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  1. E Jean Carroll is a…JEW!!!!!!!!

    Before all the anti-woman cranks take the bait, realize you and everyone else in this country are being played. Carroll speaks in half truths and sociopolitical fictions. She is attempting to spin for her tribe, lecturing white and black women alike who have ‘multiple stories.’ There has been a subtle movement within #MeToo that seeks to jettison the fakers and exaggerators; Anita Hill mentioned last weekend that she’d been hospitalized around the time of the Thomas hearings, and Alyssa Milano tweeted in the last month that she’d endured more than one assault on the set as a young actress.

    It’s not that no jewess could ever get attacked, but let’s face it, jewish women aren’t exactly the water carriers for the feminist movement. They are its evil cult leaders, twisting and distorting working women’s suffering into a perverted identity politics propaganda.

    Also note that she could pass for ‘anglo’ in many places or is as close as most jews get, and that she incorporates faux tomboyishness into her ‘biography’ to fully appropriate the anglo female’s voice and experience.

    Her sudden disclosure is as much about obscuring and controlling the problem of violence against white women (which has a parallel in the black community for black women) as it is about truly indicting Trump. If anything, Carroll seeks to distract from the Central Park Jogger controversy and the larger storm breaking that I reference above.

    She and (((hers))) may not even care whether they actually dislodge Trump from his office, as repressing some of his better instincts serves the same purpose – Jewish Supremacy.

  2. I don’t mean to defend Donald Trump, FWIW. I just cannot stand by and have people let this con artist get away with her jew machinations. Trump deserves rigorous criticism but this ain’t it.

    Carroll makes a sly parody of some white women’s experiences. She laughs at us while pretending to validate us, with her ridiculous DNA-streaked dress and absurdist rape claim.

    Do no Democrats notice that she’s bragging about bringing a man she claims ‘everyone knew is a perv’ into a women’s dressing room, in a women’s section of a department store? That she pretends to have gone along with Trump to write ‘a story,’ when in fact the only magazine interested in what happens when you take lingerie and a guy into a deserted dressing room is Penthouse?


    • Okay ; had to look it up — had no idea who E Jean Carroll is or what this is about. I do remember now this person being some kind of snarky advice columnist. How long is this insane bullsh#t going to continue ?? You hit the nail on the head @Mary Phagan. The plan is to turn our men and women against each other . Trump is irrelevant- – he’s just the false symbol of what remains of White power in this country.

  3. some unkind people are noting that this kosher accusation surfaced immediately following Trump’s refusal to start the Iran War just now. The Jewess’s rape claim is, in any case, will past the expiration date.

  4. Plus, Trump is known for messing around with supermodels, porn stars, beauty Queen’s, movie stars, etc…not real sure he’d reach for whatever the hell that woman is. I dont buy for a minute that a guy who could get “10”s willingly would force himself on a “1”. Plus, she doesn’t remember the year or the season? Or the extent of what happened? Sure.

  5. I should add, rape does happen. Its serious business. Idiot con artists like this “woman” invalidate things and cast doubt on real cases.

    Also, I have strong doubts, short of chugging a bottle of Viagra and eating a bucket of oysters, that anyone could become aroused enough by her to perform the deed. Just my take.

    • When she was young she was very pretty, so I don’t know that her premise is so dismissible on its face (pun just happened).

      While Carroll wasn’t ‘young’ at 51, neither was Trump at 49.

      Personally, I’ve noticed men who have issues with women (Trump absolutely does) regard any kind of power in them as a challenge. And Carroll is nothing if not clever. So whether her being the same age as him was such a ‘turn off’ or not is hard to know; certainly, she might have inspired a lust for her power in him, looking as she did at that age still cute.

      You call her a ‘1’ when she was about the same prettiness level of Trump, aesthetically (maybe more, but not significantly).

      This is the insane bullshit that passes for social commentary in the pro-white movement – male psychosis.

      • I’m guilty of “insane bullshit” and “male psychosis” for a few jokes about this woman’s looks now? Gotcha.

        The fact remains the timing of her revelation, coupled with the fact she cant get the year or even the season it occurred, makes it suspect. (It didnt happen, so she should have just picked one and stuck with it).

        I’m not interested in engaging you anymore on this however. Im off to my thorazine and straight jacket. Enjoy the last word. 😉 -tips hat-

        • It must take thorazine to delude oneself.

          Trump is a ’10’ to her ‘1’

          I’m a very stable genius, dontcha know.

  6. MaryPhagan’s Ghost, Blompf’s bank account and lifestyle are what these hypergamous women found attractive.

    You seem to get triggered that women’s most powerful asset has a short shelf life.

    • You seem to get triggered at the sheer notion that a woman could reject a man *you* deem ‘powerful.’

      Guineas and jews are out on this thread, no surprises there. It’s a jew’s delusions to begin with.

  7. Trump stands on his head and does somersaults for these (((people))) and they still hate him, like they hated Nixon but for far less reason. The timing of this “revelation”, coinciding with Trump’s pull back (for now) from starting WWIII, is interesting.

    • I was hoping he’d finally figure this out and actually change, even just a little. But who knows how much all this control tripping on him is designed to make sure any second term he would have would in fact prevent him from doing just that.

      It’s confusing, because he really does love at least some of the jews. He is not one of us. But could he ever see how much they ultimately don’t like him? Or does he just further delve into the Globalist v. Nationalist false dichotomy?

      I think the latter.

  8. The horns fully emerge:


    Carroll is trying to construe all manners of sexual assault and rape where a woman or girl doesn’t fight back as just ‘bad sex’ or physically awkward. She’s trying to portray the masses of non-privileged white and black women who face political duress and various dimensions of coercion as hysterics and self-pitiers, since only ‘really violent’ assault is rape. There is no psychological aspect of rape, even though for most survivors that is the far worse trauma, and in spite of the fact that often no overt force is used or necessary.

    Typical jewsplaining, everybody out there – immigrants – are good and worthy of commanding space and rights, while all members of the host country, here citizens/white women especially/blacks/random goyim are privileged dirty and incapable of being truly violated.

    All this on the Jew News.

    In the 1994 Katie Roiphe, another jewish disinfo agent, wrote a book to discredit all the authentic survivors in which she accused young women of confusing rape with ‘bad sex,’ as if the goyim female couldn’t decide for herself where consent lay or not. This was a blanket assertion she made, not some attribution to a narrow sector of accusers.

    Carroll also called herself ‘poor and elderly’ on MSNBC the other night while describing her shopping incident with Trump AT BERGDORF’S. She even claims to have been shopping there recently on Anderson Cooper last night.


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