Peel-a-Pound Soup

I’m making another batch of this soup this morning. We tried it last year and it was wonderful. It was used in hospitals in Louisiana back in the 1930s for weight loss:

Here’s another version of the same recipe which uses carrots:

Here’s a link to the 7 day restrictive diet.

I’m eating this today with peaches and drinking sparkling water.

UPDATE: Bon Appétit!

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  1. Never mind the weight loss – that looks delicious! I love veggie soup. I like cabbage. Cabbage is really filling. Hhhmmm,….it’s Summer. I’ll have to go to the store and pick up the ingredients we don’t have. I’ll make that…I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Prepared foods laden with chemmies are BAD. However – I historically HATE to cook. Cooking involves heat, and paying attention. There are so many more interesting things to do besides hanging around a stove. I like to make things that are quickly prepared, or I can shove in an oven and then do other things while the food cooks. This looks like you just chop up stuff, throw in in a pot, and let everything simmer together. You make a big batch, and then the flavors mingle for days. PERFECT! Also veggies honor the Solstice! Happy Solstice! This would be great for Lughnasadh, too. Sliante!

        • I’m not Irish but i don’t feel a adherence to worship lugh like jesus christ What mention of jewish tricks are in pagan folkore? the secret societies of today like and agree with pagan esoterism. Also its still fringe and weird an at best it doing very little for white people in general convince me otherwise

    • Great comment, Denise. Yes, we should urge our people to eat healthy. Filter your water and eat as much organic as possible – at the very least non-GMO. It does make a difference. Also, learn how to detox to get rid of all the contaminants in your body.

      On a another note….. Brad, Bitcoin surpassed $10k again. How much have you already lost out on? Download the Exodus wallet, copy your Bitcoin address, and post it before the “Rules” section above-right. That’s it. Figure out everything else afterward!

      Eventually you’ll get tired of my nagging and just do it. Why don’t you just do it now and make it more rewarding :-))

    • Denise, get an Instant Pot. There are many, many recipes where you can just throw stuff in it and let it do its own thing. I love mine so much I have two! It even has a stainless steel liner that is removable and dishwasher safe! Stay away from the non-sticks. I have always been a fan of pressure cookers. Have several Spain-made cooktop versions but, sadly, all the electrics are made in Asia. It’s the only negative, albeit a BIG one, I have encountered.

  2. Looks good don’t believe i’ve had it but it seriously just looks like minestrone without the noodles which isn’t exactly a bad thing

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