James Fields, Jr. Gets Life In Prison

In the 2020 election, don’t forget that it wasn’t Hillary Clinton who was locked up during the Blompf presidency. It was Julian Assange, RAM and James Fields, Jr.

“An avowed white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters during a white nationalist rally in Virginia has been sentenced to life in prison on hate crime charges. James Alex Fields Jr. of Maumee, Ohio, was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty in March to federal hate crime charges. In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors dropped their request for the death penalty. …”

I certainly won’t forget.

From now until the 2020 election, I am going to critique, attack and ridicule mainstream conservatism every day on this website. It is the least that I can do to get rid of the current president.

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  1. I think I will join the local Antifa chapter, so I can throw eggs and piss balloons at Trump supporters and totally get away with it.

    • Remember to bring a bike lock … to whack a few heads while hidden in the mob. Be sure to be wearing a black-block bandana face mask to hide your identity for the ever so diligent presstitutes.

      PS, if you get a chance, smash the window of the local Starbucks or Wells Fargo branch office.

      PSS, for all the Feds watching, this is SATIRE (sátira/o) … Contact your local field office’s single native born gringo if you need a refresher on the 1st Amendment or if you need to take the English as a Second Language proficiency refresher test again, ese.

  2. It’s a relief that now I won’t have to care when Blormph’s whole family gets unjustly prosecuted when the Democrats take over.

  3. It was a blackmailed plea. Fields was convicted and condemned for his political beliefs. Involuntary manslaughter would be the worst charge and conviction a non political defendant would face.

    I pray that real justice will be done for this poor unfortunate young man..

  4. Conservatives truly have no honor or compassion. Their ideology must perish for good.

  5. Anybody that still supports Trump is no friend of the White Race. I agree on going after Conservatives / Republicans online. I’ve been doing that daily (in comment sections) since Trump got elected. Many debate me on the issues but the reality is Conservatives have no solutions. I’ve been giving them Nationalist solutions….the only hope for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  6. You could define your homeland as the territory where you can get a fair trial.

    Fields, a troubled young man, was amped up on violent, insane rhetoric from TRS and others, came spoiling for a fight, and got one. On the way home he got lost, was attacked, stepped on the gas and struck people with his car. One of those people died as a consequence.

    That isn’t what this is about. This is about the death of America and the hope of men like Fields for some kind if solution.

    The solution offered by the likes of TRS and Counter Currents: Take Back America via a “slow cleanse” is an absolute joke and morally culpable negligence.

    There is a real solution: Partition.

    And we are getting there. Slowly, painfully, but surely.

    • Stop repeating the (((narrative))). Heather Heyer STROKED OUT. Fields did not kill her. She stroked out – and her own anti-fa vermin finished her off when they attempted “life saving measures”.

    • @Afterthought, You keep pushing the idea of “partition.” Do you believe that zog is going to just let us cut a chunk of land for ourselves?

      The confederacy constitutionally seceded from the union and was invaded and subjugated unmercifully. The CSA had an army led by a top notch officer corps.

      The only chance of forming a breakaway Republic is if the economy collapses. A violent overthrow is lunacy.

  7. Didnt one of Trump’s kids say David Duke deserved to be killed back in 2016? And David Duke still shilled Trump anyway. If that isn’t cuckoldry I don’t know what is.

      • Yeah duke is a kind of a weird egg, everyone got massive delusion fever in 2015 thinking trump was the last great white hope despite his Jewish connections but trump once elected quickly became the great zionist dope but you think duke of all people who are jew pilled would see the writing on the wall

    • @Jijcf
      The rat faced one in Quack’s post above is the one that said it, yet the anti-Whites spit on him and his food anyway.

      Conservative Whites cuck because they don’t care about taking power, they only care about looking respectable.

      • “Conservative Whites cuck because they don’t care about taking power, they only care about looking respectable.”

        Precisely. it’s another form of Virtue Signaling. They’re not very far removed, in reality, from Amy Biehl’s latrine-souled parents.

    • Despite the hot-headed son’s idiocy, Duke was telling his readers that voting Trump would better serve White interests than voting Clinton (obviously), voting 3d party, writing in a candidate, or not voting at all. Given the circumstances at the time, to characterize this as “cuckoldry” or “shilling” is patently unfair IMO.

      Throughout his life Duke has put more effort in the trenches of meatspace on behalf of Whites and, in doing so, shown more physical courage and moral stamina than most of us on this forum.

      • And how did supporting a Zionist like Trump turn out?

        Non-White immigration higher than ever, we are deplatformed from social media, and are not able to protest in public without the risk of being dragged before kangaroo courts and getting centuries long jail sentences.

        aRE yOu TiRED oF wiNNinG YEt?

      • Agreed The man could have had a lucrative career and yet he has devoted his entire life to the salvation of his race!

  8. Re Julian Assange whom Hunter mentions above

    From 4chan –

    « Julian Assange was always CIA Mossad hoax

    – Fanatically pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, anti-9-11-truth
    – Netanyahu bragged Assange was Mossad asset, pro-Israel
    – Brzezinski 29 Nov 2010 US PBS-TV admitted Assange was intel
    – Not de-platformed, banks transmit shekels for Julian etc
    – Got famous via CIA media, NY Times, UK Guardian, never interested in real dissidents
    – Shared lawyer with Rothschilds, Rothschild sister-in-law posted Assange bail, ties to Soros too
    – People trusting Assange dead, Peter W Smith, Seth Rich, others jailed
    – Unknown how many dissidents Assange helped silence & kill, Assange a ‘rat trap’ for trusting whistle-blowers
    – Assange helped Rothschilds destroy rival bank Julius Baer
    – Assange won’t mention USA Virginia fed judge bribery files that have blocked other extraditions
    – Weird Assange childhood with Aussie mind-control cult ‘the Family’
    – ‘Living at Ecuador Embassy’ – ‘now in Belmarsh prison’ – easily faked, Assange moved in & out for photos MI5 MI6
    – De-legitimises real dissidents, people saying, ‘Wikileaks – NY Times – UK Guardian would cover it if it was true’
    – As big a faker as ‘Edward Snowden’ first ‘leaking’ to CIA WashPost Bush VP Dick Cheney biographer, then they realised that was too stupid, so they switched to Rothschild employee & ex-gay-pornography-seller Glenn Greenwald of ‘hairystuds’, Putin hinting out loud he knows Snowden is fake »

    • @ Brabantian, that the biggest load of bs that I’ve ever read posted on OD.

      Assange himself said that Israhell is America’s greatest threat.

      Snowden revealed that after China and Russia that Israhell is the country that attempts to cyber-snoop on the U.S.

  9. The lack of an honest, fighting lawyer stepping in to help Fields, despite the media opportunities the lawyer would have, shows both the failure of the US legal system, and the degraded state of USA euro-heritage identitarians, who can’t even come up with one honest brave lawyer to handle a lightning-rod case.

    No honourable lawyer came forward to defend Fields against the absurd death-penalty-murder charges, so he was stuck with these ‘public defenders’, like Denise Lunsford, a former prosecutor in that same county (!), who can be seen as a longtime member of the local legal mafia, doing a bit of nudge-nudge wink-wink with her old prosecutor office colleagues.

    There is a lot to be seen in the ugly, corrupt criminal prosecution and conviction of mentally-handicapped young quarter-Jewish James Alex Fields Jr, on the arguably false charge of ‘murder’ in Charlottesville, USA.

    Fields’ bogus, obviously manipulated / coerced recent ‘confession’ that he ‘intended’ to do murderous harm, a confession made under threat of lethal injection torture-death, is as absurd as the ‘confessions’ in Joseph Stalin’s 1930s Soviet ‘trials’.

    The case also points to how both whites and minorities in the USA, are mauled by a legal system rigged against common people … who are prevented from realising this, and prevented from joining forces against that system

    And maybe the important take-away from the Fields farce – what most whites do not get – is that similar stitch-ups to the Fields witch-hunt, happen every day in the USA to black and other minority people

    Sure, there is a lot of black crime … but the black guy, or Mexican etc, whom they send to jail for the crime, is often not the guy who did it – which is part of why black crime rates stay high.

    The Fields farce is the style of how it often goes down against blacks … the victim here is white now, so white folks have taken some notice.

    But whites still tend to treat the jailing of black ‘criminals’ as legitimate, even tho whites themselves are often sadistically mauled out of money or property in divorce-rape actions, or business lawsuits by politically-connected parties … yet whites hang back from the ultimate scary but logical conclusion, that the whole US legal system is rigged and corrupt, and has been that way for a long time.

    Whites are more often legally mauled for money, minorities for imprisonment … and they can’t get together, in a country where it is rarely allowed to question the legal system itself.

    With Google hiding the true facts about US legal system corruption … so people think it is like in Hollywood movies

    The core of the problem here, the ‘Star Chamber’, essentially fake, nature of legal proceedings in the USA

    With Fields mentally handicapped, “currently being medicated for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD” … in other words, drugged up in jail with heavy pharmaceuticals … his ‘confessions’ would be null and void if US courts had honesty.

    The USA is a land of rigged tribunals, corrupt prosecutors, dishonest betraying ‘defence lawyers’ pretending to ‘represent’ the victim, and jury members who tend to be chosen for lack of education, and ease of manipulation & intimidation … and above all, gangster judges who often ‘order’ that things helpful to the defendant, not be shown or told to the jury

    If both whites and minorities could wake up, that the legal system has been rigged against them both, by the satanic oligarch cabal, that would be a key basis, for the healing of USA society.

    • Cry me a river for your filthy, stinking niggers, nigger-lover. Go live in South Africa if you want to kiss up to your Black Brubbers so much.

      You worthless scum.

      Using “minorities” unironically to boot. Go walk around Harlem at night with a wad of hundreds hanging out of your pocket and spare any more of your long-winded nigger-sucking burbling.

  10. Ridiculous, and extremely sad to hear, though not surprising. No idea why Fields took the plea deal though. I’d rather die than spend life in prison, and a not guilty plea would have offered at least a fighting chance at acquittal, however faint it was.

    • Solidus, Yeah, the death penalty is preferable to a terrible long life in one of zog’s gulags. The plea deal was poor legal advice.

  11. He was an evil WhItE SuPrEMacIST NaZI who attended a Racist White Nationalist rally. Just that alone should warrant the death penalty.

    In addition, Blormpf and his entire family should be imprisoned for life for colluding with Russia.


    Say NO to NaZIs and Putin Botz!!

    On a serious note:

    Donald Blormpf Jr. should have kept his cowardly mouth shut. This is the guy who was trophy killing elephants and lions pre-2016. This whole present political spectacle is nauseating.

    Either cuck or radicalize…….

    • Trophy hunting lions and elephants? How vile…and how foolish to have ever thought these were “our people”.

      • Trophy hunting is truly pathetic. Cowardly shooting a rare creature with a big rifle from 400 feet away? Not even challenging.

    • The Prompf family has revealed themselves to be the lowest kind of garbage.

      The clowns squealing that we need to vote for Gorbphf in 2020 because we might get a Dem can eff right off.

      At this point,it’s not that I want a Dem in there. It’s that I can’t see a dime’s bit of difference between any of them.Tapeworms, the entire lot. Why choose between different pools of vomit to wallow around in based on slight differences in their unspeakable stench?

      To hell with all of them. The Drongfs, the Cuntons, the whole boiling on both sides. And that includes that permanently-sneering, contemptuous-wiseass-face yellow nigger Yang, and manure-hued “mommy” Tulsi Niggard too.

      Salvini and Orban are the first real White statesmen since Hitler and the other fascists.

  12. He looks like the ‘white supremacist doughboy’ in that foto — Donald Trump Jr viciously tweeted about the sentence yesterday — but he comes from a stupid, intellectually lazy family that is as malleable to media antifa propaganda as any SJW — even the AP could not report on the sentence without smearing Fields one more time as a ‘white supremacist’; is there still a need to incite hatred of this poor schmuck? — the Establishment, including and especially prosecutors and the judiciary, definitely crossed a line here with the absurd, malicious prosecution of Fields for premeditated murder — everyone should not that — also that a ‘jury of peers’ is a worthless joke.

  13. If you premeditated a terrorist action as Fields was accused, you’d use a white van. You wouldn’t show up at protest before hand as it would risk the action. You’d also plow through the crowd for maximum damage.

    It was a stupid traffic accident in many ways. Negligent manslaughter as most.
    Obviously he’s being prosecuted this harshly because of his opinions.

    • Captain John, Fields was riding his brakes. It makes you wonder if his lawyers passed the bar exam.

  14. Where have we seen a whole group trying to force a lie to be swallowed by the whole nation?

    Now in the past, the South was right! And the Northern radicals for the last 150 years have accused the South of wrongdoing to hide their own transgressions and have written hundreds and hundreds of books promoting their version of the war.

    The UTR rally was right! They came not to fight but to have a legal peaceful rally in defense of removing the Confederate statues in Charlottesville and stand up against the anti-South Left who locked arms and refused to even allow them to enter the park peacefully, a park they had legally obtained a permit for use at a scheduled time.

    The real battle is to show that the South was right 150 years ago and presently to show that the UTR rally was right and not the Communist/Antifa/Progressive radicals’ lies that are being turned into fake history.

    Fields is just a scapegoat for all these Leftist lying revisionists who want to deny that were evil people on the side of the Left and the crooked Charlottesville police who let the rally turn into a riot even before it was scheduled to start. If a UTR participant had been run over and killed by a Leftist maniac driver who just happen to have a Jewish grandfather who murdered his grandmother, the killer would be treated as a hero by the Left and the judge would have reduced the crime or dropped the charges all together just like what was done for the Leftist hero — DeAndre Harris.

    Tim Heaphy’s: “Final Report…”:

    Chief Thomas’s response to the increasing violence on Market Street was disappointingly passive. Captain Lewis and Chief Thomas’ personal assistant Emily Lantz both told us that upon the first signs of open violence on Market Street, Chief Thomas said “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” Thomas did not recall making that statement, though he did confirm that he waited to “see how things played out” before declaring the unlawful assembly. Regardless of what he said, Chief Thomas’ slow-footed response to violence put the safety of all at risk and created indelible images of this chaotic event.

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