RIP: Justin Raimondo

This is a Big F:

Yes, it is true that Raimondo was a homosexual, but he was one of the loudest voices in the Dissident Right against the Iraq War back in the early 2000s. He did great work. Few people did more to shape the attitude of a generation disaffected with the neocon foreign policy of mainstream conservatism. was one of my favorite websites which I visited daily while in college.

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  1. I’ve read his material since 2001 and between him and Sam Francis leaned most of what I know about the trash known as the neocons. Rest in peace, Justin.

      • It is not idiotic to wish, hope, or pray for the best for the departed soul of a comrade, regardless of his personal failings. With our current predicament as the cornered rats that we are, the foremost issue for me is the 14 words.

        Whereas Justin Raimondo showed courage and stamina in his pulbic and life-long opposition to the endless sacrifice of White men on the altar of Jewish hegemony, Ann Barnhardt worships and defends the Jews with pathological zeal

        She viscously attacks Christians who hold Jews culpable for the murder of Jesus. Her anti-Francis rhetoric notwithstanding, she is perfectly aligned with Francis’ servile characterization of the Jews as “our elders in the Faith.” She does nothing to advance our cause and much to hobble it.

        Barnhardt is not the ideal buttress for your point.

      • I knew it.

        Fr. John,

        Years ago a friend of mine who got doxed by an internet stalker wrote me to say half of the people on the internet were psychopaths. Over the years I’ve come to agree with him and would include you based on the crap you write here. Raimondo has done a damn sight more good in his life than you will even if you had several lives. In short, gfy.

  2. Don’t know much about him honestly but i admire his antiwar stance, shame he was homosexual but he is less of a faggot then zionist MIGA boomers or phony republicucks

    F to the man, cancer is a son of a bitch i’m currently losing someone I love to this insidious disease as well so I can relate. It sucks because you are powerless to help them and the healthcare system screws poor people out for as much as they can the greedy bastards

    • Recently lost someone to lung cancer. It was the most brutal, ugly, painful drawn-out death modern medicine could make possible. Two days before the death, modern medicine was still trying to pump the faltering body for shekels.

      Then the final cash transfer to bury the body…. But wait, the legalities have just begun!

      This is one sick, sick society .

      • Carl the next time this happens, consider promoting a Viking death that leads to Valhalla. Only the bravest warriors who die in battle as their soul comes out of a mortal wound make it to Valhalla. This weekend is the Chicago “Pride” parades, so many opportunities to leave this world dying in battle.

        Here’s the way it was done by the sick Mexican cartel guy:

  3. RIP Justin Raimondo. He provided a free education to many of us, got many of us off the fence and opposed to the Iraq war and just an overall informed individual. He kept his gayness to himself and did not use punditry and a springboard for it. I read the guy for 7 years before finding out. Either way, goodbye Mr. Raimondo.

    • While I very much appreciate all the work he has done for the antiwar cause, it is not correct to say that he kept his gayness to himself. He was for years a big progay activist (read his obit) and indeed, “married” a man. An oriental, no less. A fellow who makes Justin look like a cradle robber. Just passing this along as information. Still, he told it like it was as regards the American Empire and its endless depredations.

  4. Sad to hear about the death of this very honest, principled man. I strongly supported his work. I also like the way he handled his sexual orientation back in a time where it would have hurt a political career to be outed as “gay”.

    “I guess I won’t be made a foreign ambassador”.

    Everyone I respect supported Pat Buchanan in his challenges to Bush Sr and the Conservative Inc. Military industrial complex – this was back in the day when the WASP elite would at least give lip service to not being slaves to the Zionists – things like the CIA insisting that Israeli American spy Jonathan Pollard couldn’t just be let go.

    Well those days are long gone.

  5. Brad, Pat on Justin.

    “Pat Buchanan on Justin Raimondo’s Passing

    Eric Garris

    Posted on
    June 28, 2019

    I received this note from Pat Buchanan, a longtime friend of Justin and supporter of

    Eric, thanks for alerting me. Justin was a loyal friend and brave man who bore his suffering with dignity and was indispensable to the cause of keeping our country out of these damnable wars. You folks at continue to do heroic work. May God bless and keep Justin whom I first came to know in that campaign of ’92, long ago. All the best, Pat.”

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