Gay Asian Journalist Andy Ngo Brutally Assaulted By Antifa In Portland

Andy Ngo, a gay Asian journalist who writes for Quillette, has been covering the violent Antifa protests for over a year now in Portland. They’ve threatened and pushed him around several times now, but this afternoon at a Proud Boys rally in Portland the mob brutally assaulted him:

Human Events:

“A journalist who covers AntiFa in the Pacific Northwest has become the victim of an alleged violent assault by leftist militants.

Scenes of the attack on reporter Andy Ngo were captured on video livestreams broadcasting demonstrations in downtown Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

Members of Rose City Antifa, numbering in the hundreds, organized as a counterprotest to a few dozen right-wing protesters from the Proud Boys and other rightist organizations, who announced their decision to demonstrate in three sites across the city. Police responded to the demonstrations by cordoning off various intersections and preventing the groups from clashing.

Caught in the crossfire was Ngo, an editor for Quillette and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He covered the unfolding protest by following a group of anarchist activists, some of whom he identified as “militant AntiFa” in his Periscope livestream.

The group quickly turned into a mob which targets the journalist. …”

As is their custom, Antifa attacked the police with eggs, water bottles and rocks before the event was declared an unlawful assembly. Lately, they’ve added milkshakes:

Michael Edison Hayden who used to work for Newsweek and who now writes for the SPLC’s Hatewatch blog justified the assault on Twitter:

Christopher Mathias of The Huffington Post had this to say:

It is worth noting that that the Antifa crowd in Portland was merely following the advice of Carlos Maza who works for In Portland, the milkshaking and censorship that is now openly advocated by the mainstream Left escalated into mob violence against journalists.

Oh, just one more thing … none of this has anything to do with the Alt-Right. These tactics are now being brazenly applied to mainstream conservatives.

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  1. Where’s Blompf and Blompf Jr’s tweets on this violence by the extreme anarchist-communists?

    Hey Blompf, you might want to wake up your A.G. Your deluded supporters are going to get their asses kick like they did in 2016, and you still haven’t done a f*cking thing about it.

    Where is the (((msm))) condemnation of a city allowing a domestic terrorist group to run roughshod on the streets of Portland?

    • When somebody eventually decides to go full Brenton Tarrant on Antifa, Blompf and jr will be right there to condemn them. Guaranteed.

    • Exactly. This faux outrage by “conservatives” is no more legitimate than anything the grift right has done. Ngo does intentionally put himself in harms way hoping to get attention.

      I hate antifa as much as the next guy here, but I have no common cause with this faggot.

      The kosher right has never supported our guys that have been hurt far worse by antifa.

      Now that we are out of the way, let the grift right be smashed. Its not our fight, and I won’t press a key in support of said “journalist”. This outrage is fake and gay.

      We wont get antifa out of the way by embracing a fag slope journalist out of expediency. That just lowers us to the level of Milo or Laura Loomer.

      Let antifa have him, he has more in common with them.

  2. Oh look violence works. How surprising.Lets write another article about how outraged we are, maybe our enemies will care…


  3. Mike enoch current take on this is right about gay asian andy. Hes a grifter just doing this for self interest, he doesn’t legitimately want to help people like Fields RAM, and others attacked by antifa. He just wants to be a self promoting grifter and oh look check his gofundme got a nice little payday from this

  4. If mayor Ted Wheeler refusing to prosecute antifa at Portland police’s insistence doesn’t convince you that zog government works hand in hand with leftist or conservative scum nothing will.
    Antifa works for the elites they are given free reign to do what they want with no consequence I wonder if potatous bronald blumpf is monitoring this current situation or not

  5. If a gay asian journalist helps takes down antifa i’m all for it. He’s currently trending right now on twitter all the jleft bluemarks are saying he deserved it caused hes a gay nazi blumpf supporter. Cuckservatives are saying punching nazis and smashing people in the face with bikelocks is fine but assaulting gay asians is something they won’t stand for Let see what happens but i wouldn’t hold my breath

    Also Invaka blumpf is trending on twitter she tried to act political and she said north korea could see a new golden age (whatever that means) if they take trumps neocon nuclear deal, oh boy fun times ahead

  6. “Mainstream” conservatives not spared, regardless how much they virtue signal and insist they’re not like those naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

    Nothing is done about the screamers and thugs because they’re on the same team as our anti-White overlords above them.

  7. Two points: 1) Antifa are mercenaries hired by ZOG to do their dirty work. 2) I really don’t care if some gook fairy gets attacked. He should be in Saigon, not over here in MY country.

    • @hunter, read this my guy.

      Over the last few months you have been championing the cause of what amounts to populist centrism by reposting that graph of you in the upper left quadrant of the political paradigm while Yang posting. You know the one. I took the test and came out almost exactly where you were on teh graph.

      We are seeing the beginning stages of ZOG beginning to jettison antifa as they become a liability to them in the PR realm (like they did with black lives matter). They are starting to get banned on twitter, and soon I think the FBI will start cracking down on them, and blormf may even declare them a domestic terrorist organization.

      The bulk of antifa are disaffected whites, many of whom are straight SWPLs.

      There is an opportunity for us to get ahead of ZOG on this and extend an olive branch to them.

      Those people in antifa have sand and conviction. And we have common cause on Labor issues, environmental issues and a mutual contempt for non whites (they only pretend to like non whites), among other things.

      If its true that we Acshually occupy the populist center, we stand to gain numbers and support by holding out an olive branch to our cousins in antifa that are about to feel the real power of the dark side of the force as the Empire turns on them.

      We dont need to bring em in our homes, or give em a big kiss. But the act of extending the olive branch to them is the Christian thing to do. And we do have alot to gain by reinvigorating the dissident movement here.

      Not saying I agree with their politics. But they too are wearing our jerseys by being white.

      I hate antifa as much as the next guy here, but some of them are family. Thats gotta mean something.

      IDK maybe I’m going soft, but our hatred for antifa is a manufactured one, deliberately so by ZOG.

      You have laid the groundwork for a populist understanding of our Southern heritage.

      If #Yang2020 as a meme is dead, instead of just not supporting a candidate at all anymore, you could apply your considerable talent to fashioning an olive branch to some of the Southern Antifa groups in Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville etc.

      Make a case to them. Open a dialogue. If blormf can step over the line and shake hands with the dog eating potbellied dictator of North Korea, we can extend a hand to our cousins here in our cities. Worst case scenario things cant get any worse between us.

      We have to deal with our big cities, that poison the politics of our otherwise mostly white states, at some point. This would seem to be the time.

      I will back you on this. I know the flack you could incur by doing it. But you are uniquely positioned to do it.

      Give it some thought. Let me know you got this plz. I’ve been chewing on this for a while and its important to me.

  8. The Americon Empire’s court system should take note of this story. Asian, Gay, and some people say “Conservative” but is still assaulted by Antifa. Antifa is a Domestic Terrorist organization. All nationalists and organizations involved at the Unite The Right Rally should be Free of any wrong doing. The Nationalists acted 100% in Self Defense. The city and police should be held responsible for not protecting the First Amendment and not keeping the peace. Deo Vindice !

  9. White Gentile Portland Antifa represents the Victory of Jewish Social Engineering.

    Just look at them.

    It’s no wonder why they hate the ‘NaZIs’……..

  10. Antifa are a Jewish organisation from top to bottom, except for their Goy stooges in the rank and file.

    Moldylocks is a Jewess. All the Kommissars that run Antifa are Jews.

    They put Jewish interests and goals above all else, including their pet weirdos and their coloured auxiliaries.

  11. The notion that a gay asian guy encountering violence from antifa doesn’t at least open the gates for exposing the battery of white men is outrageous. I don’t follow the mainstream conservative pundits very closely or even much at all, but apparently Ngo is getting all this attention while those old white guys bleeding horribly go totally ignored.

    This is outrageous. It should cure all defiant whites of any lingering delusions.

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