s probably the most immoral / liberal person ever elected President. He has even less morals than Bill Clinton which is saying something. Gay Marriage was illegal under President Clinton. Nobody likes Trump but Civic Nationalist idiots and his Corporate friends. Even the Jews don’t trust him. It’s an embarrassment being an American knowing Trump is President. No big deal… I’m more of a Southerner anyway! Deo Vindice !

  9. I don’t see how he can win given the racial demographics in the US and his continuous betrayal of white nationalists.

    He was banking on Schlomo protecting him by doing Jerusalem and Golan but that hasn’t worked.

    If blacks and brown show up in large numbers Trump is finished.

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