Andrew Yang Addresses Jim Clyburn’s Fish Fry

#YangGang is a dead meme … says increasingly nervous MIGApede!

Los Angeles Times:

“There were clear favorites among the thousands who turned out to experience the spectacle, perhaps none more surprising than long-shot Andrew Yang. His “YangGang” was in full force, shouting for the entrepreneur with so much enthusiasm that the rather tame response to many other candidates was all the more notable.

He jumped from the stage at end of his speech — after highlighting his “trickle-up” plan to give every American $1,000 to lift the economy — to hand out high-fives in the crowd.”

We’re only a few days away from the first Democratic debate and the Great Yellow Hope is stronger than ever in the polls, donations and momentum. Next week, the normies will hear the message of $1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism for the first time.

Note: Joe Biden is topping the polls though.

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  1. Despite the bribe of $1000 a month which is barely possible in occurring it still surprises me that white nationalists wish to be ruled by others. Americans used to make fun of election bribes when it happened in other countries.

    Yang strongly supports abortion and homosexual marriages. He is evil. If I could vote I know my vote is NOT for sale to an evil man just for a theoretical bribe and maybe looking into job replacement due to artificial intelligence. Traditionally speaking, people of my religion would be automatically ex-communicated for voting for anyone with Yang’s views.

    Are white Americans really this desperate? Have you given up on your own kind? Maybe next election you can vote for an aborigine immigrant who loves guns and promises $2000 a month.

    I mean all of this with due respect. I am just very surprised at this turn of events.

    • There’s no difference on those issues.

      I’m not voting on the basis of homosexuality, abortion, immigration and other fake social issues because I know the GOP is just using those issues to milk social conservatives. The reality is that we voted for that in the last two elections and the result was the Koch Brothers agenda of tax cuts, open borders, deregulation and criminal justice reform.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Thank you for your detailed response. If your analysis is correct then I understand most of what you are saying.

        I suppose one benefit of a Democrat presidential victory in 2020 would be the destruction of the Republican Party at the national level. So that would mean one party down and one more to go.

        Leaving the Democrats to control the USA is a disaster for the United States but a godsend to most of the rest of the world.

        Now i wish ill will against the USA government but I did not think white nationalists did.

    • Christina- You state that “Yang strongly supports abortion and homosexual marriages. He is evil.”
      Sadly, his religious upbringing was in NY, and the Reformed there long ago abandoned biblical stances. His IMpastors are the ones to blame, not Yang. He truly has not (unlike the Clintons, for example) heard the REAL word of God. I would prefer to call him ‘miseducated.’ His speech, his monogamous marriage, and his serious concern for Americans (including White Americans) bespeaks a soul that at least ‘gets’ the bigger picture. I think his positions on sodomites and baby-killers are due to a default of data, not because he’s unregenerate. My two cents.

      • Father John,

        I hope you are correct. Thank you for a friendly and informed response.

      • I agree. At least there are a few people on this blog who can talk intelligently. It tends to get drowned out with profanity, religion-bashing (I’m pagan, but dont care for the division), dumb slang (“murkins”, so clever) and accusing everyone and everything of being semetic, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

    • Christina – Whites, in America, and the rest of the West, have been subjected to an unprecedented psy opps campaign, BY Jews, for nigh on 100 years. We’ve been hammered from every sphere. Day in day out, 24/7. The Holohoax is the only thing we’re taught, that MATTERS. We have the completely distorted version of Christinsanity called “Evangelitism” wherein low IQ Murkins of all shades are taught Jew Worship is Christianity. There are millions of them. They know nothing else. This is the only version of Christinsanity that Jews approve – although the Evangelitards are mocked relentlessly. By Jews.

      That’s crumbling away though, with younger generations. Most young folks, in this country, are dead broke and have very little hope for a secure financial future. Some Boomers are doing very well. Not all though. There are loads of dead broke suffering Boomers and elderly in this country .Jewry is looting us and bleeding us dry. Tons of Murkins are violently resistant to the fact that organized Jewry are THE source of the misery. Younger people have has the resources to discover this fact, though. Most Murkins have no idea of how to organize. The (((Left))) is allowed to do so, and flooded with money and resources and guidance. Any ordinary Murkin that tries to correct course is CRUSHED, when trying to counteract the Kosher Gangsters. This whole sorry scenario is reaching critical mass though…..

      This is why Southerners at a fish fry would cheer for the Yellow Jew. Most Murkins are kindly, harmless, generous folk, who simply want to enjoy their lives. Race is NOT an issue for most Murkins anymore….although that will change as conditions worsen. Murkins don’t WANT conditions to worsen. The Yellow Jew comes across as friendly, sane and sensible, who just wants to fix what’s wrong. He’s not a Negro. Negroes are FINISHED in Murka. They really are. Oh – they still are used by Jews as bio weapons against Whites – but Negro Inc is ever more tone deaf and publicly obnoxious than Jews. Obama, the Jewssi Smollett scam, the recent Gibs Me Dat Reparashuns hearings (OMG I can’t believe they are THAT stupid! I think those hearings were a set up BY their Jew Patrons to set them on the road to desctruction) . Nah – Whitey’s OVER Blackie, even though it’s not publicly stated yet. Chinese hate Negroes, by the way.

      This is why the Southern fish fryers cheered for the Yellow Jew.

      • Denise,

        My analysis of your wonderful comment will be one paragraph at a time.

        Paragraph one———-Yes. I was warned about protestant fundamentalists before my visits/staying in Texas. They are exactly what you said. It is easy from the outside to see that Americans must be one of the most brain washed populations on earth.

        Paragraph two——-I have noticed in dealing with anglos my age that while they are more liberal than their elders in many ways they will listen to views that their parents will not. You can even talk to them on Jews somewhat. Anglo boys are more open than the girls. Every latin girl I know is anti-Jew. But then I usually go to Catholic schools which might bias my observations.

        paragraph 3——-You are correct here as well. Most Texas anglos I meet are trusting and harmless. I do not understand that mentality. To me if you are not of my race or religion you are a person to be careful of. Probably an enemy until proven otherwise. I talk way more freely with my own people than with anglos. What the average latin thinks of blacks is……We had Mexican roofers put on a new roof on one of our houses in the Southwest. The owner said that his men absolutely refuse to work in any area with lots of blacks. Is that typical to that extent? i do not know.

        • Christina,

          Yes. We are totally brainwashed by Jewry Inc, because we have been such a valuable Goyim asset. Loads of natural resources, and a Heirloom American traditional stock of hard working Whites. The Puritan strain of the Founding Stock of Americans values hard work. Hard Work equals Godliness. I’m not kidding. My hubby likes that. The Whites I know, when off work/unemployed/retired, that aren’t killing themselves with opioids or booze, ( I don’t know people like that, fyi) work on things. Fix the house fix the house of family and friends yard work community volunteering historical societies, etc. Northern Europeans have an Out Group Altruism gene(s). Helping others makes us FEEL GOOD. We get Good Feels. We’ve evolved this way due to the necessity of survival stratagems in brutal climates. Check out the Jolly Heretic Channel, on You Tube. Dr. Dutton goes into immense and very entertaining detail about the genetic reasons Humans do what they do.

          Have you ever seen an old TV show called “The Andy Griffith Show”? The show revolves around the daily life of a very small town sheriff, in NC. I was just discussing this with my sister the other day. It’s what America used to be like. Young people will never know how things used to be. The show is set in NC, as I noted – but America used to be like that all over. When America was White. It’s not a romantic, idealized vision of WhiteLandia. The show detailed how ordinary Americans lived. If you want to see what White America used to be like – watch a few episodes. It’s almost a documentary.

          I’m in Yankeeland, but my small hometown used to be magical. My pals and I used to run around town, during Summer vacations. We’d stay up all night, and the town was out playground. We never caused any harm, or hurt anything .I think the worst thing we ever did was stand on a bridge, and see how far we could spit. We never had a thought, a THOUGHT, of danger to ourselves. We didn’t know There were virtually no Negroes. They were corralled into another town, and they knew not to cause trouble, then…..

          White Americans are naturally generous and tolerant, because we’ve had it so good for so long. That’s changing, and the White Psyche is still catching up. We don’t WANT to hate other people. We WANT others to be as good and kind and helpful as we are. We REALLY do. I write outrageous things online. It’s a venting mechanism. I also say things IRL, to. Every-one in my world knows I’m a Knaaazeee. I tailor my mode of expression to those I’m addressing – but it’s stil weird. White Americans don’t WANT to be mean or cruel. I’ve said for years; it’s NOT White Guilt. It’s White EGO. We think well of ourselves because we ARE Good People. We ARE. It’s really really hard for Whites to admit that we are NOT “all alike underneath”. We WANT to give The Other the Benefit of the doubt, and a chance – because we DO see the good in others. I’ve met people of other Races that I’ve genuinely like, and appreciated. Including Jews. I don’t like the things I’m experiencing…the planned destruction of my country, and my Race. Jews have brutally exploited America, and every other Host they’ve infected. I still have a difficult time with the fact that they don’t appreciate what they’ve had here, and why they are compelled to destroy every place they infest. I’m not a genetic Jew, though – so I’ll never fully accept their Natures. I seek Truth – the GREAT Quest of the West – so I must deal with things as they ARE. EVERY-one on this site is on this Quest -and we are infinitely farther down the road than most Whites. Christina – if your grew up in “Andy Griffith Show” land, your entire life – and can’t imagine anything else – and don’t want to face the horror around you – you’d hold on to the shard of the Way Things Used to BE with every ounce of strength you have.

          Nowadays, my hometown is Browning out. Things are going to Hell. Whites are being FORCED to confront Racial Reality. My childhood public pool rivaled ANY pool in a Country Club. It was BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN. We’d hang out all day long. Families would congregate. It was like a daily party. The city has had to close down the pool because the Orcs destroyed the place. The city couldn’t afford the CLEANING bills to the property and the filtration system. This is a Microcosm for the Macro. This is happening all over. Whites don’t know what to do, because we’ve gotten (((The Message))). We are CRUSHED if we object. This is changing, as the demographics change. Young folks, who grew up in the White Hatred Acid, and never knew Andy Griffith Land, have literally nothing to lose by Noticing Patterns.

          The Future is going to be very chaotic. My young Nephew, who is what would be called a “Racist”, has all kinds of non-White pals, as well as White ones. His young pals take immense delight in telling me the latest racial jokes. They all kid each other. He has Mestizo pals. And Asian ones. The Asians actually have respect for the White “racists”. They like Whites who possess racial pride and self respect. They think the SJW Whites are IDIOTS. They don’t really have Negro pals. A few, around the edges. They keep one around ,because he’s not violent, and they kinda feel sorry for him. His crown likes smart people. They love smart people. They think stupid people are boring, useless, and a waste of their time. Negroes bore them.

          They all are hip to the Jew. They hate Jews. They know Jews can be “smart” – but they also know what Jews have done.

          It’s going to be interesting…..

          Lantin America is pushing their problematic excess peasantry into America – but…it’s not going to play out the way Hebes imagine.

          This latest mis-step, by Jew Inc, re: Iran and the Downed Drone, is revealing. Trump “pulled back” in the last second; who knows the real reasons. Hebes and their Shabby Goy slaves are fuming – but Americans in GENERAL are SICK of the Forever Wars. “WE HAVE PROBLEMS HERE. FUCK THE MIDEAST” is the general consensus, from every demo I encounter. More and more folks are finally admitting the source of the mayhem. Keep telling every-one you know – because Der ewige Jew is a GLOBAL nightmare. We are all in THIS together.

          • Apologies for the typos. I really wish there was an Edit function. I should have looked before I Submitted. I am running around “putting out fires” as I type. Sigh. That never works.

          • Denise,

            Once again thank you for taking the time to write as you did. I am learning alot about the anglo-saxon mentality. I agree that your problem is how soft and easy your life has been in recent times combined with liberal ideas that allow your enemies to attack you. I do not believe most of you wish racial suicide but it is the natural consequence of your current belief system. I mean do you not have a statue of Liberty that basically says ———-come one come all. Of course I am aware of the Jewish influence. In the USA it is always in a person’s face.

            Yes, whites have a large ego. In short anglos are shocked that I am not like them. The idea of becoming a little white American girl is as frightening to me as an Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario would be. Anglos first think that when they explain their beliefs that I will automatically accept them. I know about your beliefs. I just completely reject them. We have our own beliefs.

            Our mentality is collective not individualistic like the anglo American. Individualism is traditionally considered a sin. Even an anglo priest said so from the pulpit a few years ago when I was in California or Texas. I like California better than Texas.

            Either way, remember I am not an illegal. I am either a guest in USA or a Mexican-American. I have not definitively said. Or if I did I forgot.

            You did not have so many typos for a long letter.


            Christina Romana

          • Denise,

            When i am in the United States my family and I frequently watch old American movies with my grandmother who was born a long time ago. We have watched Leave it to Beaver, Highway Patrol, and many movies.

            Much of what I need to know of the changes in America can be seen by these movies. I could almost cry at what has been done to you and by extension the rest of us just by seeing the way things were. Even disregarding Hollywood distortion these shows have to portray some form of reality.

        • “To me if you are not of my race or religion you are a person to be careful of. Probably an enemy until proven otherwise.” This is the default attitude of most of humanity, except for those of European descent. I don’t know how others here were educated, but even though I moved around a lot as a child (in the Upper Midwest of the US), I recall that white guilt was emphasized in school. We were horrible to Indians and Africans, so we’re awful people. Good people are colorblind, and anyone can be a good American regardless of where they come from in the world. CivNat nonsense like that was constantly pushed at my generation in school and through popular culture. Ideology of that sort is still programmed into the American child. The basic truth that there are differences between races (and sexes) is banal and obvious, yet many Americans are afraid to publicly voice such thoughts. We have been continually conditioned to not think that way, and there are social consequences for disagreeing with the official propaganda.

          In my case, waking up to the obvious took a long time. Even seeing in person that Africans in general were more violent and immoral, that Asians and Hispanics were more clannish and openly favored their own kind (which was shocking to someone always told that was evil), couldn’t quite break the cultural and educational conditioning of a lifetime. Getting beyond the superficial history and science we’re taught is what finally woke me up to the reality so many people here were already smart enough to see. Personal experience alone couldn’t do it, at least in my case. That is how strong the hold is of the American educational and media systems on us.

          • Rich L,

            Nice to hear from you again. What you said in describing the mental anguish just to be in a position to fight your enemies is of major interest to me.

            One way to judge the nobility of different races is to wonder as a girl who in war I would rather be captured by. Hands down on average I would be way safer with anglos than negroes or Indians.

        • Christina Romana – You are rightfully proud of your cultural identity and express, understandably, no desire to be like the soft, American sheeple you observe. You state also you are either a guest or a Mexican- American. Respectfully, there is no such thing in my point of view — you are either Mexican or American ; and clearly your identity is Mexican. So what compels you to be here? Why do you, like countless many, insist on being in MY homeland?

          No hostility intended, you are certainly a lovely lady. But I am not one of the Blaco sheeple who wants to give you my country- — MY inheritance- – with a gullible friendly smile.

          • Carl Green,

            My family has property in Mexico and several states in the United States. Most of my relatives and some of my family are in Mexico but I have numerous family in the USA. So I have lived in both countries.

            I usually am enrolled in private schools in either country. I have had family ancestors in California long before the anglo came. My Texas family has been in that state since the 19th century. My grandmother was born in the USA before WW2.

            So, without giving away too much information if I am a Mexican-American my race and religion comes before which government I am under. If I am a legal guest in the USA with passport etc. then you would have nothing to worry about.

            Either way the United States in its customs, beliefs, and history are not mine.

            America including the Southwest was conquered by blood and effort and now it is being conquered again with ease. The conquered in this case smile approvingly with that fake used car salesman look.

            I am against all illegal immigration no matter which country is being invaded. Which is more than I can say about the anglo. Were not Davy Crockett, William Travis, and most of the rebels against Mexico illegal aliens? I believe so. So own up to it.

            Not to worry. It is the United States now and I do not support its invasion. Morality aside, all countries have been invaded historically. If Mexico could invade the USA because of the past then does England get back the 13 colonies? Or which Indian tribe gets what? They wiped each other out and conquered each other as well.

          • Carl Green,

            Thank you for calling me lovely. As a girl most of the time things like that are more important than politics.

          • Carl Green,

            I thought I had already responded to you but my comment must not have taken. First, thank you for calling me lovely.

            Secondly, I oppose illegal invasions of every country everywhere. The land is currently and rightfully owned by the United States. I accept that.

      • You preach the gospel truth @Denise; very eloquently said. I just tried to watch a Mark Collett debate with some Jews. . They are insanely warped with their narrative of innocent victimhood. If only all normies would be forced to watch that absolute- — horror show of Jewish supremacism. Words fail me.

  2. Note: Joe Biden is topping the polls though.

    Exactly what the system wants.
    Say “President Biden.” Is rolls of the tongue easily.

  3. It’s funny how that June poll in 2015 of the Republican primary, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were not even on it and it came down to them in the end.

  4. I think the Dem establishment wants the Jewgress abomination Kamelfaced Harris. It’s is so arrogant, insufferable and obnoxious it will not EVER win a National Public office. Every work is utters drips with acidic condescension and loathing for all ordinary Murkins – especially Whites. It is a creature of it’s voting ward, just like AOC. Biden is polling well, now, because he’s well known. Period. He seems to me increasingly senile, though, and the ((( Establishment))) is in screechy hysterics over nominating an Elderly Old White Man. And to the disgrace of Pennsylvania, and the White Race, Biden is genetically White. He used to be a TERRIFIC public speaker – he’s one of those guys that used to make me wish he was on Our Side, and he’s not – but he does seem to be losing his marbles at an accelerating rate. Were he up to speed, he would easily crush Trump in a debate.

    I have no idea who the Dems will wind up with – but if it is Yang – he’ll win the office of POTUS. Which is pathetic beyond words.

  5. A vote for Trump was supposed to be a vote to save “Heritage America.” That’s the America of the Andy Griffith Show mentioned by Denise. (Small towns and the people in them really were like that. Seeing how things are now breaks my heart.) But the elites long ago decided that America was going to vanish. We have to bring some of that back on our own. I want better safety nets to protect us from the automated robot economy. That’s the only reason I could support Yang. But I would use the UBI to get away from the machinations of those trying to lock us into a multicultural, heavily urbanized and controlled society.

  6. Yang is a wicked liberal, PERIOD! BUT with 4 years of Trump to delay the inevitable coming civil war followed by Yang to drain the national treasury to use the money to stock up on ammunition, weapons and supplies we proles might be in a better position to fight the coming war.

  7. Yang needs to come out of the gate making the case for a UBI. Depending on what he can accomplish in his likely one and only debate, and how he spends his time for the next 8 years, he might be able to set himself as a real candidate for president in the 2028 cycle. (I don’t think he will do this. I think man is running as an attention-seeking ploy or as an audition for a job in a Democrat administration.)

    The real choice next year will be Trump or Sanders/Warren or Trump or Biden or another corporatist democrat clone.

    My position at this time is still that no candidate from the Democratic party other than Sanders is worth discussing as a possible improvement over a second Trump administration and 4 more years of donor class Republicanism.

    • Yang has already qualified for the first three debates. So he will be around until at least September. Bernie is also sagging in the polls and losing ground to Warren. Buttigieg has also ceased to be the flavor the month.

  8. It’s funny how that June poll in 2015 of the Republican primary, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were not even on it and it came down to them in the end.

    And the joke (if any) is on Yang’s unironic supporters. Trump was at the top of the heap 5 months after he announced for the presidency whereas Yang is still hovering around 1% in most polls five months later.

    While Yang has brought some very legitimate issues to the forefront, he is a flash-in-the-pan and a complete non-entity as a presidential candidate (this year at least).

    The time is fast approaching when anyone still making unironic arguments for Yang as a possible candidate for president should be written off as unserious.

    • Blompf announced he was running for president in June 2015 the day after the Dylann Roof shooting. His campaign was like a week old at this point. Hence, the 2020 kickoff rally on the anniversary.

      He also had universal name recognition whereas virtually no one in the Democratic Party even knows who Yang is yet. It is an apples and oranges comparison. The debates will settle the issue one way or the other.

  9. “I recall that white guilt was emphasized in school. We were horrible to Indians and Africans, so we’re awful people.”

    Rich, one of the things I as a priest can do, is pronounce the absolution and remission of sins. Whether someone believes in that or not, I still objectively can do that, and be assured of the impartation of the Holy Spirit to those who, in faith, and with a penitent heart, confess their sins- not because of my person, but because of what Christ has conveyed to me as a priest. I count it one of the greatest joys of my charism.

    But White Guilt is neither a sin, nor a failing of God’s Law! It is a ‘nothing burger’ as they say. And ‘where no sin is, there is no transgression of the law,” as it were.

    In other words, the purported ‘sins’ of the past 50 years (‘racism, sexism, ableism, White Privilege, heteronormativity’ etc.) are NO SINS AT ALL, because they are MAN-MADE ‘traditions’, and not GOD-ORDAINED ‘laws’!

    Whereas the REAL sins (sodomy, serial adultery, miscegenation, transvestism, the Deicide’s guilt) ARE, and can NEVER BE ABSOLVED, or ‘made legal,’ because GOD HAS CALLED THEM SINS! And they remain sins, no matter if a Pope, Patriarch, or even an Orangeman President, calls for LGBT ‘equality.’
    Sinners reap only death, never life- for ‘the wages of sin, is death!’

    These ‘transgresssions’ are just like all of the Papal ‘traditions’ that led to the Protestant reformation- if they become known, and enough pious White Christians throw off the shackles of this current man-made system, we could have a flowering of true Piety, and a renewal of White cultural and real Christianity.

    What we are witnessing is a FALSE RELIGION, derived from the Talmuddied minds of the Christ-killlers, supplanting and normativizing the entire world- which is just another form of IDOLATRY. It has its own priesthood, sacraments (abortion is THE ‘anti-sacrament’) and its own hierarchy of Elect and Damned;

    All of it is clearly MOCKING THE Real, Objective, Biblically CREATED ORDER that puts ADAM’s SEED at the forefront, and Christ’s Elect brethren (real, racial brethren; not some spiritualized ‘invisible church’) as the rulers of the world- in effect, the very promises of the Messiah, and the entire witness of the NT.

    So, we have no need to either feel a) guilty for being white, b) being ‘supremacist’ or c) being proud of our race, and the achievements of Christendom. It is OUR heritage, and OURS ALONE.

    Therefore, seeing that ye have not sinned, but knowing that God’s grace is still sufficient, ‘Ego te absolvo’ – and not by my own power, but ‘In nomine Domine- Pater, Filio, et Spiritui Sancti.’ Amen.

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