Tucker Carlson: Neocons In Washington Are Itching For War


Tucker Carlson used his platform tonight to make a prime time case for our positions on foreign policy and internet censorship. We’re the real humanitarians. We’re the ones who want to avoid devastating wars. It is neocons like Bret Stephens who have no inhibitions about killing foreigners.

If it wasn’t for people like us and our champions like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson, we would ALREADY be at war with Iran. We would ALREADY be knee deep in Syria. The fact that we haven’t invaded Iran and Venezuela yet to engage in regime change is due to our influence.

I happen to like Syria and Iran. I have no idea why the Shi’ites are our enemies. I think Iran is an interesting country that is more serious about preserving its traditional culture.

Note: Actually, I do have an idea of why Iran is Enemy #1 … it is due solely to the power and influence of Israel and Saudi Arabia over our government. Otherwise, we got along fine with Iran for over 123 years. There is no real American interest at stake in the region.

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  1. .
    That ghoulish woman wanting Americans to kill Iranians is jewish.
    These constant pushes for war from this demographic is so predictable.

  2. A chick named Vinograd in a low-cut cocktail dress with dark circles under her eyes, pretending to be a “national security expert,” egging us to attack Iran?!?! I mean, c’mon.

  3. But tucker is not some moral person. He supported the invasion of Iraq after 9-11and only now regrets it cause dem Muslims fought bac! And his visions of turning the ME into a parking lot as vengeance for 9011 and the Arabs anti is Zionism ,did not materialize. So now he feels duped by the deep state /media who never said but implied we were gonna genocide em all, if they did not SUBMIT totally to our every demand!.Tucker does not hate Iranians but he does hate Arabs, that is why he did not want us to interfere with the Assad regime/Putin /Iraq holocaust of millions of Sunni Arab Syrian men, women and children! As neither did the intel agencies and pentagon who convinced Obama to not intervene after that red line gaffe; Muslims killing Muslimsl that a good thing for us. So trucker is always saying how we should not intervene in Syria. He lies out of his bigotry, saying that Iran has real cities, unlike the Arab countries ,with their prefab cities. As if Damascus ,Allepo ,Alexandria ,Cairo Bagdad etc., were not some of the earths oldest continuously Inhabited cities on earth! Tucker s an anti Semite; against Semitic Arabs, this time .He is anti war cause his totalizing good vs evil fantasy of killing all Sunni Muslims is not in the offing. [ You can say the same for many of these now anti war right wingers who all supported the invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan whose visons of genocide dancing in their heads never materialized and now they feel duped about senseless ME wars! Why were they not senseless then! Cause they thought the US military would turn the place into a parking lot and or that the backward people would not or could not fight back![lol

    • Stop it. Tucker Carlson is the only thing in air that’s close to telling the truth. He goes as far as he can. People have a change of heart, and position, over time. Carlson may have helped to stop MORE slaughter. As far as Muslims killing Muslims – they’ve done THAT forever. So get OVER yourself, you moron.

  4. How do you know someone isn’t a deceiving troll, also known as
    a deceiving “neoconservative” ?


    Highlighting these bogus wars that literally create terrorists, flood
    Europe with violent incompatible refugees and build the police state
    being used against all of us, and more … .

    Good for Tucker Carlson, and Hunter Wallace coving this.

  5. Trump feeds the beast that will devour him with his sabre rattling.

    Wouldn’t he rather fight it?

    Also we know Trump’s mind is fixed in the past, he is reprising Nixon’s “mad dog” theory of foreign affairs. Utterly stupid.

    • Trump is an old man, almost completely controlled by his STUPID, vain, arrogant daughter, and her vile JEW of a husband – who controls Trump through her. No. He wouldn’t rather fight it.

  6. I despise zio-cuckservatives, but have nothing but burning fury for shabbos goy chicken hawks like Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, and Blompf.

    None of those SOBs ever fought in combat or had any close friend or family member die or be disfigured for life fighting in a war for Israel. They’re textbook cowards. They can’t say no to the tribe of merchants that provide them faint praise and shekels.

  7. “Great people these generals”

    No, they are not great at all. They are killers who take orders for power. They have no decency. All those “decent” generals were purged long ago and never replaced. Name one general today who is even close to Patton, MacArthur, Lee, or Jackson. Most, if not all, are members of secret societies.

    They do not serve this country or her people. The military and police serve their master. Down below.

    And never forget that a close second to their murderous ways is that they also love fairies and trannies.

  8. Samantha Vinograd, a kike, is in lockstep with all the other Jewish mass murderers our people have had the misfortune of being too close to. They serve Satan and that’s all they serve.

    How anything with a brain can think they are victims is beyond me.

  9. Even the first war against Iraq, Desert Storm, was based on blood libels where the Kuwaitis lied and claimed Iraqi troops were dumping Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. What wasn’t reported was that the reason why Iraq invaded Kuwait was that Kuwait was siphon/drilling oil from Iraqi lands.

    It’s too bad that George H.W. Bush, who hesitated to get involved, did not listen to his initial instincts rather than listen to Dame Thatcher’s exhortations not to “go wobbly, George.” Yes, George, go wobbly!

    Had the USA let Iraq keep Kuwait, Iraq would have been the bulwark needed between the bat shit crazy Iranian Shia and the equally bat shit crazy Saudi Arabian Wahabi Sunnis. Fortifying Syria as another secular Baathist regime would have further added stability to the Middle East without the USA having to expend a single American life or dollar.

    It would have also kept Europe from being flooded with millions of Muslim refugees, all men of military age. Their leaders would need them too much to fortify their own borders and to fight each other, much the way Sadaam Hussein and the Iranian government duked it out over the years.

    Of course, the REAL reason to destabilize all these authoritarian regimes was to further the expansionist ambitions of Greater Israel. That was all covered with PNAC (Project for a New “American” Century).

    Trump was an idiot for not making it clear to Satanyahu that he would have greater flexibility on Iran AFTER not BEFORE he was re-elected. Luckily for him and the rest of the country, Trump must have tuned into Tucker Carlson and realized that he was not only playing Russian Roulette with WWIII but his chances of being re-elected.

    Oh, BTW, there was something interesting that came out when I tuned into FOX tonight. A commentator said that Trump’s new re-election strategy was to focus on securing his BASE and not worrying about any other group.

    Of course, all the Usual Suspects were opining about what a mistake it was that Trump was not continuing to court Blacks, Latinx, and the LBTQXYZ crowd while ignoring said base. But I think the Trump Team’s own inner polling was an eye opener to Trump. He’d better hope it’s not too little, too late.

    I don’t think the vast majority of Trump Supporters despise Trump as much as White Nationalists do. In fact, I think many of them see Trump as implicitly sympathetic to the White Working Class but they are still results-oriented. If he is engaged in Failure Theater, he needs to stop it. Because even if they like the man and think he’s genuinely trying, they will not waste their time voting for an impotent, ineffective and/or incompetent candidate.

    Trump’s only hope of winning big time is to stop allowing any Pro-White agenda to be derailed by every court – and he has allowed himself to be stopped by lower courts even after being green-lighted by higher courts – and simply pull an Andrew Jackson telling these Leftist Judges that they can rule anyway they please, just try to enforce their stupidity.

    He needs to build that wall pronto and dare the Democrats to tear it down. If he grows some balls and a spine, he’d sail into his second term on a landslide.

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