Against Cruelty To Animals: A Winning White Liberal Issue

The cursed Jewish neocons and their prostitute cuckservative chearleaders like Sean Hannity are trying to incite yet another US war in the Middle East. They scream:

“We need to bomb Iran or there will be another 6 million Jewish Holocaust”

So, what else is new? Let’s hope President Trump listens to the folks that elected him and doesn’t give in to the whining of his shiksa daughter Ivanka and his cursed son-in-law Jared Kushner. But moving away from cuckservatives, Conservatism, Inc, there are some positive developments in liberal areas of American politics and culture.

“Don’t Write Off the Liberals” American Renaissance magazine

White anti-cruelty to animals groups are targeting Fair Oaks Farms, Inc. in Indiana for the agribusiness’ abuse of cows.

Fair Oaks Farm Employees Face Animal Cruelty Charges

It’s most likely low-wage, legal and illegal Third world migrants abusing the animals as higher caste, Whites and some East Asians tend to have a concern for the well-being of animals, others, not so much.

I know so many White liberals who fell for the NFL media propaganda to make Black NFL Quarterback Michael Vick a national hero. Then Michael Vick was discovered to be torturing dogs in brutal dog fighting rings and almost all White liberals turned solidly against him. Yes, there are some honest White liberals.

We can work with many honest White liberals and other decent folks to work for positive causes like opposing these endless neocon wars and bombing raids in the Middle East. Sure there will be anti White leftists who will blame all these wars on “evil White people” who want to supposedly steal Third World people’s oil: “no blood for oil.”.

There is less enthusiasm for these neocon wars, crusades for democracy (yeah right) among Red State normies. When you are around rah, rah, bomb, bomb Iran Amurikuns – try to change the subject:

First build the damn wall. Stop the Third world migrant invasion of the USA, execute a couple of Bronx rapists then maybe we’ll consider letting you play with airplanes and bombs in the Middle East. Until then. NO. America First.



  1. “We need to bomb Iran or there will be another 6 million Jewish Holocaust.”

    I’ll say it again-

    Just one quote: “The Germans documented everything in meticulous detail from shrubbery to arbors, but no pre-war or wartime plans or documents exist that detail or even mention any gas chambers for reasons of genocide. All documents ever presented were drawn up AFTER the war.

    Even if we threw away all the evidence and accounted for every so-called gas chamber, it would have taken 68 YEARS to accomplish gassing six million Jews!”

  2. While I disbelieve “gas chambers” as an homicidal artifact of the Jewish Ordeal of World War Two, in which I do believe is CASCADING CATASTROPHE. “Gas chambers” is a simplicity that can sink in, never mind that being false-to-facts. Cascading catastrophe, the confluence of many adverse facts on the ground, however, is at least three-dimensional, taking different places at different times in the frame, coalescing. This is too complex for effective propaganda.

  3. Mr. Ryan,

    Well your guess was correct on who the workers were. Edgar Vasquez was arrested for animal abuse. He had been arrested in 2005 as an illegal but was granted voluntary return to Mexico. Outstanding warrants for the other 2 abusers were leveled against Miguel Serrano 38 and Santiago Contreras 31.

    The source was Fox 59 article written by Aaron Cantrell, 06/12/2019.

  4. Thank you for that honest reporting Miss Christina RA. You do have a clear sharp mind. But remember this Miss Christina:

    You can’t get a man, you can’t get a husband with your brain.


    • Mr. Ryan,

      I am aware of what interests males. Their raw interests are readily apparent in school and in life. And it has nothing to do with writing a good essay. But it is sweet of you to remind me of such matters.

      Brains do not attract without femininity and even then they might be negative overall in attraction. A girl either has sex appeal or not. That attracts. Sex appeal is based on regular or pretty features, long hair, trim body, and dressing nicely. Wearing dresses helps alot.

      Males are not interested so much in what is between our ears as they are interested in what is between………..

      • Different types of men have different interests in women – lots of rural men are interested in women who can assist with heavy farm chores.


        I’m interested in women who like to do Salsa partner dancing. I have a private Salsa dance lesson tonight with a very talented young Latina woman like you. She’s very good dance teacher, plus she’s also nice and supportive; yes she looks good but it’s nothing like I’m just looking at a good piece of meat, sex appeal that sort of thing.

        The best thing about partner dancing is that it’s one man and one woman doing something fun and physical. There is very little talking. Plus the man takes the lead. Where else in 2019 ZOG, BlackRuledAmerica can a heterosexual White Anglo guy find that?

        • Mr. Ryan,

          Heavy farm chores? Well they can buy a horse or a machine. And sleep with it as well. Helping is one thing but that being a main attraction reduces women to animals. I am way better than that. A girl will get and deserve exactly what she settles for.

          Men are supposed to take the lead overall not just in dancing. The only sports I am good at are ping pong, badminton, and swimming.

          • “Heavy farm chores? Well they can buy a horse or a machine”

            I respond:

            If you move to the country with your husband and get horses, it takes a lot of work to feed and groom them. My mom learned how to ride and use a clutch, stick shift large tractor. These are things a prospective handsome farm guy husband would appreciate. So it’s not just sex appeal and between the …..

            Also, don’t neglect once standard women things that men like such as


            “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

            Another reason I and pretty much no heterosexual male of any ethnic group doesn’t like miseducated, big city Hillary types. They never do anything traditional for you like cook or clean.

            I’ve cooked hundreds of dinner parties, never had a Chicago or New York college miseducated White Anglo women ever so much as make me a sandwich.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I sense some irritation with me. Do not be irritated. I agree that if a woman was going to marry into a hard working lifestyle then she should be prepared for the task. It should not dominate the essential femininity of a woman however. Love is not only sweetness and tenderness but doing one’s duty as a spouse.

          Are you sure the anglo girls are as bad as you say? The anglo girls I have known all want what I want and they have agreed a prospective bride should know how to cook etc. And having children and a husband are grave responsibilities. Perhaps the anglo girls I know are a cut above the norm.

  5. Mr. Ryan,

    A priest from the altar told us that the statement ” the way to a man’s heart is through his belly” just means that the sweetness of lovemaking causes love. The belly frequently in scripture (though not always) is just a polite way of talking of the sexual glands. No man in his right mind is going to marry a frightful woman because she can grill a steak compared to a feminine girl who is learning.

    A woman should know how to do things based on her station in life. Any woman can cook/clean or learn to drive if necessary. If she neglects those skills when needed then she is failing in her vocation. But that is not love or attraction. Any male courting me by talking about how much work he can get from me will be not be given the time of day.

    I am NOT farm machinery. I want sweet talk, poetry etc. NOT what recipes I know or how many cows I can milk in an hour.

    I also believe any girl who reaches late teen age years should already know how to cook. That is basic but not love. If a man loved me because I can bake a potato or fix homemade soup I would consider him touched in the head. Those are just basic skills. I have a 6 year old sister who can do that.

    Latin males are very romantic. Anglos not very much. Besides yourself of course.

    • I have to give you credit, Ms. Christina Romana, you write like sheer poetry on the delicate matter of relations between men and women. Beautiful! I think perhaps Mr. Ryan is just a bit crotchety and bitter towards the fairer sex.

      • Carl Green,

        Thank you for complimenting me. Because I am familiar with American movies I leave everyone with this thought. Say Marjorie Main fixes Errol Flynn a beautiful apple pie and Olivia De Haviland messes up the batter. Who do people thing Errol Flynn is going to court and love? Marjorie Main or Olivia De Haviland?

        Mister Ryan is charming. He just has had bad experiences with women in the USA I believe.

    • Christina R A H writes:

      “I am NOT farm machinery. I want sweet talk, poetry etc. NOT what recipes I know or how many cows I can milk in an hour.”

      I respond:

      Yeah, maybe your frontier husband can write you a few lines of poetry in between all out savage Indian attacks! Also you might consider this once common phrase:

      “A man’s not going to buy the cow if he can get the milk for free”.


      I had a very nice private Salsa dance lesson with a very charming young Latina dance teacher. She’s a young mom of a son (7) and daughter (3). I love young moms and want to support them in any way I can – they are so happy and contented to have the responsibility of bossing little men (their sons) around.

      In contrast the bitter, no fun Anglo career women and worse Jewish feminists dressed up as Vaginas and making total *#$&@( out of themselves and corrupting our country – they are not a lot of fun to be around.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        There is a time for fighting and a time for courting. Does not scripture say there is a time for everything. Can not a man do those things necessary at it’s duly appointed time? A man is not going to be always fighting Indians??? Or always courting.

        In the settling of the new world Spanish women were not subjected to the danger of Indian attack near as often as anglo women. My understanding is that it was soldiers doing most of the conquering not settlers, unlike the American experience. Either way an Indian attack is very far from my mind.

        As for getting the milk. I am a virgin therefore my milk is still untouched.

        I am glad that you like latin women. There are differences among us however. Mexican girls are going to be different than say Argentinian girls. At least a little bit.

  6. Christina Romana AH is providing me some helpful knowledge about the differences between various Latinas. I do very much appreciate this useful advice.

    I note that Argentinian Latinas tend to be very, very Italian – which is of course very interesting, very sexy, but frankly these Argentine gals tend to be…

    “Out of my league”

    So to speak.


    • Mr. Ryan,

      There is one argentinian girl in my class. She looks like Catherine Zeta Jones looked like in the 1980’s. Very pretty and very snooty. I like her a lot. Her family is very rich. I was gone all day at one of my girl friends house. She was there. She is very pretty in her swim suit. Eat your heart out.

  7. Christina Romana Alva H.
    JUNE 25, 2019 AT 9:54 PM
    Mr. Ryan,

    “There is one argentinian girl in my class. She looks like Catherine Zeta Jones looked like in the 1980’s. Very pretty and very snooty. I like her a lot. Her family is very rich. ”

    I respond:

    Yes, you are obviously a keen observer.

    I just notice…


    This Argentine (Italian) gal is most probably….

    Out of my league.

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