Huffington Post: Renegade Shareholders Have A Plan To Force Mastercard To Monitor Neo-Nazis

Huffington Post:

“For months, Mastercard has tried to suffocate the creation of an internal committee that would monitor payments to white supremacists and far-right extremists. But on Tuesday, renegade shareholders will finally force a vote on the matter during the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Like most credit card companies, Mastercard is hesitant to surrender profits by blocking violent white supremacists from using its services unless laws are being broken. Mastercard currently processes payments for several extremist groups, including the League of the South, National Policy Institute, Proud Boys, Stormfront, VDare, Identity Evropa, Occidental Dissent and Radix Journal, according to Color of Change, a racial justice organization that tracks financial service companies that do business with hate groups. …”

I just got a Google Alert from The Huffington Post about the ongoing fight against “violent white supremacists” and Neo-Nazism.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure what this article is referring to because we are currently not using a payment processor much less one that uses Mastercard after getting banned by Stripe. I’ve never advocated violence on this website. I do not believe in “white supremacy” either although I write a lot about history and blog about the ongoing epidemic of mass shootings in America. The charge of “Neo-Nazism” is the funniest though because I have never had any interest in any of that stuff.

None of this has ever mattered to enthusiasts though. They have no principled objection to censoring others or engaging in violence to promote their point of view. Just so we are clear though, I am not the one who is doing this. It is people like Carlos Maza who writes for The Big Tech companies are catering to progressives who publicly advocate violence and censorship.

Virtually everyone on the Right outside of the last redoubts of Frenchism now sees where this is going. Everyone knows that banning people like us from banking and payment processors will be applied to groups like the NRA and even the most milquetoast conservabros like Steven Crowder. We’ve pretty much won that argument even though there is lag in our politics.

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  1. “The charge of “Neo-Nazism” is the funniest though because I have never had any interest in any of that stuff.”

    An anti-white thug uses the “Nazi!” label and he uses it only to incite violence.

  2. None of those groups advocate or has ever advocated violence to my knowledge this is just big business screwing dissident right-wing people over. Read recently about a german town refusing to sell beer to neo nazi punks and heavy metalers and locals buying up the beer in the next town so the neo nazi had no alcohol apparently during the music festival

  3. Proud boys was probably the closeist to advocating violence tho they were a mystery meat conservative group headed by gavin mccuckface from (((rebel media))) but they were almost daily getting attacked by antifa. Does self defense count as extremism? none of these publications or news media ever clarify if its ever okay to protect yourself from antifas violence or if your just expected to roll over and let them beat the shit outta you with baseball bats and bike locks

  4. I don’t trust mastercard to begin with credit cards are a form of usury, its buying stuff you can’t afford ahead of time at a fixed interest rate. Then you can’t make next months payment then you owe even more Its crazy they listed you as a extremist group lol its a just a southern history and news politics blog how is that either a group or extremist?! Who needs rules when you can just make it up as you go along

  5. The only hope is a new state with a government established to protect OUR rights and interests.

    OD is right to call out the generic Republican for being political laggards, but what about the movement?

    Does the movement deserve the same criticism leveled at French for not leading the charge for a new state? Many are still scheming to “take back America”!!! Yikes!

  6. YOU may say you are not all of those things, HW. But, to the rabid, delusional Left, only THEIR ideology has ‘Truth’ – and, if ‘they’ say you are those things, then ‘You are!’

    That’s how infantile minds work – it’s all so reminiscent of the banter on the playground around 4th and 5th grade CHILDREN.

    And all on the Left- soyboys, faggots, Lesbos, Pussy hat wearers, are nothing more than spoiled, disobedient CHILDREN.

    Someone ought to take a switch to their behinds…. or a stone to their heads.

      • @more of the same, Political correctness is a virus of the mind, and a kosher one at that. One of the most obvious symptoms is losing touch with reality and and form of rational thinking.

        Like a religion, political correctness is foisted upon the young to indoctrinate them, and it changes the neural networks in the brain.

  7. To these people, anybody south of the Ohio river, west of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, and east of the Pacific Coastal Strip, is a radical.

    So is anybody that lives in the North or on the Pacific Rim, and doesn’t think of the rest of America, particularly the South, as the enemy. And doesn’t believe in the modern Judeo-Liberal Democratic Order.

    • Just read the article@ Fr.John + —- bloody HILARIOUS premise! Every single public space or private enterprise that I have been in that was remotely quiet is immediately, if not sooner or later,
      polluted with the NOISE that Black people INSIST on making everywhere they go…

      I structure my entire LIFE trying to avoid the noise & disruption and rampant CRIMINALITY of the Black race.

      Alas, I am not rich. And I am so tired of this sh#t.

      • POC place no value on silence. They have very little or no interest in deep thought, mental concentration or meditation which silence requires. They fill up the emptiness in their heads with noise.

  8. Refusal of service ought to include some prohibition on discrimination of protected political speech, what these companies are doing should be kind of illegal to begin with because they’re definitely not applying this standard to other groups – they’re targeting a single group of people. So much for all that crap about equal protection. We’ve wasted so much time in this country howling about protection from government that we completely neglected threats from all other sources of power, it’s near useless to have all these federally protected rights with the private sphere’s boot on our necks.

  9. The thing about racism and Nazism is the powers that be get sole exclusive use of defining who is racist and who is a Nazi and they have the power to make it stick and de-platform platform you and get you fired. There is no appeal. The left whines about McCarthyism but this goes far beyond McCarthyism and effects far more people. If you criminalize political dissent among racially conscious white Americans it does not goes away but festers and goes underground and resurfaces decades later as a revolutionary movement. If the system was smart they would not de-platform any racialist right group but keep them up and running so they can monitor them.

  10. Denying access to payment processors is child’s play.

    Really woke companies like Chase Bank just cancel your checking account outright.

    No banking with us, goy. Just use cash.

  11. I am a national socialist. Uncle A. and the Neo-Pagan Reich fought till the last breath to awaken the blodd faith of Europeans. Why is this a slur? Be proud of the last men to die for you.

      • You may be more interested in the South, but the Germans were the only regime who stood against the festering destroyers of our civilization.

  12. This is the essence of Jewish Rule.. If you don’t assent to their soulless tyranny they starve you like they’re doing to Gaza now.

  13. Lawyers working for Mastercard have, since 2018, written several times demanding that I take their logo off payment processors for websites I host that are fairly innocuous even when compared to this one.

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