Progressive Overload

Keto Savage is my favorite Southern body building and low-carb dieting channel:

This is some pretty basic stuff.

This is a great sub though. Robert Sikes is a family oriented bow hunter who lives in Arkansas. The biggest problem we have in the South is obesity and heart disease.

Note: I’ve been mixing in a lot of new content lately about history, health and fitness and recipes. I hope you are enjoying it. We’re going to branch into some other areas soon.

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  1. Yes, I like the way you are going with all this, please keep it up. Fitness is very important, and compliments the “big brain” aspects of your blog nicely. Regards

  2. You go into any Walmart and its nothing but junk food everywhere. Most of the time there is literally no healthy options in these stores – especially the ones in poor areas. If you want to buy something that is healthy you have to pay tons more for it as well. I have to drive 25 miles to buy healthy food choices in a more wealthy area.

    It’s no wonder our people are so unhealthy. It is a lot easier and cheaper just to eat junk and fast food. Decades ago junk was expensive and a treat that you had ever once in awhile. Now people are consuming three meals a day of this stuff.

  3. Health and fitness articles are always appreciated. If you’re in fairly decent shape, you’re doing better than 80% of Amerikans.

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