Pete Buttigieg BTFO’d By Black Lives Matter


He looks like a loser to me.

It has been a rough month for Buttigieg.

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    • That thumbnail for the cnn video looks like a wyatt mann drawing come to life lol big black momma vs skinny gay mayor running for president Was buttgrieg drinking malt liquor in a paperbag to fit in with the gangster blacks lol

  1. Das rite motherfuckas what you gonna do for us black folk You gay whitey boy?, buttgrieg just got bernied by BLM

  2. Forget Chairman Yang, I’m shillin’ for Buttplug for the reason it will be funny to have a short, gay, President, called Buttplug for 8 long years. Hail Buttplug, hail our people, hail victory!

    • Mayor buttplug would be a shoe-in to be the next prime minister of Canada. The leafs seem to have an affinity for effeminate soy boys.

  3. Sodomites and Orangutans. Somehow, I don’t think this is what Jefferson et al. envisioned for their newly-created country……..

    • I’m not sure what Jefferson thought or envisioned, but the guy was a lover of secular jews but apparently hated Judaism and was part of secret societies like Freemasonry and hellfire club I know hes romantized alot but i’m not quite sure what to think of him either

  4. Except as political cudgels to beat White people over the head with, Niggers are essentially as useless in politics, as they are in any other area of Civilisation.

  5. White anti-Whites, queer or otherwise, are stuck on selling out their fellow Whites and virtue signaling this to non Whites. It won’t endear them to non Whites or save them. White anti-Whites deserve all the shit they get from The Other.

  6. The republican congress voted for the civil rights program thus the democrat party will have 200 years of uppity block votes, from LBJ.Republican party are the ones who betrayed whites from all across the board.William F Buckely fake opposition.

  7. I’d to like more about the black that was shot. Does he have a criminal record? This is funny to watch. I’m glad these primate are not in my neighborhood. That’s one thing about Hispanics, you rarely to none to seem them protest about police brutality or burn down a city.

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