Report: Young People Are Growing Less Tolerant of the LGBTQ Community

Someone call an exorcist.

I think this thing is possessed by a demon.

“Young people are growing less tolerant of LGBTQ individuals, a jarring turn for a generation traditionally considered embracing and open, a survey released Monday shows.

The number of Americans 18 to 34 who are comfortable interacting with LGBTQ people slipped from 53% in 2017 to 45% in 2018 – the only age group to show a decline, according to the annual Accelerating Acceptance report. And that is down from 63% in 2016.

Driving the dilution of acceptance are young women whose overall comfort levels plunged from 64% in 2017 to 52% in 2018, says the survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD. …”

The people on television say this is normal, healthy and mainstream. In contrast, they say we are all immoral, fringe extremists for being White Southern Christians.

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  1. That it is possessed for sure. Those who know Jesus Christ have the Holy Spirit. We can see good and evil clear as day. Homosexuals are so evil anybody could see it. What’s interesting is that Trump says he’s now a Christian. However he’s the biggest Gay supporter in the Republican Party. He’s a sexual pervert and just as evil as Homosexuals. Deo Vindice !

  2. Where’s Father Karras when we need him?

    What the hell did those in the audience find amusing?

  3. THAT happened at a PUBLIC LIBRARY? ?!
    I knew they let those demons read there, but good God Almighty ! What”s next??

  4. I have been tortured by these individuals all my life in mind control and they are the foulest HATE populations that have ever existed.

  5. Gays combine their male desire for multiple anonymous sexual partners, with the (deluded) female desire for drama, moral preening, and ‘fairness.’ Couple that with a verbal banter that encourages contant sexual innuendo, personal and familial slander, insult, and just sheer bitchiness (can’t think of another suitable adjective) on a level that ‘decent women’ rarely engaged in, prior to the 1980’s, and you have the psychopathic portrait of a sodomite pervert. Which has affected women as well, via the ‘gay hairdresser’ connection, and the ‘theater/dance’ connection, and the misguided ‘legitimization’ of such perversion.

    Why do you think I continue to point out that, in Islamic countries, such ‘men’ are stoned or thrown off roofs? This IS satanic possession material, plain and certain.

  6. Interesting point.

    Essentially Christ abolished the goddess. That’s his legacy.

    Also the church hedging bets venerated Mary Just to keep that female energy in the box.

    If you look at Statues of Artemis or Hermaprodite, effectively tranny’s you get a general idea at the lunacy of 1st century Middle East.

    Christianity gently and safely put this sort of schizoid trash in their place into brothels and back alleys, remote asylum monasteries, abbeys and other dens of iniquity. Liberalism seeks to pedastalize this insanity.

    • How is Artemis a tranny? She is never portrayed with male genitalia and always has breasts and a feminine face, basically an ancient tomboy. Her mythic origins aren’t Eastern like Hermaphroditus either.

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