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  1. Here’s a researcher talking about the devastation of the South Civil War on Sarah Westall’s channel. She is a genuine journalist who thoroughly vets her guests. His comments on what was done to the South by Sherman shocks me. I have never heard this before.

    Damn, the Yankees were inhuman! Pure evil. The invention of total warfare started with Sherman. It’s heartbreaking. The elderly, women, and small children were all targets. I knew that they destroyed crops and livestock but they killed the soil, too, with gasoline and salt.

    The part about Sherman starts around 18:30 and some of the details of his March to the Sea starts around 20:10:


    Folks, none of this is in schoolbooks!

    Very interesting clip. They talk about complacent whites and immigration, too.

    • Yep Yankees were definitely inhuman evil scum, that side of history won’t ever be taught in judio Christian schools or even secular judio school system

  2. Haha the guy the heckler fella in overalls kinda looks like weev, don’t mind fiddle roots folk music it is genuine country music unlike the fake (((country music))) scene of today

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