Live Thread: First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate (Round 2)

The story of the night is that #YangGang is cancelled.

Just three days ago, I dropped out of the #YangGang because Andrew Yang’s position on immigration is just too liberal. Yang did tremendous and irreparable damage to his populist support tonight by 1.) coming out in favor of free healthcare for illegal aliens and 2.) even worse supporting Julian Castro’s ridiculous gambit to decriminalize illegal immigration. He was only asked two questions in the debate and used his second answer to say that he considers Russia our “greatest geopolitical threat” because “they hacked our democracy.” He pretty much disappeared on the stage tonight after using his first answer to introduce the Freedom Dividend. It was all downhill from there.

I’m not sure what the hell he was thinking. It is highly likely that Yang’s populist support will now either shift to Tulsi Gabbard after this debate or simply go back to supporting no one or a third party candidate in the 2020 election. The people who are angry and disillusioned with Trump aren’t going back to him after this debate. I will stress though that millions of Democratic-leaning normies were turning in for the first time. Most of those people don’t care about illegal immigration as much as we do. This was a bad debate performance from Yang. It was objectively bad across the board, but he will likely still pick up some supporters who are hearing about the $1,000 a month for the first time.

I’m officially going with Tracey/Walls Dissolve The USA in 2020 now!

I’m riding with #YangGang tonight.

As we saw last night, it is clear that all of these Democratic candidates are not equally bad. While I strongly disagree with Andrew Yang on immigration and other social issues, I strongly support him on Universal Basic Income, Humane Capitalism and Medicare for All. We also agree on democracy dollars, infrastructure investment and avoiding stupid regime change wars.

I agree with Yang’s message on the impending robot apocalypse and the impact that is going to have on White America. Regardless of what happens to Yang’s campaign, the inevitable reckoning is coming. The only question is whether we are going to start dealing with it now or later. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t going to even acknowledge the issue unless they are forced to do so.

It sucks that we can’t put these other issues aside for the moment to address that single problem. Unfortunately, we have to go through this stupid primary and deal with our polarized electorate. Yang has calculated that he has to win the support of the Left to win the primary before he even has a shot at moving on to the general election. He is probably right about that. In 2016, Trump ran on his own MAGA agenda and then basically signed off on the conservative agenda to win the nomination.

My attitude for now is that I am back on the fence. I’m just going to watch the primary and see what happens. I hope that either Yang or Gabbard wins the primary because I share the most common ground with those two candidates and we would have a shot of at least getting something (no regime change wars with Tulsi, $1,000 a month with Yang) should Blompf lose to either of them in the 2020 election. In contrast, it would just be a total loss if someone like Joe Biden won the nomination.

Hopefully, Yang will perform well tonight and in the best case scenario he wins the Democratic nomination and moves to the center by moderating his position on immigration in the general election. I’m expecting him to get hit with the predictable gotcha question tonight by the MSNBC moderators: why do you have all these Alt-Right, White Nationalist and Neo-Nazi supporters?

Andrew Yang will be around for at least the next few debates. We should learn a lot tonight though about his potential as a candidate. Yang’s current low poll numbers are primarily the result of having near zero name recognition. This will be his big introduction to the national stage. In less than an hour, millions of normies will hear for the first time the message of $1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism.

Note: Comments are open through the evening for live reactions.

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  1. We are not getting any UBI. And the expense involved in robotizing everything, with HORDES of fast breeding 80 point orcs settling in – they’ll eat up all the shekels. Literally.

    We are not Japan. Snap out of it.

  2. That Irish prick Biden looks as if he suddenly aged about 20 years. He’s much too old and white for the new army of young, brown Democrat voters, so I’m going to rule him out at this point and predict that the Hawaiian hula dancer wins the Democrat presidential nomination instead.

  3. Until y’all start talking about the the theft of buying power, y’all are just blowing smoke …

    • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t going to even acknowledge the issue unless they are forced to do so.

      Harris won’t make it.

      Biden’s gonna run on union factory jobs and corn/soybean subsidies for west Yankeedom. And probably win. There are plenty of people still alive who remember the 80’s, and who were in their 20’s and 30’s back then. Their politics have changed little, since then. They don’t realise the sociopolitical and economic impact of cellphones, the internet and computers. Much like Biden himself.

  4. HW, If all your predictions come to fruition, and the robot/automation apocalypse occurs without UBI, wouldn’t the stage be set for a White revolution by the working class? Perhaps our people could carve out a homeland in the chaos in your beloved Dixie. Isn’t that better than a slow death by demographic replacement by POCs that despise each other but thanks to the Jews, hate us most?

      • The jews have expressed genuine concern over the possibility that AI computers would be National Socialists.

        • There was an AI experiment done a few years ago. The AI was becoming anti-POC. It even considered White females the most attractive.

          That experiment freaked out the programmers at Cal Tech and MIT.

          “Samaritan” will be a WN.

  5. Free education, free health care. All of them would give illegals free health care, too. How do we pay for any of this? Crickets. The moderators are focusing on Biden and Sanders, and letting Harris and Gillibrand grandstand, as well. A half-hour in, Yang was asked about UBI, and then ignored. God, I’m bored! A question about dealing with automation in the workplace was asked…of Swalwell, who rambled about training or something. Who cares? I had to stop watching the gibsmedat giveaway sweepstakes, or I was gonna go bonkers. I’d rather play Russian roulette with only one empty chamber in the revolver than listen to those dolts ever again.

  6. Yang is blowing it. Now we must find out who the true accelerationist is. Who will contribute to the rise of white identity the most? I’m thinking Castro or Harris.

  7. If you turn off the volume they look unhinged. They start calm and then begin to rant like lunatics bobbing their heads and gesticulating wildly in an aggressive manner

  8. Perhaps it has been mentioned on this website and I did not notice it but the amount of money involved in paying everyone in the United States over 17 years old $1000 a month is astronomical.

    There are around 250 million people in the USA 18 and older. 250 million X$1000 month is 250 billion dollars a month X 12 months is $3 Trillion dollars a year! Does the USA have such resources?

    I hope I did the math right. If there is an immigration problem not just wait if that were to take effect.

    • Very close, Christina! The estimate I’ve seen most often for UBI is $3.2 trillion. Yang would pay for it with a Value Added Tax, like they have in Europe, and by taxing big companies like Amazon that currently pay nothing. That wouldn’t cover the overall cost of UBI (even Yang says that’s only $800-900 billion towards it), but government safety net programs always cost more money than is collected in taxes.

      I recently saw a conservative estimate that said the US gov’t long-term obligations for programs like Social Security and Medicare is $150 trillion. How will we pay for it? Like we always do: Printing more money. That makes the currency worth less, but as the US dollar has lost over 90% of its value since I was born, it doesn’t have much further to fall. Other currencies still fall against the dollar as it is. Your Mexican peso was 10-to-1 against the US dollar 15 years ago, but is 19 or 20-to-1 now. Fiat currencies usually have values based on nothing real, like gold or silver. It’s worth what the wizards in the central banks say it’s worth.

    • Don’t worry. There ain’t going to be no UBI, Yang or no Yang. The best you’ll get out of it is a one time, throw away, Walmart quality cell phone.

  9. OK. I was totally wrong about Yang (even though, let’s be clear, I was never on the #Yanggang train). Instead of the candidate who most gained in the debate (as I honestly thought he would be, despite my disdain for him), he was probably the only candidate who probably had his approvals *reduced* as a result of it. The candidates who gained most in the debate were Swalwell and Harris. Full ranking of debate performance:

  10. Rich L,

    Yes. The idea of $1000 sounds good but actually paying for it without consequences does sound dubious.

  11. Hahahahaha I was right. I was right. I was riiiiiight. Sorry for my immature gloating, but the meme edgelords have totally discredited themselves by supporting this incoherent autist.

    Can we now have a serious political movement out to create a homeland for our people on this continent?

    • I completely agree. We should support WNs instead of progressives.

      Tom Kawczynski, the guy who was fired from his local government job in Maine for being openly pro-White, is running against Trump in the GOP primary. He’s a legit pro-White candidate, and we should encourage him to run in the general election so WNs have someone to vote for in November.

      Otherwise, I’m staying home. I don’t accept “lesser of two evils” arguments.

    • Yang pumped and dumped the edge lords, like Trump did the Alt-Right.

      If a political candidate does not pay you by the hour, then do not campaign for them. Getting paid by the hour is the only way you will ever get anything out of it.

  12. At least two posters have done some basic math to see why UBI is a ploy to get votes.
    If you think you’re getting $1k a month in “free” money from Uncle Sugar without giving more in return than you’ll get, you’re seriously delusional.

    Enjoy the decline. We’re witness to the last election the US might possibly have. Instead of worrying about what some politician is going to “give” you, you’d better be worried about the lack of food in your pantry or only having 100rds of ammunition put back.

    Jesus, does anyone under 30 read a fucking History book anymore? We are at the tail end of our Empire and y’all are discussing rearranging deck chairs on The Titanic.

    • UBI appealed to me because it is a defense against a decaying economy and culture. It would be nice to not be subject to the ebb and flow of inconsistent economies. Those of us wanting to band together with like-minded folk would not be as limited by economic constraints under UBI. But the other lefties are talking nonsense like tax credits and an increased minimum wage, and the right is content to have the peasantry serving as wage slaves earning less with each new wave of illegals. We’ll have to come up with our own alternatives, it appears.

    • Part time jobs and gig contractual employment with no benefits.

      So your still riding shotgun on the MIGA express, eh?

  13. I expected that Yang would be ignored tonight, but I didn’t expect him to be so spectacularly awful with the opportunities he did have. His UBI intro was over the heads of most of the viewers, and then he shot himself in the foot with immigration and Russia. He burned his base and did nothing to gain new adherents. He had potential, but…not anymore.

    Kamala Harris was soporific as hell tonight. No idea why anyone would be excited over her. I figure Sanders and (surprisingly) Buttigieg came out best. Neither of whom I’m interested in.

    Tulsi still has hope, so I’ll start paying a little more attention to her now. If she fizzles out or becomes similarly abhorrent as Yang, I’m just going to find the vilest, most anti-white creature left standing and vote for them. If we can’t get a shot at even a marginal improvement in the status quo, we may as well just hurtle toward rock bottom and get the decline over with.

  14. Meanwhile back at shetl, jewtv continues to gloat over White responses to the Black rap and culturekumpf.

  15. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, that is, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what he has made. As a result, people are without excuse.”

    We are descending into the abyss. And, as Bette Davis once said, ‘It’s going to be a bumpy Tribulation.”

    • Fr. John, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for “wraith of God.”

      This is our fight. Hoping for supernatural assistance is a fool’s errand.

  16. Smart move to use Yang to make some good points for a few months then abandon ship before it went too far and crossed into possibly creating a problem for your credibility as an analyst.

  17. Yang’s problem is he did not show the strength that would be necessary to pass his UBI, similar to Bernie Sanders when BLM members rushed the stage at one of his events in 2016. It does not matter what your policy is if you don’t know how to exercise power, or are too afraid to offend in doing so. If moderators would not question Yang, or his microphone was turned off, he should have forced those issues at the time. Politics is not moot court or the Ryder Cup golf event where the competition is fake: too much money and power is at issue for Yang or Sanders’ opponents to play nice. Andrew did not display the guts necessary to pass his ideas into statutory law, unlike Tulsi, who stood up for herself in the face of establishment nonsense. Whether she could stand up to the MIC as President remains to be seen but at least she projected enough strength to give some hope. Andrew might another Daniel Patrick Moynihan as some other President’s domestic policy advisor but I don’t see him as an effective agent of change in the driver s seat as President himself.

  18. So can we stop pretending now that any power exists for whites to exert through the existing system? And that we can’t change it from within?

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