Project Veritas Exposes Google Censorship

*unsheathes the Valyrian steel sword of pluralism buttressed by classical liberalism*

According to David French, the problem isn’t Google, YouTube and Facebook censorship. It is Sen. Josh Hawley and people complaining about being purged from the national political conversation by Big Tech. The gubmint is the problem and the free-market is the solution!

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  1. The Open AI project is supposedly going nowhere, because women and minorities were exclusively chosen to work on it. But algorithms (not quite the same as AI) on the net seem to effectively filter out dissident viewpoints, so at least some talented white guys must be part of that bit of successful totalitarian censorship.

  2. If we had a hundredth the clarity of purpose as the Enemy, this would already be over (or never would have happened).

    As it stands, this movement is still trying to “take back America” in the form of fighting to get this government to stand up for us. It is NEVER going to happen.

    Digital separation en route to political and physical separation is the way to go. Are we Rosa Parks trying to ride the same bus? Or do we want our own SEPARATE bus?

    It’s tragic and tiresome.

    • Who’s trying to take back Weimerica? I’m all for positive accelerationism and informal separation. (Brazenly open separation can only occur, imho, once the central gov’t is so weakened it can’t enforce its rule.) I haven’t noticed anyone here showing faith in government, actually. Even pro-UBI people like me speak of that idea as a defense against the elites.

  3. Why does David French even speak? Is it only to make the air move?

    What will Blompf’s and the GOP’s reaction be to Google’s ML algorithm? Monitoring it closely or business as usual?

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