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  1. Nothing wrong with intermittent fasting, great way to lose weight and to control your eating habits its a better alternative to full out fasting which can sometimes be dangerous

      • That quote is a nearly pointless generalization that adds no tools to the toolbox of men and women actively trying to work through already strained relations because of the modern paradigm.

        Anglin is a loser. A product of upper middle class SWPL’s, who has in all likelihood never had to do a days work. His observations are pointless at best, toxic at worst. Grow up. If you want entertainment, get it from someone who isn’t in principal opposed to the single most important means we have to bring our people out of this death spiral, that is healthy nuclear families.

        The manlet has never even been physically present for anything a white identity group has done. He’s an internet personality, with a small, powerless following of young and poor incels. He is a figment of the ether, a nobody.

        There is no proof he has suffered any real censorship even. He has no skin in the game.

        Hes a con.

    • Do you see the words I’m writing. Are they untrue?

      What has Anglin done to earn your loyalty?

      At most he has been entertaining, in a media environment where there is a near infinite supply and variety of free entertainment. At best he provides something we have no shortage of.

      At worst, he’s a toxic malefactor who has consistently made it his business to be disruptive and destructive to trust between those of us with families and actual skin in the game.

      There is ample evidence along every permutation of the spectrum outlined above.

      Why defend and promote him?

    • Do you think he’s just being ironic?

      Is that something we need anymore?

      I think we need men, with wives and families. Or men who will fight and devote their efforts to advancing the 14 words.

      Anglin is neither. Further, he actively subverts those of us that are, through poisonous demagoguery and deliberately seeding doubt and mistrust among us and our families.

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